Koscielny understandable reasons for leaving Arsenal revealed but it changes nothing

The owner of Bordeaux has explained why Laurent Koscielny left Arsenal this summer and it had nothing to do with money.

According to Joe DaGrosa the defender made the decision to depart the Emirates because of his family and his future in football.

Speaking to Get French Football News, DaGrosa said

“Koscielny is thinking about his future, and rightly so, for when he is no longer playing the game,”

“I think Bordeaux presents a great place for him to stay in the football business for decades to come.

“So we would welcome someone of his talent, and skill and experience, to help us with our plan for the club after his playing days are over.

“That is one of the things we talked to him about and I think it resonated with him.

“And it sort of transcends salaries and compensations. It is about what is the vision for you and your family going forward.

“I think we made a very strong case that he was coming to a home. He wasn’t just coming to a club.”

Fair enough but that completely glosses over the way that Koscielny engineered the move to Bordeaux, who splashed out £4.6 Million for the 34-year-old.

No mention of Koscielny’s refusal to go on Arsenal’s pre-season tour to America, effectively going on strike, no mention of that notorious video when he discarded the Arsenal shirt.

There is a way to leave a club before your contract expires and Koscielny went with the wrong way, disrespecting the club, ruining his legacy and making himself persona non grata at the Emirates.

I have no sympathy for the Frenchman and his desire to what was right for his future and his family because of his behaviour. If he had gone about it the right way, done the tour and so on he would have still got his move, it was his decision to do it the way he did and he has to live with the backlash from Arsenal fans that his actions caused.


  1. The players have stopped trusting Arsenal Fans a long time ago. The fans who treated Arsene Wenger the way he was treated and are now after Mustafi and Xhaka. Next in line is Torreira and David Luiz. Probably Kos the Boss knew what he was going to expect from the fans. So he best decided to move on. Ofcourse Pride comes before anything for those who have accomplished.

    1. So we shouldn’t criticise consistent failure then? What do we do then…celebrate it? Ignore it?

      Xhaka, and Mustafi have been shocking! What you do expect fans to say? Well done Xhaka! Thanks for making yet another another key mistake, which lead to goal. I think you’re great, and I hope you stay for many years to come!

      1. You criticize the players and they do what you don’t like. That’s the way it’s all set up. Learn to live with it.
        TH14 Fabregas Van Persie Flamini to name some of them have all left Arsenal when we needdd them. What could we do about it. Just Moan and Groan.

        1. You’re making no sense at all. So what you’re saying is that fans shouldn’t never talk about players, and managers performances at all, whether it be good or bad? Because if we’re not allowed criticise, then the reverse would be the same as well. Unless we only praise good performances, and completely ignore bad performances.

          1. Sorry, but I cannot do that, because I love Arsenal. Players, managers, owners, that are not doing what’s best for the club should be rightly criticised, and protested against, should it ever get that far. They should also be praised for doing right by the club, which they are.

        2. The football fans are always like that, at least since I started to watch the matches twenty years ago

          Some fans give constructive criticisms and the others attack the players’ identities or completely biased

          One thing for sure, the players don’t owe us anything and vice versa

          They give us entertainment with their work in the field and their gossips. To pay for that, we give them money and we cheer for their glory

          1. That’s what I am trying to say . Thank you.
            Most Fans here know more than Pele and Maradona so they keep talking about Mustafi or Xhaka . I don’t know what they achieve targetting a player who has not played a game so far. Very selective in their criticism. Many were teaching Iwobi to play football but think Emery knows to play positive Football. We are not yet on the level of Man City or Liverpool as a team and as a fanbase. Those fans never speak ill of their players or abuse them like many over here do. Yeah it doesn’t make sense.

      2. it is an understatement to say that xhaka and mustafi have been shocking. down the years we have signed some truly terrible players like cygan, stephanovs, bentner – like all teams. it isn’t disloyal to point this out. in reality xhaka and mustafi were worth a goal a game to the opposiition. why everyone can’t see that xhaka is way too slow for prem i do not know. torreira and luiz in a different league

        1. Many fans have spoken ill about a certain player ,have called him a lamp post, donkey what not. That same gut is a world cup winner and scored against Arsenal in the Europa Finals. Someone’s TRASH is someone else’s TREASURE. so be careful before you abuse players.

  2. Kos was crucial as Arsenal won 7 straight top 4 places
    earning the club HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of pounds.
    At the same time 20 useless often injury prone garbage players
    of Wengers’ choosing were each paid way more than Koz.
    The last 2 years of Wenger’s reign saw the club fall into a financial crisis with a loss of over 200 mill.
    The Sanchez debacle, the Ramsey free, Ozil’s and Mkhitarians salaries the Wenger dead wood and missing Champions league.
    So Koz earned the club hundreds of millions yet was made
    to crawl away from the club for 4 mill.
    Monreal in comparison was let go a hero for a quarter mill!!!
    Kos played like a Lion but at the end was treated like a dog.
    because of the utter financial mismanagement by Wenger.
    The clubs treatment of a club legend has been utterly despicable.
    Despite the chaos Wenger always pocketed his 7 mill salary because Wenger always put himself before the clubs well being.

    1. So the article is about Kos but you spent countless sentences having a pop at Wenger ,why dont you go on the Wenger article that was published earlier if you want to air your disapproval of his reign .

    2. Well@ agu u v decided to make a fool of your self in ur efforts to castigate Wenger, talk is indeed cheap and abuse is never punished, y not bring Wenger as a topic let’s discuss about him,

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