Kroenke refusing to give up Arsenal ownership despite monster bid?

Arsenal’s management structure may currently be one falling into turmoil, with future of Arsene Wenger remaining uncertain and whether Ivan Gazidis is going to stick with the Gunners next season. However such uncertainty doesn’t seem to be putting one shareholder off from making an offer for the entirety of the club.

Arsenal are currently owned by a number of shareholders, with the main stakeholder Stan Kroenke, or Silent Stan as he is commonly referred as, being in control of the club’s affairs. The American is notorious for being more interested in the financial gain of owning a sports club than for the success it can bring in from achieving major honours. As a result, Kroenke focuses on making profits under a buy to sell regime rather than looking to increase gain from being a successful football club. His prioritises are often scrutinised by the fans and media alike, and it’s Kroenke’s main shareholder rival, Alister Usmanov, who is at the forefront of the attack.

Usmanov has been very critical of Kroenke in the past and today it is being reported that the Russian has again made another official offer to the Chief regarding a takeover bid for the club. Today’s reports suggest that Usmanov has made a £1 billion bid to Kroenke for the American’s majority stake in Arsenal, although it’s likely it will be rebuffed. Kroenke has turned down bids from Usmanov in the past, with his own intentions to one day buy out the Russian’s share and have full ownership over Arsenal.

Usmanov currently has the maximum stake he can hold without making an official takeover, with 30% ownership in his hands. The Russian will need to acquire Kroenke’s shares if he is to have any say in the future of Arsenal football club, something he really aspires on doing.
A change of ownership will be a positive move for the Gunners, with Kroenke having being the majority shareholder since 2011. Since then he’s been in charge of the club during a time of which the Gunners should have been thriving. Kroenke isn’t willing to offer up too many funds and as a result the Gunners have suffered to compete in the transfer market. Usmanov on the other hand is anticipated to have twice the wealth of the American businessman, an opportunity that Arsenal fans would surely desire at the club right now.



  1. twig says:

    £1,000,000,001 should do the trick 😉

    1. gmv8 says:

      How can anyone thumb this down? Well done that man 🙂

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      And let me guess Kroenke’s reaction : What the hell that Russian had been smoke of?!!

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    I’m guessing that the shouts for Kroenke Out will be a lot louder than the Wenger Outs, on Sunday.
    Hopefully the Fans won’t just sit there & be as silent as Stan, they all need to stand up and give it to him throughout the 90 minutes, I’m sure that he’ll be at the game … But as if that’s going to happen, who am I kidding, when our fans are bottlers too lol.

    Oh well, Even though it seems highly unlikely that the Yank would sell to the Russian, this news certainly brought the much needed breath of fresh air in and around the club.

    Maybe the yank will reconsider if we finish 5th & pot-less at the end of this season?
    Anyways, I hope that Usmanov turns up to inspire the fans into chorus.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Remind me why Stan have majority of the stake not the twice richer Usmanov? Was it because David Dein came back too late to bring his boss Usmanov or Usmanov himself lost in the head to head bid battle? Anyone knew the story?
      Usmanov might exhales a little fresh air to us, but I don’t think he is as crazy as Roman Abramovich. Because if he is, than this club should belong to him years ago. Looks like our chance for change now are laying in the life of the Kroenk. If he badly sick or better (R.I.P) than Usmanov can take over. Kroenke now is 69, and super rich man like him could survive until 100. You (and me) might not life that long fatty, hahaha…

  3. Terry says:

    It’s time we as fans made a commitment to our club! Remember it’s our money that made the club! It’s our passion that made the move happen from Highbury. It’s not Stans club, it’s our club! It’s time to stand up and walk out of the stadium on Sunday it’s time to tell Stan to leave our club, it’s time to shout out and tell him what he has done to our once proud club! Tell him to leave! Shout out for new leadership walk out the stadium don’t go back until we have a new owner

  4. gmv8 says:

    Press seem to think the Krank will reject it, but it’s given us all something … hope!

  5. Omonaija says:

    Even the Israelis got out of the bondage of ” kroenke of Egypt”, so why won’t AFC.

  6. John0711 says:

    Sky are reporting that he will reject it because he knows the financial value of keeping the club. This shows what’s written by with Arsenal now please use your voices at the match to show how you feel then stop buying anything

    1. John0711 says:

      What’s wrong with the club

  7. Sean says:

    This would change the landscape of Arsenal forever… in a fantasic way! This man Usmanov wants to win & is willing to invest heavily… that alone will keep Sanchez at the club. Wait & see what bids this man would throw down for bog players to come to Arsenal Football Club.

    Kronke Gone along with Gazidaz & Dick!! What a summer we would have regardless of where we finish!!

    1. HA559 says:

      That would be a trophyless treble.

  8. gmv8 says:

    Looked up Arsenal share price and it rose sharply between 24/04 and 27/04 which is when Usmanov must have made his bid, since then it has been flat. The total value of Kroenke’s shares on today’s price is £747,042,945, so £1 billion is a fair price, Kroenke may be riding the Usmanov interest, but if he rejects the offer, I assume the price will drop, so I don’t think it is a forgone conclusion.

  9. Bright says:

    Kroenke is a parasite – sucking the life out of the club.
    He can take his money and go back to the USA.
    He is NOT wanted at Arsenal…
    #Ozil must go

    1. John0711 says:

      I think that guy Dangote not sure on his name is richer than Ustanov but would prefer the Russian

  10. Janssen says:

    Usmanov could hardly be a worse owner than Stan. I would love to see a change in ownership.
    He might not be an Abramovich but he certainly has made more ambitious noises than Stan.

    1. RichSAAlao says:

      empty (or emptier) barrel makes loudest noise.

  11. Yossarian says:

    Newspapers are reporting that the bid has been rejected. So disappointed.

    Nobody wants him. Why can’t Kroenke just take the money and leave us alone?

  12. RichSAAlao says:

    It is a topic that one does not need to belabour a response. What was Mr Usmanov passion, whta was his preferences, what was his priorities, what was is business/ investment philisophy? when Mr Kroenke was buying up share in anticipation of a time like this, reaping time like this. I think I read he is oil magnate, or something. With wells of crude what were his thoughts about Arsenal?
    Mr Kroenke is not in distress or meltdown, and is no dull someone to want to sell when ”the cow is milking”.

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