Kroenke to back Arteta in January – Can that save his job?

It has been revealed by the Daily Mail this morning that sources at Arsenal have revealed that Stan Kroenke has decided to support Mikel Arteta in the January transfer window, in an attempt to save the Spaniard’s future in the increasingly hot seat at the Emirates.

Arteta’s place has become more and more untenable with each passing game, as the Gunners have now gone 7 games without a win in the League, but with still 4 more games to go before the window opens Arteta really needs his fortunes to take a turn for the better well before then.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 19: Dani Ceballos of Arsenal looks dejected following his sides defeat in the Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park (Photo by Jon Super – Pool/Getty Images)

But the Mail’s report also claimed that Arteta may have even more problems that need sorted in the meantime.

Here is an excerpt from the report:

“In the short-term, at least, the Arsenal hierarchy are unequivocally backing the Spaniard despite their alarming slide down the table.

Funds will be made available to Arteta to strengthen the team when the transfer window re-opens, with a creative midfielder a priority for the Gunners.

But there are growing concerns that a number of discontented players within the playing group are posing further problems for the Spaniard that run deeper than the difficulties he is having to cope with on the pitch.

The vast majority of the squad remain fully behind Arteta and believe some of the problems he has faced are inevitable for a team in transition.

But sources claim the more disaffected members of the squad are causing factions within the dressing room.

It poses another problem for Arteta to contend with as he enters the crucial festive period, that could shape the remainder of Arsenal’ season.”

If this news is really coming from someone inside the Arsenal camp, then this could be a very uncomfortable Christmas for Arteta. To be honest, even if our reserves beat Man City tomorrow in the League Cup, that will hardly increase confidence in our first team being able to reverse our League form against Chelsea at the weekend.

If we lose that, then we go to a straight fight off with Brighton to stave off the possibility of dropping down to 16th place in the table!

Worrying times indeed, especially if there are rumblings of discontent in the dressing room

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    1. I say, Arteta and all the other players that still have years left on their contracts should not accept being bullied to quit.

      I say all our underperforming / deadweight player together with Arteta should refuse to leave. They should all honour their contracts and show that loyalty.

      Why should Arteta or any other underperformer accept their contracts to be violated just to save Arsenal and our billionaire owner money?.

      I say they should all abide by their contracts, refuse to leave and stay put. Loyalty and honouring ones contract is the new trend nowaday.

      Arteta should stay put, he still has another 3 and a bit years left on his contract. Honour your contract I say.

      1. Dude sacking some one means the club is terminating the contract and will pay compensation. It does not matter at all what Arteta does on his side he can keep honouring a contract which won’t exist. Club did not want to do this with ozil because ha has a bigger compensation clause which is difficult to pay up as compared to Arteta’s.

  1. If Arsenal sign a new CAM as what the report states, we’d most likely not be able to fix our attack problems. It’s obvious we don’t have plan B in second half and the opposition’s CBs can easily handle our attackers

    Giroud saved Wenger’s arse many times as a super sub, so we need to prioritize that type of attacker first. If we still have extra funds, we’d better spend it on a consistent winger

    Arsenal’s problem is similar to Barcelona’s previous problem. There’s no one who could get past the opponents after Neymar left, apart from Messi who rarely did it due to his age

      1. Never saw Buendia play, but we’ve seen how Adama Traore played against us. Traore can get to the byline frequently, but he would be very expensive and he still needs a CF who can connect with his crosses

    1. I having saying this for a long Arsenal need wingers who are able to get past players as this will disorganize the opposition defence
      Saka and willian are taking the safe approach ( crossing) ,when they do we are always outnumbered in the box since non of the midfielders is pushing forward to support the striker except from willock.

      1. Saka risked his legs at the Soton game, but he’s rarely willing to sacrifice himself like that. Whereas Willian isn’t a fast player anymore

        We badly need a tall CF who can bully the opposition’s CBs, but it’s difficult to find a good one and the one who’s willing to sit on the bench

  2. January transfers dont normally allow clubs to spend to full effect! Its limited because most teams don’t like to destabilise the squad mid season. MA will not be able to do a great deal in terms of long term solutions but may be able to stop the rot? I still believe he needs time but the squad are obviously divided or split? Money needs to be spent, yes. But it needs to be spent properly!

