Kroenke Protests -Is there hope on the horizon for Arsenal fans?

The Kroenke’s made a serious mistake by underestimating the reaction from Arsenal fans to the proposed European Super League, and is now facing massive #KroenkeOut protests, which began before the game against Everton on Friday.

After managing to stop the ESL from getting off the ground, the fans have now turned their attention to getting rid of our absentee landlord, who has been the architect of Arsenal dropping down the League table by the lack of investment in the transfer market to help us compete with even mid-table Premier League teams.

But in the aftermath of the ESL debacle, perhaps a knight in shining armour has arrived to give Gooners some hope for the future. The founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has publicly announced that he is willing to start negotiations with Kroenke over ownership of Arsenal.

Ek tweeted…..

Now it seems that Ek’s interest has been confirmed by Matt Law in the Telegraph, he wrote yesterday: Telegraph Sport understands the message was not a public relations stunt and that Ek’s interest in Arsenal is genuine, with the Swedish billionaire ready to enter into negotiations and, ultimately, make Kroenke an offer.

Josh Kroenke said on Thursday that his family has no intention of selling the club, but hopefully the fan protests could help convince him to change his mind, especially if he is helped along by government legislation.

Could there really be hope on the horizon for Arsenal fans?

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  1. What the Ek!?

    Any owner is better than Kroenke and an an actual fan of football and the Arsenal is very welcome whether him Dankote or anyone else who will perhaps actually invest and not take money from the club.

    That said think I saw a tweet somewhere in reaction to Ek’s interest where they stated he should pay the Artists on his platform before buying a football club!;)

    Can’t help but hear the song and lyrics from The Who’s ‘Won’t get fooled again’: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..”

    1. so if the new owner doesnt spend like the Russians or Arabs…..

      fans will still start complaining and protesting for him to get out

      1. Of cause its a war we have to fight until the club stands still and the right thing is done. Even if it means lining up to ten of them we shall not get tired of firing them

  2. SK is on the backfoot I’m feeling. Arsenal fans must keep up the pressure. I would go so far as boycotting all Arsenal merchandise and stay home on macth days. Some won’t be liking that but, I don’t want to see this culb in a relugation scrap next season we’ve done just enough to avoid one this season

    1. This is the only way forward. I have cancled my membership and I hope other fans follow suit.

      I hope fans across the globe not just London stage protests and stop buying merchandise and any tickets when the new season comes

    2. this would only means…this is a high risk club and may potentially scare away the investors

    3. Explain in your own words not what everyone else 🤔is saying like sheep why you want him out so badly it’s like life or death for a lot of people on here,
      Our enemies are the media and pundits who hate arsenal they turn us against each other

  3. Keep protesting against Kroenke and he may have no choice!!

    Do not go out and buy the new Merchandise when it’s all released, just for now to make a point & see where this goes as fans are not allowed back in the stadium as of yet and when they do Stan may have sold up.

    Keep pushing gunners.

    I didnt not see this coming from Daniel Ek, this was straight out of left field and now Dangote has to be seeing this unfolding considering what he may do as this may be his only chance or even partner with eachother?

    This is the time for change in ownership at Arsenal.

    Time to go Stan and time to get OUR ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB (not just business) back.

    This is very interesting and exciting.

    1. Josh Kroenke, the son of Stan and a director at Arsenal, has insisted his family are not looking to sell the Gunners, but sources believe they could be tempted by a bid of around £2billion.

      One can hope!! Although he’ll only go when it suits him… keep protesting!!

  4. Well, he is a lifelong Arsenal supporter which is a bonus, unlike Kroenke. Let’s hope there is some truth in it.

  5. I believe that the Kroenke’s are serious when they say they have no intentions of selling(sadly)!with the PL planning changes to avoid a repeat of both debacles i would love to see them introduce if possible some kind of law which would force owners to sell if they were to break certain rules concerning ethics business practices…

    1. On 21 Apr I just heard an interview on Radio 5 live and an eloquent girl said that football clubs should be protected for the community and the fans just like listed buildings.

      This would mean any owner, home or abroad would have to work within a framework of rules. One of these could be percentage dividends or salary caps.

      If this kind of legislation is brought in the clubs will be saved for the fans even if the owners do not dip into their pockets to buy players. It means they cannot go for ESL type ventures without proper consultation as stated recently by David Dein.

    2. that will led to allow of issues

      if thats possible then it will open up lots opportunity for other types of owners such as land, home, business and etc

      one can be kick out of his own home

  6. I hope he can succeed in convincing Stan to sell but brace your self fellow fans it won’t be like a take over like that of Chelsea and City, you won’t see millions available and ready to spent in summer, because I think all the six EPL clubs will be under scrutiny from football federations and they won’t be able to manipulate the system any more for some time as they are in spot light or there might even be a transfer ban. Plus Chelsea and City owners had oil money I don’t think EK has that sort of money power to pump into club but atleast he is a fan running a club who will have interest in what the club is doing on field not just off the field so he can take good decisions and appoint right ppl for the job or get rid of ppl who do not perform.

