Kroenke makes it clear Arsenal is NOT for sale

Arsenal fans were left “galvanised”, to quote legend Ian Wright there, at the fact that rumours suggested Alisher Usmanov had made a bid to buy out Stan Kroenke’s shares at Arsenal.

Kroenke is a disliked figure around the Emirates, often criticised for his lack of commitment and investment into Arsenal Football Club. He currently owns a 67% share of Arsenal and holds a key influential position as the club’s majority shareholder. In the background is Arsenal’s second highest stakeholder, Usmanov, the Russian Billionaire who owns a 30% stake. It was rumoured earlier in the week that Usmanov had made a £1 billion bid for Kroenke’s shares, in an attempt to make a takeover bid of the club.

The offer was likely rebuffed by Kroenke, who operates in the stocks and shares market as Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE), which has left Arsenal fans disheartened that we won’t be seeing our potential saviour in Alisher Usmanov, coming to Arsenal’s aid soon. KSE made a brief but asserting statement soon after the news broke and it will leave the fans wondering if things will ever change in the near future.

A statement from KSE said: ‘KSE UK, Inc notes the recent media speculation concerning its shareholding in Arsenal Holdings PLC and confirms its shares are not, and never have been, for sale. KSE is a committed, long term investor in Arsenal and will remain so.’

Kroenke therefore holds a clear intention to remain involved with the Gunners for the long term future, despite not seeing rewards as he would probably hope. Kroenke clearly aims to generate income through the selling of players, rather than investing in Arsenal through his owned shareholder position at the club. He will also probably intend on buying out Usmanov one day and thus that they be why he is refusing to budge on the Russian’s £1 billion offer. The decision to rebuff Usmanov will be disheartening enough to Arsenal fans who desired a quick change in management this summer, and instead we could be seeing Kroenke’s methods in play for many more years to come.

Following on from the statement, investors such as Usmanov will now be considering whether it is worth sticking around at Arsenal, and risk a big decline in the club’s standing, much like Kroenke has seen with some of his other sports teams. Usmanov desires gaining ownership of the club one day, but time may be running out, and without any change at Arsenal, the Russian may look to offer his large investments elsewhere. Usmanov is estimated to hold twice the wealth as Kroenke and would thus offer the club something very different financially, to the current Kroenke approach the fans are used to.



  1. Raoh says:

    Everything or almost is subject to change. He also knows how bad, how much Usmanov wants control of the club and how rich he is. If Usmanov was to up his offer or ask for enough of Kroenke stake to take control of the club and keep is offer Kroenke won’t change?!
    No leadership under Kroenke and Gazidis. The latter having little positive effect and much of his statement about transfer windows, the ability to buy and the capacity to compete both in footballing terms and money wise against the big clubs (Bayern, Real, Barca, City, Chelsea and others) as not really come to light. Think about that 10-2 aggregate.
    To add to that we may also lose Sanchez, Özil as well as others. It may be hard to attract top players.
    We have power to do something, don’t know what though as fans. Something that could have an impact along with Usmanov pressure for the guy to say ok: I’m selling. Because unless Kroenke has a change of hearth and decides to get more involved both emotionally and pocket wise…than he’s got to go as so far whatever he’s done hasn’t worked.

  2. RAZ says:


    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Thats the prob with fans….if there was at least 30,000 empty seats on Sun

      There would have been a change

  3. Femi Medessiu says:

    Kroenke & Wenger undoubtedly prefer to generate money for the club than investment. I have often said it, you can’t reap where you do not sow. Clubs were buying big time players to win laurels while Kroenke & We get are just interested maintaining a place amongst the four.

  4. Joseph says:

    Increase the offer Usmanov! The money loving fork will eventually secumb , his nose will sense billions and fall shot soon; he is profit lover.

  5. Harry Barracuda says:

    Who in their right minds would want a crook like Usmanov in charge of our club?

    Are you mental?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Show me a billionaire, that is not a nerd, and I will show you a crook.

  6. bran99 says:

    I hope Usmanov won’t get fed up and buy Southampton instead.. this American virus should be long gone by now.. I curse the ones that sold him their shares, all of them

  7. Les Naidoo says:

    Arsenal are doomed to failure-they are stuck with Stan Kroenke who is content with running Arsenal as just a business entity and not as a sporting entity.We will not attract big name players and that is a real pity.Maybe if Arsenal fans refuse to fill the stadiums then something may happen.Boycott the games.Its just an idea.

    1. dutchy says:

      Think boycotting the games is poor way of protesting after it happens a few times, we all still want the team to deliver results don’t we? Otherwise we will be the new Everton. There are other ways of protesting, like before and after the games as well as not buying merchandise which will have our sponsors asking the right questions.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I think Kroenke will have his price but it’s going to have to be more than what Arsenal is worth. The price or price shares of these clubs keep going up so it’s going to have to be an offer that gets him (Kroenke) to where he thinks it’s going to be down the road. Basically cut out the waiting time for him. He said he’s gonna leave it to his son one day, but someone pointed out already he has ideas on leveraging our club against other developments. It seems the reason he likes collecting clubs is maybe because he doesn’t have to spend his own wealth, it’s like a domino effect, or a snowball more accurately.

    I think the fans are going to have to get involved if they want to see a quick change of board.

    I find it difficult to believe that our old board members could not see how bad Kroenke would be for us. I think they acted a little racist in deciding, by choosing an American. All they had to do is look into all of Kroenke’s current portfolios. He is juggling more than any one owner could ever handle in the right way. He treats sports teams like he is buying up shopping centres.

  9. Yossarian says:

    Stan Kroenke is something that begins with a “C” and rhymes with “Punt”. Would love to see the back of him. He clearly doesn’t care about the fans of any of this sports teams. Effing parasite.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      c-punt like you, respect Stan.

      1. lord wafflebury says:

        Aha..changed your stance then mr copy and paste…thought you hated stan ?….you have showed him little respect in previous postings highlighting all his faults whilst praising arsene.

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