  3. Before we buy any player, let’s make a thorough analysis of the positive contribution that Arteta’s signings made. If they didn’t make much, then it means Arsenal will be throwing money down deep hole. Arsenal squad is better than those of teams above us on the log. In a nutshell, you can buy as many players as you can, but if you can’t fully utilize their potential, then it’s useless

    1. Let’s also be clear that we don’t know which players were directly wanted or were made available to MA. Some of the signings may have been made due to the money available to MA. And the fact that Edu was able to make them happen? We all know cash was only released if players left. They didn’t leave and so money was tight. You can’t blame MA for that.

    1. He should be allowed to honour his contract. Why should he accept to be sacked?
      I say arteta should refuse to be sacked, he should refuse to leave even if the board deem him as underperforming.

      Honour your contract Arteta.

  4. Spend as much as he likes the players will still need someone to respect and look up to. Another month and it will be a sirens blaring emergency. An experienced manager is no 1 priority. Arteta cannot make us a ‘BIG’ club again. Not possible on his watch.

    1. You make an interesting point about the players looking up to someone they respect and look up to, Sean

      I was thinking about this earlier and I have a theory of sorts that this is part of the problem.

      Back in the day, I’m fairly certain (but someone may know better) that Wenger earned more than any of the players in the squad. Once that situation changed with the Ozil wage rise, it changes the dynamic. Since then, there are several senior players on more than the manager – in some cases, considerably more and I don’t think that helps the respect issue. I have supported Arteta, and still very much hope that he can change the course of events.

      It is telling to me, that the club did not think it was appropriate to pay him the same or at least similar wages to that the highest earners. I will no doubt be reminded that we got the rookie manager on a cheap deal and have got what we deserved, but either the owner and the board believed in Arteta and then pay him the going rate for a top club, or they should have appointed a manager with an impressive CV in the first place.

  5. Arteta cannot control players with big egos. The shoes that he’s is just too big for him to fill. There’s no even one reason that’ll make Arteta to keep his job

  6. ” But sources claim the more disaffected members of the squad are causing factions within the dressing room.”

  7. I said time and time again, Arteta does not have it in him yet to manage a big club…actually if he can not win league games with our squad what do you think he would do with a squad of lower half or even mid table team squad. You can give him the messi’s the Ronaldo’s of the world but he will still find a way to make them flop. It’s his tactics and team selection which is the issue. Isn’t Auba proven world class striker is he is struggling under him then why do you think other we will buy won’t. Another point to note is no world class player will leave their club to come to a club who is not in champions League and does not look like we will be next season as well, have an inexperienced joke of a manager and treat their players like we do. Unless we find some one like Partey who has not signed a new contract and is on low salary so we can lure him to club by way higher wages then what he is on.

  8. A win versus Chelsea and Man City will see Arteta stay in the job. Lose to Chelsea + City then Arteta would have to beat Brighton not to be sacked. 1-2 decent number 10’s would be very useful in the Jan Transfer windows. But we need to sell to buy. Who can we sell though? The next ten days are going to be critical for MA, AFC and the supporters

  9. Bring in an interim manager who specialises in turning things around as a temporary solution….someone like Guss Hidink. Then next season either sign Allegri if he comes a big if? Or go for Brendon Rogers, look what he has done and has been doing with Licester squad who continues sell their star players. You give him arsenal he will not only give you exciting football but keep us fighting for title atleast year after year. Don’t waste any money in January on any player that the new manager won’t want in his team.

    1. You mention Brendan Rogers. It’s funny that a lot on this forum said back when we were looking to replace Wenger that he is not good enough for Arsenal. What makes you think he would want to leave a better run club to come to our sinking ship?

  10. I think Kroenke will back Arteta enough to fail while appearing to do everything in his power not to.

    I’m increasingly certain that KSE intends for Arsenal to miss out on European competitions altogether as a way of justifying cheaper acquisitions with significantly lower wages.

    Their TV money, merch sales, and matchday ticket sales obviously can’t be affected by the results.

    With the 11-year season ticket waiting list, Arsenal can afford footballing failure.

