Kroenke to spend BIG now to give Arsenal the tools for a title?

The Arsenal owner, or majority shareholder to be more precise, put in a rare appearance at Wembley today and was clearly delighted at the end of the FA cup final which saw the Gunners take Aston Villa to pieces with surgical precision.

If I was Arsene Wenger I would be wanting to have a good chat with the American billionaire and asking him to match what we have been seeing from Arsenal on the pitch with the financial power to really compete for the very top players in the summer transfer market.

The manager and the players have done their jobs, as have the fans who pay the highest prices to follow our beloved club, and it is about time Silent Stan put his hands in his pocket and gave Wenger the tools to turn this record breaking FA cup trophy win into a long awaited Premier League title.

No matter how well we improved over the course of this season, the sad fact is that we finished 12 points off the top and allowed Chelsea to cruise to the title. Wenger cannot put that right without help from the top but he has proved that he still has the desire as well as the managerial nous to make Arsenal truly great again. Over to you Mr. Kroenke.

Do you think the Arsenal supremo will step up or continue to think only of balancing the books?

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. He already has stepped up. We have bought 2 world class players in 2 years. If we got 2 more this summer I think we Wld be decimate title contenders next season coyg

  2. He is beginning to like football now even with the style of play by the team today. He came to Arsenal as a business man and not a fan. But someone should tell him the difference between Aston Villa and teams like Man City and Chelsea. With today’s display, he might think that we are world beaters as refused to dole out some cash for needed transfers.

  3. I still think our biggest problems is injuries. Sure signings are important. But if we sign a players and he doesn’t play how good is he to us? Imagine a fit Ozil all season for example. A fit rambo and a fit Jack. they always seem to miss atleast 3 months every season. Its no good to us.

    I still ask. IF Cesc fabregers or Harard or terry or ivanoviC or williams etc were at Arsenal would they be fit and play every game?

    Per seems to be the only player in our squad that seems to stay fit. And oh sweet lord how can i forget Sanchez. He was fit all year. But we need more of that to compete.

    The medical people are doing their best but i think they can do better.

    Giroud 3 months
    Ozil 4 months
    Jack 5 months
    Arteta 6 months
    Ox uncountable hamstrings. every 2 months he gets injured
    Abou All year
    Welbeck 2 – 3 months
    Theo 1 year
    Debuchy 7 months. two seperate injuries.
    Ospina 3 months
    Kosieny 2 months
    Gibbs. hamstrings just like chamberlin.


    1. Agreed. Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott and Chamberlain are the players who need to stay fit.
      They get long term injuries every season. Other garbage players like Diaby, