Kroenke leaves Arsenal fans heart-broken and disappointed yet again

This supposed European breakaway league is an utter disgrace! by Shenel

These top six clubs should be ashamed of themselves, but I expect nothing less from Arsenal’s Stan Kroenke of course.

Although proposals were in the pipeline, I never thought this would become a reality. I know as well that nothing has been signed, sealed, or delivered, but given how these boards seem so up for it, it seems as though it could happen!

I have no doubt that this movement from Kroenke to sign up willingly is because he is the one who sits at the top of the chain for this super league to take off, it is an utter disrespect towards the staff, players, and fans of this football club, but why should we expect loyalty and respect from him!

If it wasn’t for the fans this club would not be where it is, if it wasn’t for the fans the stadiums would be empty and the support over the years would be non-existent.

It is no surprise that Kroenke would be the driving force behind this if indeed he is, given that since taking some form of a role in the board at Arsenal where he sits back and counts his money, the club has seen an inability to win the Premier League, and any European League, yet have become record holders of the FA Cup.

So there is no wonder why he wants to join this league, because it will mean that he will be able to play through a season without worrying about the ramifications of not qualifying for European football for the next season, yet taking away everything else that we have grown to love about watching Arsenal and the Premier League over the years.

If he put his hand in his pocket and showed us respect, loyalty and general passion to get this club back up to where it belongs with buying players that would genuinely help us moving forward, and invest as he should, rather than panic buying and saying there isn’t enough funds and acting like he cares, then a lot of fans no doubt would feel differently. But we all know the reported £3.5billion that is going to go into each of these clubs pockets once they sign up, will do just that, go straight into KROENKE’S pocket rather than investing heavily and passionately in a club that is unfortunately just a business venture for him!

This is utterly disgusting and disrespectful towards all fans and players over the years who have given their everything and their heart and soul to support and try and get this club where it belongs to be on the map, and yet after all of this it will be the fans who are heartbroken and disappointed yet again!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Euro Super League is the future

    Top teams for the Euro play each other weekly

    If there is a Euro Union why cant there be a Super League?

    The ones that are not happy are the FA, UEFA and TV companies where they lost millions due to the breakaway

    will anyone play for free??

    will there be Free broadcast of football matches?

    Its all about money……

    the one that losses the most complains the most

    1. I’d be surprised if you are based in Britain John if you think that MY country’s league isn’t being hi jacked by a few billionaires for their own ends

      1. Arsenal is now a global club based in England.

        Considering all of the hundreds of millions of $s that global fans have poured into the club(a lot more than just English fans) to turn around and act like you are more entitled than other fans is a bit petty Sue.

        1. Many years ago my family watched a basketball game in New York against the team Michael Jordan played for. My boys loved basketball
          I didn’t expect them to come over here to satisfy demand
          I’m not being petty at all. Football is part of the fabric of our society which is something you don’t get. It’s more than sport

          As for the money being poured in, I could do without it. The players are sickeningly rich as are the owners

          Think what you want through carefully and see if you enjoy playing the same teams week after week, year after year

          1. SueP you should learn not to presume really now. Where did I say that I support the SL, please point it out I’d love to know?

            So you think football is only part of the fabric of society in England? Nowhere else is it considered more than just sport, only England? Please explain how I don’t get it, as you claim?

            You’ll gladly watch Uefa and FIFA competitions which are some of the most corrupt sporting organizations on the planet, I just think it’s a bit hypocritical that you’ll now stand by and defend corruption.

          2. MartinelliTB
            I used England as an example as it is where Arsenal play and I stand by the pyramid system that operates here as it allows, in theory , any team to rise from obscurity to the top. That is what makes the FA Cup so important to the home market

            I’m guessing all the £££ that have been spent by global fans meant they liked what they were watching – or they would have switched off and Followed baseball or American football instead.

            I’m not saying change isn’t inevitable or that that FIFA etc aren’t corrupt.

            What has been proposed stinks. Tell me what is the point for Leicester or Leeds striving for the top if there is no reward?

            It’s not just about Arsenal to me.

          3. for starters it will be the same clubs

            the league will expand and potentially run parallel and/or include other divisions

            Super league 1, 2 and 3

            This a break away from the monopoly of the FA, UEFA, Fifa and etc…..


        2. A global club yes long before this SL idea came along.
          You seem to miss the point as to what the PL, CL and Euro’s are all about and we didn’t need a SL to put English football where it’s is today. I’m willing to bet that even fans overseas as far as the east would rather not see a SL. WE like our promotion/relegation, top six scrambel, FA Cup’s,, Useless Cup and Charity Shield excitement and don’t need Come Lately Americans to tell the rest of the world how football should be run. Don’t think any right minding football fan wants anymore Stan Kroenkes in the footballing world.

          1. Coming from a non-British fan, we are very against it. I don’t think I’ll support Arsenal for as long as this charade is active.

            It’s a spit in the face of football and I’d be glad if the footballers did something about it and brought the clubs to their knees. I wouldn’t mind Arsenal becoming the new Portsmouth in the process. They deserve absolute financial turmoil.

            Especially if kranky gets to suffer financially.

        3. As SueP pointed out she used England because of Arsenal what you don’t seem to understand are the ramifications on grassroots football league football the smaller she explained the structure of the pyramid the same thing will happen in Italy Spain every country which has clubs taking part in the SL.this goes against everything that makes football great why do you think people love it so much because on any day any team can beat anyone the fairness great stories like Leicester city or L1 L2 having good cup runs earning revenues look at Lincoln city going from strength zo strength because a decent FA cup tun few seasons back money that was reinvested in the club facilities new players i could go on.

      2. There is no way those six clubs or even the clubs mentioned will be banned from there domestic leagues
        There various league’s need them more than they need the Fa
        Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish said yesterday: “Of course we want them back to the table. They are massive brands, very successful. We need them in our league and we have to find a way of understanding the issues but equally we have to be strong. Hopefully we can find a resolution.”
        If these clubs insist there will be compromise along the way
        The super league is trying to keep all the big clubs in the league season after season while bringing in few new clubs
        On merit they had to do a few twists or it will be just another champions league football
        Let’s seat back and what event unfold
        Remember money talks and talks louder too…
        You have this super rich individual in clubs nowadays that’s the price you pay
        Even UEFA failed in implementing FFP rules making things much more difficult they are very corrupt and deserve everything they are getting
        I don’t understand why everyone is so angry I don’t think the teams in question will be banned from their domestic leagues there will surely be a compromise

        1. Exactly,

          FA, UEFA, Fifa have monopolized and take long amount of time to make the necessary changes that is needed…..

          TV companies have profited millions….

          Its all about money….

          The champions league too evolved mainly the top 12 clubs in Europe

          Even the top talented players move around the same top 12 clubs

          1. It’s not a closed door because have new team will play it out on who will be added to the league every season

        2. PEPE, WHAT YOU CALL COMPROMISE WILL BE A FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR THE SOUL OF THE GAME. Personally, I would not call a fight to the metaphorical death anywhere near being a compromise.

          What few have failed to say or even to notice is how much damage to our sport has already been permanently inflicted. A massive amount of fans of the Superleague clubs will give up watching football, or at least following their own clubs – I would certainly be one -IF this plan were to succeed. BUT IT WILL FAIL and I am certain of that.

      3. Sue, there will always be people who dont understand the implications of what is going on, or think its clever to talk cheap. How any person can think a league regardless of how deviously or not was cultuvated, that has no proper relegation or promotion, is run by clubs for “the clubs”” by owners and isnt as good a format as the present system, alianating other clubs and history. Are not worth discussing with. Why do they think so many people who know what they are talking about around the game are so angry. Because they know what is going on. Let our lovely owner have our club to himself and do what he likes with it, its his Sue he bought it, he can ruin it and silly people can support him.

        1. If people cant realise our club has been stolen from real fans and are supporting the shark that is kronk then they are not supporters and plants. How on earth any TRUE fan can suppirt something that is for the owner and not the club are not fans.

          1. @Reggie If you’ve watched an Arsenal game, bought any merchandise or even purchased food on game day while Stan has been the owner then you have supported the shark Kroenke as you say. Can you say you haven’t done any of those?

            Why now decide to not support him when you have over the past years since he’s been an owner if I may ask?

          2. Haha😀😀
            I read comments and I can’t stop laughing.
            We wanted rich owners to pump money into the club, we wanted to challenge the big boys
            UEFA failed to implement FFP rules they let prices fly without control
            Money ate true the very heart of real football
            How long do you think you can have this super rich individual who know nothing about football but as another investment running clubs without the ugly side of this started showing it head
            To my knowledge I feel only for the true fans
            Wenger was mocked and ridiculed because he wanted to things in the right ways
            Everyone deserves what they are getting

          3. Pepe, i have never wanted kronk to own our club from the day he shut the door on mr Arsenal, David Dein.

      4. Oh give me a break the Premier league crying foul after letting the Man City’s and Chelseas run rampant with financial losses for over 10 years but so long as they were buying the best players and making the premier league attractive then all is well right lol?Soon as they announce a breakaway they all start crying about justice.Where was justice for clubs like Arsenal who were more than happy to work within their means and not have a sugar daddy buying everything and continue to make football financially unstable?

        1. Thank you. Chelsea & City bought all their success…

          FFP ruined Arsenes last few years as these so called “big clubs” bought who they wanted for whatever price and justified that by loopholes in their ruling and couldnt implement the ruling they placed over clubs just to suit their own needs…. more eyes on the league, more money for everyone else.

          Yes we have been terrible and lied to by our board numerous times but we have always tried to do things by our own means money wise. Liverpool the same, Utd do loan alot but against their brand which is huge…

          Leaving UEFA or FIFA is all on them and about time something changed as are corrupt as hell.

          This Super League is for Greed and again shouldnt be happening but Fifa & Eufa have shot themselves in the foot too many times for something not to eventually happen.

          Let’s see how all this unfolds

      5. SueP, nobody is hijacking the EPL. The 15 clubs still want to play in their domestic leagues. They only don’t want to play in the Uefa Champions League anymore for financial reason. They cannot be holding the head of the cow while she is being milked only for someone else to take the milk away or share it disproportionately.
        Leeds United, winners of EFL championship for the 2019/2020 season earned 140 million pounds but how much were the Uefa Champions league winners paid? You can understand why these clubs want out of the Uefa top competition.

    2. Get real….If you can’t see this is just a bunch of tax evading billionaires wanting to get even richer then you need to start doing some research into critical thinking, pronto!

      It was hilarious to hear Florentino Perez saying they needed this as all big clubs were ruined, while R Madrid has spent more than 1 billion euros renovating their stadium. He says this will help grassroot football, without mentioning that between his club and Barcelona, they take almost 60% of tv revenue in Spain.

      This is greed pure and simple.

      1. The fact that these are the same players involved in the project big picture should give people a pretty good idea and the names occupying high positions Joel Glazer and the likes coincidence it is not!

  2. I cannot understand why Players would want to play in a so called league or table of clubs with no chance of promotion or relegation, it would be like watching friendlies every week, we have players at Arsenal now that can show a lack of fight when we go behind so what will they do in a league with no target to aim for or the threat of failure, the only thing that will make them want to sign up is MONEY and lots of it.

    1. I can’t understand why a true football fan would want to watch a WWE-like league without a fair relegation system. Maybe only children and child-like adults would watch fake competitions like that

      Florentino Perez said nobody can back down, but I don’t think the super league will happen. There will be a big legal battle between the clubs, the players and the authorities

      I believe some players wouldn’t want to lose their Euros or World Cup tickets and the governments would interfere, so the super league would likely be cancelled. However, this will be a good reality check for UEFA and the FAs, since they had absolute power before

  3. I think people will very quickly grow tired of watching what is in reality a meaningless friendly.

    1. Many will not pass the opportunity to watch arsenal play real Madrid even if it is played in hell and so are other matches
      If this goes through then champions league becomes as relevant as Europa league and the super league will take the center stage of the champions league
      At the beginning fans maybe against it and show less interest but it will eventually happen

    2. Many will not pass the opportunity to watch arsenal play real Madrid even if it is played in hel| and so are other matches
      If this goes through then champions league becomes as irrelevant as Europa league and the super league will take the center stage of the champions league
      At the beginning fans maybe against it and show less interest but it will eventually happen

      1. Terrific
        Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Ajax, Villarreal, Leicester, Aston Villa, Lyons, Olympiacos etc might just as well shut up shop
        World domination by a handful of clubs

        1. What is the fuss all about are you against the super league or the are you for it but demanding a more fare chance for the minorities?
          In truth what have arsenal done
          I sat down and thought about this on my own and after giving this a deep thought I can’t see why everyone is going hard on arsenal
          It would clearly be stupid on arsenal perspective for all those clubs mentioned to be involved and they are left out. We all wanted to compete with the big boys we wanted our club to act as a big club so when they act along with the same big club they fans still complain
          Have you for a moment thought about if such plan goes through and was actually actualized and arsenal was left out
          Do you know what is will do to arsenal as a football club and also financially
          Most of the reactions are just following the public opinion without actually giving it a thought of their own

          1. The disagreement comes from the nature of the competition. In recent years, we can all attest to how competition is defined by financial clout (and, admittedly, we have all allowed it to happen) rather than footballing merit.

            The backlash is definitely aimed imprecisely, but I think it reflects a tipping point. The pendulum has swung too far towards wealth and fans have had enough. The super league, organised by those who compete, above anything else devised in the sport, represents pure, unabashed material greed.

            Speaking personally, I hate the super league only a little bit less than FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League. All football organisations have allowed money to dictate terms and all of us fans have blood on our hands. Enough is enough. Serious reform is needed across all elite competitions.

          2. That is my point
            UEFA,fifa and domestic fa’s have lead us to this every decision they take points towards money
            I will rather have arsenal be in the conversation then them missing out how long have we tried to the things the right way only to be ridiculed and frustrated by this the above mentioned bodies. Wenger was made a fool of, they made a joke of the financial play rule
            Of course the super league is all about money check how much the bigger clubs are losing and you will understand why they signed this
            Arsenal would have been stupid in my own view of the clubs mentioned could sign and the failed to sign…

          3. Pepe do you just argue for the fun of it because either you are very very young or dont actually understand what is going on. The present system allows everyone a chance, the new one is by appointment only and you cant get relegated even if you are shit as long as you have a rich owner and a large fan base. Ludicrous!

        2. I’m pretty sure if players get banned to play for their countries many will get out of their clubs contracts or let them run out and then sign on a free for other big clubs like PSG Bayern who can offer very good wages plus signing on fees on top of sponsorship players wouldn’t lose money and those clubs with other PL clubs could befenit from it look at the wages paid by Leicester right now if they were to sign bigger players they would make their money back people think players are only interested in money i disagree it might play a big part but with wages nowadays players are set for life and i doubt that players from national teams with a very good chance to win the Euros WC will pass on it!

  4. Come on greedy Kroenke is a shame but at least accuse him of the right stuff. To say he’s the one pushing for the super league is kinda dumb and makes you look like you’ve got your agenda. Now I’m not defending SK but it’s no secret the person behind this, who’s been calling for this and even came out yesterday to challenge UEFA is papa Florentino Perez, not this SK accusation.

    In OT, Gary Neville can go fúck himself with his constant swipe at Arsenal for being selected for the SL.
    Ever since Ferguson left, United finished above Arsenal just thrice, Arsenal 5 times, plus Arsenal’s won the most trophies between both clubs during the last 8 years.
    Man United can be said to be more shittier than us. Instead of trying to bring fans together against this SL he’s inciting more rivalry at this crucial point between us, Spurs and United.

    Btw, why’s everyone acting like if any club deserves a huge chunk of money, it’s not Arsenal?? If only UEFA carried out their promise about FFP, we wouldn’t have had these oligarchs pumping their money into clubs and taking over football. Wenger was ridiculed, laughed at for trying to do things the right way, he was mocked when he demanded there should be a restriction against these billionaires taking over clubs and pumping money.
    Likes of Chelsea, City were all worshipped and we were told they’re the serious club and only ambitious ones because they pump money into clubs to compete. Isn’t that why we’re struggling today? We were trying to do things the right way. Suddenly their dîcks all got hard now that the same oligarchs are taking over football.

    I hate the idea of the SL, but on the other hand if you consider what club deserves the huge inflow of money the most. You’ll see it’s Arsenal for sticking by UEFA rules all this year’s, and you’d be tempted to give UEFA the middle finger while saying we deserve this. Right? Everyone wants Arsenal to be ambitious right? Ergo with the finances that’ll be involved, this is Arsenal being ambitious.

    1. Neville isnt picking on Arsenal, he is slamming utd as well, he is not a fan of this at all or the fact utd and Arsenal have got owners that dont fit their clubs values. He has said he wants the Glaziers out. He is angry like us because he can see whats going on and kronk is involved up to his kneck. Dont give him and ounce of credit, he is selling the soul of this club for his own ends.

    2. Eddie, Kroenke is in it up to his greedy neck, as are all the other owners. What Neville said is all true and he blasted his own club more than even ours . That is fact and no lies from you will change that.

      This plan is doomed to fail, because the whole football world, other than greedy owners, will unite to stop it. Governments too and the law will prevent it, not that we will need the law, as we fans, UEFA, FIFA AND NATIONAL LEAGUES, plus many decent players will see it off.

      IN TIME IT MAY WELL LEAD TO Kroenke selling us to an owner who cares. He is clearly struggling to keep all his KSE franchise afloat in this pandemic. THIS IS WHAT HAS TRIGGGERED THE SEVERAL OWNERS INTO IT WHO ARE ALL LOSING HUGE MONEY.


  5. Off topic if spuds get Nagelsmann then I predict he will take them to another level and have similar impact as klopp at liverpool not saying he will win the title but they will be up there challenging I wanted klopp a year before he went to liverpool but arsenal board didn’t have bottle to sack Wenger at that stage will prob do the same with Arteta god knows why but it will be yet another huge mistake not going for this guy I just hope he goes to Munich or anywhere except spuds otherwise they will continue to finish above us and be a club that challenges for the big competitions leaving us a million miles behind them and prob another 6 or 7 clubs as well!!

    1. Danny, will our ego filled heads of the so acalled senior players accept Nigel as their manager-coach? They were happy to see the backs of Wenger, Emery and now trying hard to bring Arteta down. Henceforth no more CFC players to be hirred irrespective of their calibre or transfer fee. Get the filth out first, then hire Nigel or Erik TenHag if Arteta walks out.

    2. There should be a break-away site for all these predictions and their conclusions.

      No relegations though.

  6. Reminds me of when, many years ago as a youngster, I was taken to Wembley Arena to see the Harlem Globetrotters. All good fun and very entertaining but never wanted to see them again. This new league will be a similar circus, the only difference will be the clowns will be sitting in the stands watching basically a friendly match taking place on the pitch.

    1. Declan
      Unfortunately we have a bunch of megalomaniac in charge of elite football clubs who have little or no affiliation with the clubs they run.
      They have forgotten they are only gate keepers of our clubs and when they are gone and the sooner the better we will still be here supporting the clubs we love
      I am surprised still too see some fans supporting silent stan on the way he has conducted himself and making decisions on behalf of us that is totally unfounded on what is best for the club and the fans.
      Unfortunately in this mad world money talks which is the scary side of it all.
      I still believe Players start to play and want to become professionals because they love they glory..lifting the fa Cup. Winning the title. Representing there country. The wealth and bling come 2nd so let’s see how many stand up and use there player power to say no to the ludicrous venture.
      Hate him or love him Hats of to Jose for his stance and hopefully we have more people in the game like him
      Onwards and upwards

  7. Neville is correct in slamming Arsenal and highlighting what a disgrace they have let themselves become as a club . But his overiding anger is aimed at the total selling out of the game to individuals who have bought into and sold out their clubs history. The memory and tradition of countless administrators, players and fans who built this rich social structure has been shat on sold down the river. That includes Liverpool and Manchester United.