    And I believe that is the project. To slowly reduce quality players at the club so that the wages the squad earns can be at least half of what they’re now.

    Am I speaking any sense or are there holes to this theory?

    1. One point I would make is that the 11 year waiting list could reduce to not a lot if there is not sufficient reinvestment to make a rebuild. I think a fair few high income players will be leaving at the end of their contracts this summer

    2. You think KSE want us to miss out on European competitions to have cheaper acquisitions with lower wages??? You make no sense.

      If it is like that why not just get us relegated to save even more? Can even justify selling all our senior players and only use youngsters. Sell Emirates stadium and move to a small team stadium. Only crazy owner would do that.

      1. Cph, And yet when you look soberly and logically at all the available evidence of Kroenkes thirteen years in control, the post made by Once Great makes a lot of sense. There is a large and safe gap between CL and Euro qual and being relegated. To finish say 14th would suit KROENKE very well financially. That is why we need that monster owner out ASAP.

        Think properly about the suggestion before dismissing it and esp remember, that unlike us fans, our owner cares nothing for the club , only for money. You cannot judge such an owner by the morals, thoughts and wishes of devoted fans like us all on here. THEY DON’T APPLY TO KROENKE.

    3. Who will pay the same price to a Championship game as a Premier League game, hence the matchday income will drop.

  11. Perhaps the board should have backed him properly in the summer. It’s entirely possible that all this could have been avoided

    1. You can not be serious SueP, how did the board not back the manger in summer. We bought a £45 million player straight up without installments in pandemic when clubs like Madrid and Barcelona struggled to cough up money. Not to mention Cedric, Mari, Gabriel and Willian (free but impacts our wage bill). If this is not backing then I fail to understand what is. When we compare to Chelsea and City in results ppl are quick to point out the money their owners pump in and say we are not like them they cheat. Now when tables are turned everyone is blaming the owner now you guys want him to put absurd money in and cheat the system. I don’t agree with this Arteta failure blame being shifted around first it was players then structure then poor transfers now owner. If he can not make us compete with the squad we have then he is not a good manager period. Look at licester, Southampton, spuds and Everton squad…they are no batter then us and don’t invest heavily either but look where they are.

    2. By the way fans need to go back and check figures we have spent £443 million net in last 5 seasons. If that is not investment then I don’t know what fans want. It’s not owners fault when the clubs keeps buying crap for double the price. N yes, Arteta was part of buying dead wood in last summer because transfer but was left only in his and Edu’s hand only these two ppl. Didn’t the same Arteta said he feels he is supported by owner the club and was happy with what we signed in summer. Going on and on about Willian praises. Don’t spin conspiracy theories when the person incharge is not complaining or using this as an excuse him self. Are you saying he is lieing but then he was the truth full one because thats what pro Arteta used as an argument against ozil that he does not fit in the squad based on merit. They also claimed he is no yes Sir person as well.

      1. This situation was ten years in the making and will not be solved in one year. How many players did Ancelotti bring to Everton?

      2. First off spending profit is NOT investment.

        “It’s not owners fault when the clubs keeps buying crap for double the price”

        He absolutely must share the blame he OWNS the club lol, dont buy majority shares in a club if you can run one and dont have a major interest in football and if you cant oversee your staff to make sure there doing an adequate job, if a business is not working ultimately it’s up to the owner to come in and change the formula if the people below him arent getting it done.

        1. NOT impressive* investment because he has actually invested his own money in his others sports franchises with teams spanning the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL) and even the National Lacrosse League and eSports.

          1. I have come to the realization that this Moshan guys problem is with Arteta and its not for the reasons you thing.. His number 1 problem with Arteta is because he believes that he banished Ozil..everypoint he makes surrounding Arteta is just a cover..

          2. @Defund, what sort of business theory is this. To run a business you don’t have to do everything urself. Do you think Jeff Bezo delivers all the Amazon packages him self??? The dude has more experience then anyone of us so called expert to run a business and he has track record to prove it. You don’t need to be passionate or know how about all the business you invest in to be successful. I don’t need to understand how the Tesla electric motor technology work before in invest in the company to buy its shares. He has already appointed ppl and changed them around as well. There was Wenger with gazidis then came Raul etc etc. You guys go against your own logic you want the while club employees to be changed if not doing there Job but when it comes to Arteta you guys just turn away or close you eyes. Arteta stays even though he has failed at his job which is evident from the results and pints on table.

