Koscielny’s ‘ongoing’ injury highlights Arsenal transfer failing

So as a lot of Arsenal fans will remember from last season and even before that, Laurent Koscielny has some sort of ongoing injury problem. Ahead of the Arsenal home game in the Premier League this week, Arsene Wenger suggested in an Arsenal.com report that it might keep the France international star out of the side to face Brighton tomorrow.

He said, “We have a doubt about Laurent Koscielny unfortunately and he will have a test tomorrow. It’s an achilles problem, it’s ongoing.”

Hopefully Koscielny will be fit to face the Seagulls and if not, hopefully he will be back soon. Even if he misses the match tomorrow it should not be too big a problem as the Gunners do have cover with the likes of Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding and Monreal, but it does highlight the failings of our manager and club in the summer transfer window.

As Wenger says this problem is not new or a surprise, but he decided not to bring in any more defenders. We already have Calum Chambers out of action and one more would give the boss a serious headache on the selection front. Is it just me or did this need sorting in the summer?

The issue was known about and with our injury record the chances are that it would become a problem, so did Arsenal fail to address it when we had every opportunity to do so?



  1. John0711 says:

    Now that the club has announced its biggest ever financial turnover and Gazados has said they will back the manager financially everything will change ???

  2. Liam says:

    I would now go 4 at the back from Brighton and play the extra midfielder to control the game and hopefully we can make up on some our rivals goal difference.
    Bellerin Mustafi Monreal Sead
    Ramsey Elneny
    Walcott Wilshere/Ozil Sanchez
    Maybe Holding for Monreal but Wenger seems to favour Monreal and playing more with Mustafi will only improve us and their understanding.

  3. Uchman says:

    Despite man city spending over 200m pounds in d summer, just two injuries, they r playing a midfielder as a lwb and mangala is their defensive cover u guys should just stop moaning,,i think arsenal still have cover this season, a striking trio of welbeck,giroud and walcot can hold their own, a midfield duo of Wilshire and elneny can hold their own, we might be light in defence buh not as terrible as u guys r exaggerating it,trsnsfer window is over let’s support d guys

    1. John0711 says:

      They are top of the league doh!

    2. GunnerJack says:

      ‘. . . a striking trio of welbeck,giroud and walcot can hold their own’ – well perhaps against very weak opposition. Can’t see that combination of 3 scoring against a proper defence.

  4. Perspective says:

    and your solution is transfer market? buying more defenders? Trading Koscielny cause he is injury prone now?
    Say your solution is Van Dijk and he gets injured after two games.
    You’d say we should have bought two..

    In any case, I feel the ambiance between Fans and the Manager, the Owner, the Players and the club as a whole is too Toxic. We’re on 6 games winning run and it seems like we’re always 1 game from the next toxic ambiance and Wenger Out Comments.

    Everyone is seeking short term solutions. Buy Buy Buy. Create super teams with the super players available in the market. Sell Deadwood for a certain sum, buy the star for a certain sum, player gets injured, manager’s fault, why cant he see that the player is injury prone. Buy all star players and you get, why different nationality, why no youth development.

    Just the Media and Fans nowadays….. Same old Same Old…

    Just like how it is ‘predictable’ that arsenal do enough for fourth place for the last ’10-12 seasons of failure’, its super predictable the next comment of arsenal fans.
    Win against a small team. You get, “its a small club, we should be winning this,…etc etc”
    Win against a good team. You’d get, “the real test is against the top-6/ title rivals”
    Win against a title rival. You’d get, “its luck, the opponent isnt playing well” or you’d get the over-optimistic respond. “we’re going to win the title…….” and then go toxic if the team suddenly draw/lose the next game against a smaller club (which arsenal tend to suffer from)

    Classic Arsenal fan response. Also fans somehow feel a sense of entitlement.
    Highest season ticket price = We should be buying the best players. World Beaters.
    10 Years of top four finish but 0 cups = Years of drought and years of failure.
    Wins the FA Cup = its a small cup. we should be looking for premier league / champions league those are the big trophies.
    Should we win the premier league = Wenger will never win us the Champions League. we need a better,younger,hungrier,tactical savy manager…
    If by a miracle wenger wins the champions league = He can never win a double..
    he’s not a legend till he makes treble like SAF.