  8. Kroenke back in 2016.

    Chickens coming home to roost or what. Look at the utter mess we’ve become since.

    (First line alone made my blood run cold at the time) ;

    “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved.

    I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit. If you don’t have a good business then you can’t really afford to go out and get the best players unless you just want to rely on other sources of income.”

  9. It used to be just the national champions who played for Europa Cup. Greed has extended it to many more teams and now there are plans to extend the Champions league even further. For me, the Champions League is too big, and too many meaningless games. This is also definitely greed-based.

    The super league would be a lot more attractive to watch IMO. I can see how the super league would be the end of the CL but would it be the end of the PL? The PL would continue with the big 6.

    Is there any reason to believe that Barca, Real and Atlectico, or Juve, Inter and AC are not going to remain the dominating clubs in their domestic leagues, with or without the Super League?

    If you believe the SL will kill the PL fair enough but to call it greed is a bit naive, first look at the financial statements of these clubs and tell me they are raking it in and second these are not charitable orgazisations.

  10. It is our job to get Kroenke out. This will hurt us supporters but will get Kroenke out. We must boycott…..KROENKE until he PS’S off. If Kroenke does not get his European Money Fountain…..he will SELL. If there are no supporters he will sell. He will have too. Then an Arsenal LOVER will hopefully step in. Read Kroeke’s FULL history. He will F us without any regret.

  11. Hello all!

    Many of you will know I used to be a regular poster on here. I would often post my messages about my discontent, generally, and have a gripe (or two) about the usual performance issues at my beloved Arsenal. I stepped back from Just Arsenal for a while as I felt many of the posts were becoming very toxic with little regard for freedom of speech and expression. There are more important things in life worth much more devotion to time.

    I still have no intention being a regular poster here, at least until we can all share some equal respect to each other. I certainly feel better for it now 🙂

    However, the events of this week had me returning to Just Arsenal because of the “one big topic” that has caused so much anger and disgust amongst all “TRUE” football fans. I wanted to see how my fellow Gooners felt about Arsenal’s inclusion to the European Super League. I can see most of you are with the majority of against with a small group who would support the idea. When all is said and done, I guess most of us here will not be surprised by the whole idea of this break away league. The corruption in sport (especially football) all over the world is rife and money will certainly dictate what happens. The one thing I do know is that money gives power and power gives greed. The clubs that stand to gain most from this are the clubs with the most debt, no?

    We all know Arsenal has debts, just like most clubs right now. We’ve been in a global pandemic for over a year. All clubs have debts but, the biggest debts that all these clubs have are the debts to the fans and to the communities where the clubs reside. If anyone here believes that an owner who can make so many staff redundant and remove a mascot from employment during a difficult period is in anyway concerned about anything other than money, think again!

    The American model for sport is by far more different to ours. The Franchise sport model is just the same as franchise food. Buy, expand with growth and consume anything or anyone in your way. Eventually you have one big power and nothing else. Greed will feed greed until nothing remains. Does anyone here believe Arsenal will be competitive in this European Super League? or simply making up the numbers for profit?

    Before you make you decide weather to support or oppose the idea, I would just urge you consider the consequences and the true motives behind the move to the European Super League? Will it support football from the lowest levels? Will it encompass football for the many or just the few?

    If the European Super League is intended to be for everyone and for the right reasons, why was it done in such a cloak and dagger nature? And why were footballs governing bodies kept in the dark?

  12. Kroenke is an ethical and moral imbecile. Look up what a moral imbecile is. He wanted to start a Murder channel, remember. ….a hunting channel. He is a ‘chancer’. Boycott him untill he sells to an Arsenal LOVER.

  13. Shenel, I think you’ve over estimated the payout at £3.5 billion per club. If that were true even I might say ‘wait a minute let’s give this a try’😂. My understanding is that it’s £350 million. Enough for Arteta to buy all the players he wants for sure, and he’s probably already looking how to spend it.

      1. The founding clubs have been promised a share of €3.5 billion (£3 billion). Emphasis on ‘share’. This info is from BBC & other sources.