          3. @mohsan “what sort of business theory is this. To run a business you don’t have to do everything urself. Do you think Jeff Bezo delivers all the Amazon packages him self?”

            What a ridiculous comparison lol am I talking about him going out and selling programs? No lol I’m talking about his dealings with the people directly below im in the hierarchy.

          4. @mohsan bit of friendly advice, you can never truly grow as a person if you cant ever admit being wrong or at least concede that your opposition makes a good point.

          5. When I say it’s not his fault it’s with regards to the situation lower down what happens between the board and all the hiring/signings that process. When I say he is not out of reach from blame I meant on the higher level when he can see the ones directly under him or he left in charge are not performing. As an example Arteta’s failure at the moment is not his fault he did not appointe him, there is process and personal in place to do that. So it’s not his fault. Is he to blame for the situation yes some part of blame is with him because did he question his direct reports for our failures on the pitch this season and did he made them answer for their mistakes. He is to balme for not questioning Edu and Venk for what’s happening at the club.

          6. @Defund, I can turn around say same thing to you my friend atleast I have our poor performance and table ranking as evidence what do you have when it comes to blind support for Arteta apart from theories and predictions. Let’s leave it at that …to you it’s your way and to me it’s mine..enjoy the festive season and stay safe 👍

          1. Think I’ll just adopt your “ok then mohsan” approach sueP as most of the time now when I counter a point in a reply he just ignores it lol

          2. @Defund and SueP. I am not saying he can not be blamed at all but amount of blame being put on him is unjust. He is owner yes, he has imployed ppl if they failed at their job then he changed them they failed again so changed them what else can he do. Now Arteta is failing does itean he is at fault for Arteta’s failure no. He has hired ppl and there is a process in place if the ppl hired a wrong person who can not perform his job then it’s the failure of that person and hiring authority.

          3. @mohsan you literally said in the above post earlier on this article “it’s not the owners fault” and now your saying “I am not saying he can not be blamed” pick one lol if it’s not his fault then he CANNOT be blamed.

        2. Applause for your brains DTM! I find it incredible, as a man of the world and an older fan, how naive so may mostly young fans can be and are!

          1. Most appreciated jon!! I’m not the most aged of men myself but I completely agree with you on that front 👍

  12. Just think where we might have been if we had appointed Ancholetti instead of going for a cheaper option.

  13. Neither Ancelloti nor Allegri could do any better than Arteta with this group of players.Injuries to Partey who is our only midfielder of real quality,and Martinelli who brought life to the side whenever he entered the fray on Saturday.When these two are match fit, we will pick up, of that I have no doubt.Patience is a virtue which most subscribers to JA seem to lack .Perhaps age plays a part in their weakness but hopefully they will learn if and when they mature.In the meantime I am confident that Everton , under Ancelloti, will not quality for the Champions League nor will they win the FA Cup which Arteta managed to do in his first year in the job.This fact seems to have been completely overlooked by certain elements of our fan base .

    1. Completely disagree the two you have named are world class managers and have proven track record unlike Areta. Also look at Everton squad, if you think they are better then ours n even facilities wise you think they are better then simply put there is no logical argument left apart from just favouritism for a person. I bet you would have asked Ancelloti to pick a job between Arsenal and Everton I am sure he would have picked us. We are bigger club, better stadium, better training facilities and much much better players. If manager is failing to bring best out of them and is poor tactically then it’s not entirely their fault. What next are you guys going to start saying Auba is a third class striker and dead wood because Arteta has made him flop.

    2. So good managers don’t make a difference if players are bad?

      If players are good like when Arsenal are invincible, did you say it was because of the good players and Wenger’s coaching didn’t matter? Even bad managers could not do any worse with those good players?

    3. Coming back to your other points about Partey and Martenelli. First Partey just joined us and played hand full of matches so his absence can not be used as an excuse for failure as he is not the player who our team is built around and he was not part of Arteta’s so called successful era. Second Martenelli, is Martenelli better then Auba who has proved in various leagues and year after year he is a quality striker, no is the answer. Then how do you think Martenelli will make us win matches. Also the same manager actually benched Martenelli last season in favour of Nkeitiah when Martenelli was fit. What are you guys on about??