    1. And if he takes over the club then says he believes Arteta is the right man for the job? Then what? Do we start EK out protests?

  7. I believe clubs should be either run like in Germany where someone can not buy above certain number of club shares rest belong to fans so they always have a voice or should be like Spain where again clubs like Barca and Madrid which are owned by fans. Before some one start jumping on me using Madrid and Barca as example after looking at the finencial debt then I think we need to look at facts Madrid is not as much debt as some ppl make out to be, plus there model is a good working one. They have stayed on top of the most richest club tree for a while and also funded new training facilities some time back along with major renovation to stadium going on. Barca has been poorly run but then the issue has been with few poor managements there which got ousted out. Remember for long time they played with a sponsor on shirt or stadium along with giving rediculus contract to messi. So if football is for fans then fans should hold the power not a single person who has no interest in football.

    1. For Logic
      Agree with you about the new owner and spending. But would be happy if they invest even more on coaching, scouting and the academy with the academy being the few crumbs of pleasure dished out to grieving Arsenal fans world over, in this miserable season.

      Only thing about Spain is that the Banks cannot/will not call in receivers in the case of Barca and RM as they are classified as institutions of the country whether they are run well or badly.

      That is not the case in UK. AFC does need to be run as a good business.

      Agree with you Germany is the one to go for with similar and proper legislation.

    2. bayern doesnt spend big

      most of their signings are of low fee or free transfers

      barca and real madrid are in super massive debt…..

      if this covid situation carry on for the at least next 2 years….they could potentially wind up

  8. Cant see it myself these yanks won’t sell up they want to keep raking in the money and don’t give a dam where the club finish have no ambition of winning anything it’s all about the money and it makes me sick to the stomach what we have become as a club!!

  9. Summer is almost here
    A good summer and a few good run-in and everyone keep quiet .
    I don’t really think selling off is the best option as we have no control over who buy the club . His aspirations, and goals
    I feel we are here because of mismanagement which will take a few years to remedy

  10. Arsenal’s hope is not in change of top management but a change in manager and recruitment team…

    1. Manager; If you dare see MAURIZIO SARRI going to Spurs, we can effectively wave goodbye to finishing above them.

    This is the only GREAT coach left in the market and we’re lingering around with gamblers!!!!

    2. Defence; Bring back MAVROPANOS and SALIBA to form a partnership at the heart of our defence.

    People don’t want to admit that the likes of Gabriel, were poor recruits who are not at all ball-playing defenders.

    3. Midfield; I remember we again lingered around to buy MATTEO KOVACIC and now he’s the best holding midfielder in the league.

    Anyway players like IBRAHIMA DIALLO (Southampton), LEANDRO TROSSARD (Brighton), SANDRO TONALI (Milan) are what we need. Players with “immense” technical talent in midfield.

    1. saliba and mavapronos?

      a 19yo and 22yo inexperience player playing together???

      in Fifa 21 it will work for sure

  11. His intentions are genuine but I don’t see it happening… Daniel is worth 4.4 Billion dollars.
    SK is worth 8.2 billion dollars.
    Don’t be fooled, to get SK to sell Arsenal would need a huge offer.
    Which will definitely be way above 2 billion dollars. So I’ll take this one with a pinch of salt.

    Dangote on the other hand is way more richer than both. With a net worth of 11.6 billion dollars.
    Still I’d prefer an oil rich sugar daddy.
    Dangote won’t just pump billions into the club because “he’s a fan”. The man is a serious businessman

    1. As i said in my post we were crap most of the time with a few titles in between the crap football we didn’t dominant like Liverpool or manu. We had some success in the 00s up to 05
      But after that the majority of the time we were fighting for 4th place.
      What I’m trying to say is a lot of fans from what I’m reading are assuming that arsenal were big spenders and everything was so great in the good old days we have never dominated and we have never been big spenders.
      And when we fans talk about integrity don’t forget this club paid a bribe to get in to the old first division many years ago

  12. It’s all about love for Arsenal. There are a million fans all over the world and also many hardcore supporters who have invested their happiness over whole lives in ‘The Arsenal’. Not that long ago Arsenal were synonymous with morals, ethics and superb football. Now we have lost our morals and ethics via the owner, and have a manager, Arteta, who doesn’t have a clue in his job one iota. He is bringing Arsenal down along with the Kroenke’s. It is obvious that we need an owner who ‘LOVES’ Arsenal. If someone puts in a goodoffer Kroenke will accept, unless his true plans for Arsenal is to make Arsenal subservient to his will and to play with and pure mediocrity. Remember that Stan Kroenke is de facto…….a bad man regarding our beloved club.

