Koscielny’s appeal rejected – He will definitely miss the Arsenal v Chelsea Cup Final

Arsenal made an appeal to the Football Association this week following on from the Gunners final Premier League fixture against Everton last weekend. During the match, Arsenal’s stand-in Captain, Laurent Koscielny was shown a red card by referee Michael Oliver, for a reckless tackle on Everton’s Enner Valencia.

The Everton striker was making his way towards Arsenal’s final third after receiving a pass and Koscielny completely misjudged the interception of the ball, instead taking out the man. The tackle was mistimed, reckless and rash in my opinion, although evidently there was no unfair intent from Koscielny. The Frenchman immediately saw red for the challenge fourteen minutes into the match.

Following on from the game, Arsenal exercised their right to appeal the decision and lodged an appeal to see the ban overturned by the Independent Regulatory Commission today. A hearing by the board found that the ban should not be rescinded and thus the centre back faces an immediate three match ban.

The ban means that he will not only miss this weekend’s FA CUP FINAL match against Chelsea, but the first two games of the Premier League 2017/18 season. It’s a major blow to lose Koscielny for the FA Cup final, especially with Arsenal being limited on defensive options as it is. It was a silly, albeit not intentionally reckless challenge from Koscielny, that has ultimately made next Saturday even more of a challenge than it was already going to be. The defender isn’t usually rash in his decisions and in fact the Frenchman is renowned for being one of the best defenders in Europe. However he’s had a moment here that could unfortunately cost the Gunners very dearly.

Arsenal may as well have lodged an appeal with the FA, after all there would be no risk to Koscielny either way. If the Gunners had a successful appeal, then of course he could have featured in the FA Cup final. If it was rejected, as it was, he therefore would’ve remained banned for the duration of time that is in the regulations.

How much of a miss will Koscielny be this weekend?



  1. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger should put Giroud at the back /CB and prove to the world and especially to his critics what a football genius is made off

    Remember Ebou playing in the messi role, see, comon le frog make it happen as Merti is not the speed demon he once was and should not be put against the likes of hazard and co

    Either Giroud at the back or Mustafi-Holding and Monreal Coyg

    1. ks-gunner says:

      emmanuel eboue XD *

  2. muff d says:

    no biggie we will win

    wenger will punch conte in his italian sausage

  3. citrenoogeht says:

    Does anyone have the latest injury news on Mustafi and Gabriel?

    1. DarkPope says:

      mustafi is still sick..must likely out. gabriels out for 8 weeks.

  4. DANDY GUNNER All Dressed up with nowhere to go. says:

    KAS Eupen forward Henry Onyekuru Who the HELL is he typical Wenger buy Cheap and hope for the Best.

    1. RSH says:

      some fans will convince themselves he’s a good signing when he’s just another Sanogo/Miyaichi/Park. And for it to come out before Wenger has signed a contract, and before the FA Cup final makes it even worse. United are probably signing Griezmann if they win tomorrow, while we are chasing this random teenager. Embarrassing. Next someone will bring up how this is may be the new Henry or something… Save yourself the humiliation.

  5. Straight outta Europa League says:

    Can we swap his ban for Arsene! Might actually do sone good

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      Love your usernames, keep em coming!

      The Europa League State of Mind
      The Europa League Pit
      I’m Not A Playa I Just Europa League Alot
      I Got 5 On Europa League

  6. RSH says:

    Complete waste of time. Why would the decision be overturned?

  7. FC_old_and_greedy says:

    When Arsenal beat Chelsea
    Wenger and the AKB’s will say
    “We beat the champions, all is well
    we were right all along.
    Le Prat has us on the right track”.
    Wenger will then sign the 2 year extension 🙁
    Another 16 mill for the old greedy leech.
    4th place here we come again
    Glory days.

    1. AY75 says:

      5th is the new 4th

  8. Majik says:


  9. kklin says:

    Arsenal won’t remain below the top 4 at the end of next season but the wish of us fanatics of afc is to be ahead of chelsea, man u, city, spurs, liverpool plus whoever might want to stick up their ugly heads. Sefini.

  10. Martin says:

    Don’t know why they appealed it, it was the right decision and a stupid tackle by Koscielny. He deserves to miss the final for such a reckless tackle.

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