    4. Grandad, thats just speculation my friend, as we do not know what they would have done with this group of players, as they wasnt given the job in the first place.

      You say we should look at the FA cup win and what he did last season. Sorry football and results are about here and now and right now we’re a joke.

      Did Chelsea turn around to Roberto Di Matteo, the season after he had just won the UCL and say you keep your job because you won that cup? No, because he was falling well short of what was expected and rightly lost his job.

      I said I would give MA till January to see how he gets on, I cant see him or the team improving and even if they gave him 100m and actually got the players he wants to come to us, I doubt it will improve as those players would need time to adapt and everything that goes with joining a new club.

      Right now I’d rather watch re runs Of Mr Pulis’s Stoke city teams than watch us play, something has got to give, one way or another.

      If this for carries on, I wouldnt give MA a penny to buy another Willian or Luiz

      1. Well said Val, I have been putting this argument for some time. If Arteta is deemed as a great manager for winning FA cup then Di Matteo was even greater manager he won Champions League but did Chelsea keep him in job for years. No they did not, as soon as he started failing next year he was given the boot. This is why Chelsea have won so much in last decade then us because we are fine with failure and mediocrity while they won’t take any of this and want success.

        1. Dont agree at all Grandad, Arteta is getting less out of these players not more. He is at this moment in time, out of his depth. You are speculating, im telling how it is.

          1. Exactly. Now we have a group of Farteta apologists who will come up with farfetched arguments to defend their guy. Are you Arsenal supporters, or Arteta’s?

    5. Grandad, Excellent and wonderful sense but so rare on this site. Except from the few wise fans, most of whom are older and have life experience! So many kids on here have absolutely no life experience but have the arrogance to imagine they do.

      1. Tell me Jon with your infinite wisdom, why is Arteta getting less out of all the players that have come to this club, that were playing better at their previous clubs and our club even from last season. Im not going to go on opinion, im going to go on facts and since the start of this season, every player bar none has regressed. Please tell me why you think that is.

        1. Hi Reggie,
          I know you asked me and I don’t know, so I would be grateful if you could tell me. You didn’t ask me and JF on a whim. I don’t know, but the same players bar a few didn’t play for Emery either.

          1. But Sue arguably Emery got more out of them than Arteta is doing. Points wise Emery got more, scored more goals and got sacked. We have regressed since Emery. Everyone needs to ask themselves, are we better than when Arteta took over or worse? Its that simple. The rest is opinion, not fact. Saying Arteta is going to be successful because of blah blah blah is just opinion, nothing more. Sayings we are worse under Arteta is fact.

  14. Last transfer window with limited funds available, Arteta had identified three key areas he wanted to address in the team, after he had transformed the defense, which, was much improved. He sanctioned the acquisition of Gabriel (left-footed cb) a creative midfielder, Aouar and a defensive midfielder, Partey. It took entire transfer window for Edu to get the Gabriel Magalhaes deal done and he failed to make the Houssem Aouar deal happen. Because, Edu was trying to get a deal for Coutinho instead. It took a plea from Arteta directly to Kroenke to get funds for Partey in final hours of the transfer window closing. Thus, the evidence of the Edu undermining and sabotaging of Arteta for his personal interests. By bringing in the players Arteta wanted, there were no personal gain,so,Edu, opted to renew Luis contract, get Willian on free transfer/ huge wages contract and tried to the same with Coutinho. Is it a matter of coincidence that they are all Brazilians and have the same agent Joorabchian (Edu’s friend)? Food for thought. The first step in transformation of Arsenal, begins with the sacking of Edu (poison). Despite the current team table position , Arteta should continue and backed with the needs of the in the January transfer window. We must not forget his early successes, by winning 2 out of the 4 trophies up for grabs with a team that was written off.

    1. Good things you say it is Arteta. Bad things you say it is Edu.

      Edu did nothing to sign Gabriel? Only Arteta did? Then when it comes to signing Willian it is all Edu and not Arteta. Renew Luiz also all Edu and not Arteta?