  14. Admin could you please start a new thread suggesting alternate clubs to support?

    4 Days ago Bloomberg uploaded a video titled “American Invasion of English Football has Begun”. It aged well.

    1. Vinod, true supporters do not switch clubs. That’s not how it works with lifelong fans. Some of the more recent Wenger era wagon jumpers maybe will look elsewhere, and best of luck to them, but the majority will suck it up.

  15. All these fuss about super league is simply based on money from all sides not football game itself..

    Small clubs are angry at not given a chance to take part for a share of the funds.
    FAs are doing same as power to regulate/control competition earnings is not in their hands anymore .

    UEFA Champions league still exists
    EPL, LA Liga,serie A still do..

    Problem is the rich clubs will become richer, but the competition was created by them to save these clubs from financial burdens.

    If UEFA feels threatened, simply source for more funds to make UCL the highest paying league then watch these clubs prioritise UCL again.. If super league can get 3bn ,UEFA can raise 5bn..simple

    All these threats won’t change nothing, money is an integral part of football now. Every business would always look for a way to mitigate loses.

    These clubs didn’t outrightly abandon the current pyramid but created an avenue to get more funds to run smoothly..

    Our darling club arsenal would never take part in it,if the move wasn’t profitable to us.. We can’t afford to be left behind again after ignorantly allowing corrupt uefa ffp rules to limit our ambitions..

    The super league is the future and arsenal must be part of it..

    UEFA competitions will only loose value if they don’t adjust to the trend and restructure the UCL..

    Super league is no different to emirates cup, ICC cup.. Just a lot more lucrative than traditional competitions and this solely lies with the FAs to adjust to and stop all these PR rants..

    None of these clubs would back down from a money making venture without a fight..

    I believe theres a ballon d or and a FIFA World Best serving the same purpose… A toulon tournament for age grade football… A shebelieves cup for the women teams.. Not organized but regulated by FIFA

    The only problem with the super league is power solely lies with the clubs and FAs are not carried along..

    I would rather see arsenal make money to pay staffs and compete with the big leagues than wallow in tenth with a bleak future of limited funds to compete..

    As for we fans.. We will all still watch at some point… Change is constant..

  16. If the motion does pass, I hope that certain rules are implemented(from Papa Perez’s and others’ statements)
    1. The supposed windfall that each club gains should not be used for player transfers, atleast for the first season. Instead use it to strengthen the financial position, settle debt payments, solidarity payments and adequate support to national leagues, grassroots development.
    2. Introduce restrictions on the transfer system, as it is a closed league. Max salary cap, max amount to be spent for transfers etc.
    3. Introduce trades between clubs every 3 or 4 years.
    4. Founding members should impose restrictions on their permanency. It may be done through performances in the ESL itself, like impermanency if not finishing in top 3 for 3 years running.
    There are many non relegation league formats in sports that are quite successful with adequate development of sports and satisfaction of fans. The IPL immediately comes to mind. That said as nothing has been finalized yet(put pen to paper), I thonk we should watch the situation. Already news is emerging of EPL clubs rethinking their stances, lol. Whatever happens, I hope it is for the best of Arsenal Football club and us fans.

  17. Shenel, all your article amounts to is statement of the obvious. No one will disagree with what you write but there was no actual analysis of what you think will , might, or should now happen. Have you no thoughts on that? We all know KROENKE is snake and all want him out and all share your feelings. But all that amounts to is passion with no real analysis at all. Disappointing article therefore, saying nothing new at all. No insights on your thoughts of what comes next. I doubt you have had such thoughts, seemingly. SUCH A SHAME!

  18. I am sick to death of all this hand-wringing and bemoaning. Why don’t you get off your backsides and get a petition going that tells Parliament that they MUST stop this. If it means passing a law that says Football clubs in Britain cannot be owned by foreigners, only by British citizens, and better still that a minimum of 51% of the shares must be owned by the supporters.
    If not the above, then some new law that stops these clubs playing in Britain!!! I would do it, but am an ex-pat so I have not vote.

    1. We could do but parliament are on our sides already, i think they have the ammunition to stop this BS.

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