    Then again, its just my prediction based on observing the current trend. But sure, everyone is free to voice out their opinions. Peace

    1. JJPawn says:

      Well said.

      We need to get behind this team, and hope the balance of power that top between City, United and Chelsea lead to mutually assured destruction.

    2. TreyBanks says:

      Spot on mate, I absolutely love this piece!

  5. JJPawn says:

    Attack Wenger how much you want. The fact is players cannot be bought on trees. And, even if that is so, there has to be more money. Wenger has brought in the best replacement for RVP, while he has Sanchez and Ozil, even if the latter two are not focused. Yet.

    Wenger has eased each of his super stars into the season, and it is a process that is not complete yet. Rather than run them ragged or throw them into the deep end he is brought them on carefully. Brilliantly done so far, despite the so called fans and ex-players.

    For comparison, look at the injuries that can come to a player unprepared for the PL. Too many games before they are match fit, and muscle problems appear.

    It is a long season. Which ever team of the top six is fittest at the end of the January transfer, provided they stay in touch with the leaders, has a crack at the outside lane for the title, not just top four, which on paper is where Arsenal should be.

    Let us hope that City and United cancel each out with draws.

    I think given that the Spurs are battle tested and deeper than last year they have to be among the top three favorites. We have to beat Chelsea at home and get points from City and United.

    For us at Arsenal:

    1. If Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette click, and then are joined by a excellet contribution on the right wing (Theo? Jack? Iwobi? Who?), there are lots of goals to come.
    2. If the mid-field can be sorted out to help the back three and link with the front four, this will be powerful team. I prefer the Tank in the middle, not Xhaxa.
    3. If Koz stays healthy and Per maintains a high quality season, the back will be better for it and not leak goals. We could also get another defender in January. (I do not think Mustafi is good enough mentally and technically, and has to rely on guile and grabbing to stop opposing wingers/wingbacks. Holding is not strong enough mentally yet. So Monreal has to be there on one side and Bellerin on the other.)

    1. John0711 says:

      Wenger has bought the best replacement for RVP ?
      You do realise he left a while ago. We must have been strapped for money, oh hang on we’ve just announced huge turnover and profits t*t

      1. JJPawn says:

        Wenger does not own the club.

  6. Waal2waal says:

    slightly OT:
    Arsenal (cricket score) – Brighton (seagull shite) nil

  7. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Arsenal fluke a draw against Chelsea and it is miraaculous.

    Pep wins there 1-0 and apparently Pep’s team is unlucky as the score does not reflect their dominance.

    Anyway thumb me down for the same reason I was thumbed down for pointing out Wilshere might not be world class or that Ramsey is not a 10 or………

  8. gmv8 says:

    Rumours are that Kroenke has offered to buy out Usmanov. If that happens, I won’t be renewing next year. His majority ownership signaled the start of our demise. I don’t care if people say it’s Wenger etc., HE is responsible for Wenger being there. To be already behind the Spuds in the league is an embarrassment that I will no longer condone, and if Kroenke completely takes over, there isn’t even a glimmer of hope that anything will change. He is the one who messed up our transfer window behind the scenes, by not allowing players to be sold, then saying we have no money, when we’ve just published bumper profits. This was a window so important to get right, and was completely messed up by someone who does not have a clue about football, and thinks he can manage (and take money out of) the club on the balance sheet.

  9. Bur says:

    Arsenal are a selling club. No matter how you dress it up , as long as weegor and this current board are involved in Arsenal we will never, ever win the league. FACT!!!!

    1. JJPawn says:

      We cannot win the league without money comparable to United, City and Chelsea.
      Luck might help us this year, as with Leicester. But, it is a long shot.

      1. gmv8 says:

        I hate to say it, but I see the Spuds as having a chance of winning the EPL, and we have twice the money they do, and none of the debt. This is all down to Kroenke, and fans that don’t see it are part of the problem.

      2. gmv8 says:

        Kroenke has 1 billion less than Abramovich, and Usmanov has 6 billion more. Money is not the issue, it is Kroenke having no interest in our club, other than to rip it and the fans off, as he has done with all his other ‘franchises’.

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