  13. I bet half of the arsenal fans hear don’t remember how the club was run under the hill woods they hardly spent any money did they communicate with fans ? As much as the present owners. So I don’t understand the mentally that club was so much better before, arsenal was rubbish most of the 70s 80s 90s 00s with just a few title’s in between this is reality,
    Do you remember when Highbury got refurbished and the fans had to pay for it through some ticket scheme there was protest then so stop living in a fantasy world like it was great in the old days times change adapt to it

    1. I do remember the bond scheme and I can remember the ill fated plan to share a ground with Spurs at Alexandra Palace.My problem with the Kroenkees is more to do with the lack of governance allowing the club to just drift from one poor decision after another like letting Ramsey go for free for example.

      1. I understand that but isn’t it the people who deal with contracts and the manager to sort out the daily running of the club

        1. Exactly.If you have a uninterested owner who knows nothing about football who then employs poor people at a senior level it feeds its way down.

          1. Ok 👌 but he has invested in the club there as being money to spend on players just that the manager at the time bought the wrong players .
            We were always 1 or 2 players short of being champions now it’s 5 or 6 and lots of luck but i have faith in our current couch to turn it around

    2. Laurie, if Arsenal were rubbish during those decades, could you please submit a list of who won the titles during those years? I agree the late 1970’s and early 1980’s were poor for Arsenal, but overall other than Liverpool, Manchester United and the oil clubs Chelsea and Manchester City, which other clubs won more trophies or finished in higher positions more consistently than Arsenal during those decades overall?
      No club can expect to win all the time.

      1. As i said in my post we were crap most of the time with a few titles in between the crap football we didn’t dominant like Liverpool or manu. We had some success in the 00s up to 05
        But after that the majority of the time we were fighting for 4th place.
        What I’m trying to say is a lot of fans from what I’m reading are assuming that arsenal were big spenders and everything was so great in the good old days we have never dominated and we have never been big spenders.
        And when we fans talk about integrity don’t forget this club paid a bribe to get in to the old first division many years ago

  14. I cannot see how going from one billionaire to another solves our problem, or the problem that is dogging football? What if our next owner is even worse than Kroenke?

    The English game needs to take on the German model I think.

    1. Getting rid of Kroenke does not solve our problem?????? Arsenal with Kroenke IS our problem. Look at the league table, look at our results….under the present regime they are diabolical. The German model would help but you seem to be living in a fantasy. Look at reality…the league table, our results, our useless manager…….and narcissistic owner.

      1. You’ve missed my point entirely! Of course I want Kroenke gone, but it doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem that is destroying so many clubs, not just ours.

        If I had a choice of either Kroenke gone, and another billionaire owner, with sole power again, or Kroenke still here, but fans with 51% ownership, I’d choose the latter all day long.
        Of course, protest, get him out, but we need REAL change.

        1. TMJW, Welcome reality, ONCE AGAIN, from someone who I have long thought shares my own mind on all Arsenal matters. A yearago we took different views over the Covid pandemic but ever since then I have not disagreed on a SINGLE Arsenal issue.

          1. It is good news that Arsenal fans began to show thier might! Keep up the protest till kronke leaves!

  15. Can’t believe, there are still those who defend the Kroenkes and their role in Arsenal’s demise. How long has it been now, almost 15 years since their take over. Haven’t we made progress. It can be seen in every aspect of the club, youth development, relationship with the fans, player recruitment, staff protection and most importantly results on the field. Arsenal have all the features of an ambitious professionally run club. The future can only continue to be bright. Long live the Kroenke dynasty.

  16. I just don’t understand these Kroenke out protests. If a new owner comes in and puts in their personal money you can be sure they will want to collect it back at some point. I am happy with the current model, the club generates its revenues and Kroenke being the kind owner he is, allows the club to plough back all its revenues into transfers and contracts without ever directing the board to declare dividends. Contrary to the popular belief around here, the FACT is Kroenke does not take money out of this club. Our key problems are Venkatesham, Arteta and Edu.. total amateurs.

    1. He did take 3 million pounds for “consulting fees”. And who knows what would have happened with the annual 350 million euros/pounds/dollars that he would have amassed through the super league.

      I do agree that the biggest cause for Arsenal’s current downfall are the executives and scouts.

      In the long run, we’ll just get worse and worse under kranky satan as the worse we perform, the less money there is for transfers, therefore less money to improve the squad.

      The only ones that can save us are the academy players. So maybe don’t sell Willock just yet?

  17. It’s very easy to say you’ve cheered for this and this club for an x amount of time. Especially if a business opportunity presents itself.

    I’d take this guy’s statement with a gigantic grain of salt. It’s not like Spotify as a company is a very fair one. On there, an artist earns 1$ after 250 streams…. Let that sink in.

  18. What we need is any person who is ready to invest in order to develop the club in to European glory and one of English giant clubs.

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