      Then why Arteta keep playing Willian and Luiz? Arteta can say Saliba not up to standard and don’t play him. If he don’t like Luiz and Willian why can’t he do the same?

      You are finding excuses for Arteta and using Edu as scapegoat.

      1. “Good things you say it is Arteta. Bad things you say it is Edu”

        There is evidence to back up the claim that decisions like that being taken away from the manager..Emery never wanted that 72M pound flop..

    2. Wayne Water under the bridge What Soares from Southampton cannot get a game Arteta wanted him. If Arteta was a man he would not keep throwing his Feckin dummy out of the pram. Try to bring a bit of Flair and Style to the team at the moment they are CRAP

  15. You may be correct about Edu Wayne.Too much power too soon.Even Mohsan with all his dislike for our Manager will surely agree that our recruitment has been appalling for a number of years before the arrival of Arteta.That is the area of our Club which needs fixing now ,but sadly we are left with the numerous examples of this incompetence for which the current Manager is carrying the can.Our recruitment has become the laughing stock of the EPL and beyond.A sad state of affairs indeed.

    1. Grandad I agree, our recruitment has been poor for some time now. But we saw the same pattern under Arteta last summer. Yes, he signed two quality players so he deserves the credit and I applaud him for that but then he made three worng signings as well. Willian, Cedric and Mari. My theory is simple I give the credit where it’s due and also the blame where it’s due but some pro Arteta ppl when it’s good they give credit to Arteta when it’s bad they give blame to someone else. I have seen comments ppl giving credit to Arteta for signing Partey and Gabriel but then they don’t blame him for other signing they blame Edu alone. I have seen ppl giving credit to Arteta for Xhaka’s improvement and Elneny’s progression but when things go bad they start labelling them as poor and give no blame at all to Arteta. It’s not right if I work hard manager takes the credit but when I fail I get all the blame.

  16. I have to agree grandad, there is an awful lot of work to do to get this squad into a well balanced group, I agree with Peter Crouch in that Ozil should never play for us again his tweeting is embarrassing the manager and Arteta is right to not bring him back, but he is one of a large number of players at this club that need to be moved on and Kroenke needs to back whoever the manager is with the funds to get this club back where it belongs ,or sell the club to somebody else that has more interest in football insteaad of his own wallet.

  17. We need a complete clear-out from the top. Board and Manager, and start anew nothing else. I heard Edwin Van Sarr is leaving Ajax he has done a brilliant job on their board we should try and test the water to see if he is interested

  18. Minimum we need are a RB a b2b an AM and a striker … if we want quality in these positions will cost 140m … if we sell xhaka laca mustafi bellerin in Jan we might make 80m … if we throw in Pepe we might hit 110m … kroenke would need to fork out 30m … if he cares about his asset he would do this

  19. lol, no one wants to buy our players, if they did they would have been snapped up ages ago. Lets not forget that no top manager applied for the last 2 Arsenal jobs. The papers speculate top managers, but no top manager is crazy enough
    to join a club with no ambition or budget. Blame Kronke who’s more concerned about his tupai looking good

  20. Moshan, you and I will have to differ on this issue, but instead of venting you ire towards Arteta, perhaps you could enlighten us all as to the starting eleven you would select against Man City tomorrow, bearing in mind the absence of Partey and your disparaging comments regarding Martinelli who you will obviously disregard.Come on Moshan, let’s consider your selection, and the tactics you intend to employ tomorrow. You consider Arteta ,who is highly intelligent, to be a fool so does it take one to know one? Let’s see evidence of what you have, that he lacks.

  21. To be frank and honest on Arsenal meltdown was caused by it’s Owners.firstly,the owners dare to sign a cheaper coach so that they can’t pay huge money for his service.Secondly,in Transfer Windows they always prefer to sign in expensive players that fans would feel like they get a bit addition to the team.This is the true picture of Kroenke’s ideology.One have to think of why Arsenal Player ar uncomparable with that of city,liverpool,chelsea and man u?
    To My observation in general,kroenke’ led board ar decieving us.Many injustice had been done in both coaching and players recruitments.So We ar now saying that even if fans ar crazy,we at arsenal have a little time to think over our good and wrong doings.

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