“Kroenke doesn’t need the money.” Financial journalist discusses the reasons Kroenke may sell Arsenal

Financial guru, Kieran Maguire, says Stan Kroenke is determined to hold on to Arsenal except for a few reasons.

The American is the club’s majority shareholder and owner, but he hasn’t made investments and decisions that satisfy the club’s fanbase.

The Gooners have protested for him to sell their club this year after getting caught in the European Super League plot.

Arsenal fan and billionaire co-founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek is keen to buy the club and has had an initial offer rejected.

He remains determined but so also is Kroenke in his decision not to sell the club.

Maguire believes the American will stand his ground, however, he does give three reasons why he may sell his controlling stake in the club.

He says the entrepreneur doesn’t need money so it would need a crazy offer to get him to sell.

He also said that Arsenal is like a trophy asset to them and his son, Josh, seems to be a fan of the club.

He told Football Insider: “Kroenke doesn’t need the money. So his ownership or non-ownership is dictated by three factors.

“First of all, a price which is crazy to turn down, and £2billion is not that. And secondly, the necessity to sell, which he doesn’t have because he’s independently wealthy.

“The only other thing which could change that is if he says: ‘I really can’t be bothered with this anymore’.

“His son seems to be very keen, a bit of an Arsenal fan. So there’s a case for keeping it in the family. In that sense, Arsenal is a trophy asset.”

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  1. Daniel Ek…..can’t revitalise arsenal with just an being arsenal fan alone,he need to show commitment even now…he never bought arsenal cux he cant relly on Bergkamp and Thierry…all this men is failure in terms of management

    1. Get your facts right and consider the success of Bergkamp and Overmaars (before their falling out over playing phylosophy) with the success of Ajax Amsterdam.
      As for Henry, he is not the only manager to fall out of favour at Monaco.

  2. If arsenal is a trophy asset to the kroenkes then let them crown it the same as abrahamovic what he has down to chelsea for many seasons he has been backing their enterprise in each and every window
    Simply dont expect a bumper harvest if you dint sow well

  3. A crazy offer from Ek would spell disaster for fans.
    Certainly, Ek will demand a good return on his “crazy” offer, which would place a greater burden on fans. Prices for general admission, season tickets and club merchandise will go through the roof. LOL…we would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    1. Surely neither of you two know it either?
      Pure speculation and rumour mongering that would ensure the new owner (s?) would start off on the back foot……if it ever happens of course!!!

      1. Ken, I am with you on this one . All day long , I’d prefer a real fan as owner to one who cares nothing for our club. A fan as owner would have passion and love for the club and IMO and longlife experience, all sporting businesses are better off when the owner shows passion for their club.

        That seems to my mind to be saying the blindingly obvious but strange how some (above our posts) fail to see it. I am pretty sure that as our three legends have thrown their lot in with Ek, they will be convinced that he IS a proper fan and thats good enough for me.
        With Kroenke is is nt just his lack of proper investment that has been our problem but ALSO his inattention to the damage such as GAZIDIS HAD DONE AND LEFT ALONE TO CONTINUE WREAKING IT. A proper fan owner would act swiftly to change what was obviously harming us.

  4. It has been the case for some time that Josh Kroenke seems much more interested in Arsenal than Silent Stan. If Josh is effectively given Arsenal as his project in the family portfolio then this could equate to having a “Fan” in charge eventually. I don’t think Ek is actually wealthy enough to pull off a buyout, and although Henry/Bergkamp/etc are very wealthy compared to most people, they are not on the same level as Royal Families, Oil Sheiks and other owners of sources of major global commodities.

    1. Yossarian, It is extremely easy to claim one is a fan but to prove it you need to be far more involved on a daily basis -like we REAL fans on JA are – than the almost entirely absent Josh Kroenke.

      I JUST DO NOT BELIEVE for a moment that Josh, brought up in USA, has any real PASSION for our club. No doubt he likes the money and investment value and the lifestyle it gives him and which he also hopes to inherit from Snake Papa!

      But as to him being a REAL fan, that is fanciful in the extreme, in my life long 70 years experience of life and 60+ years of fanhood.


  6. If Kroenke love the club, please spend. we must come back to Europe championship fast. We need super good player. i beg you Stan, PLEASE SPEND.

  7. The kronke’s is much more intrested in the stadium for the American football and as long as arsenal is around the first 10 on the table they don’t care making it hard for great players to want to be apart of the team

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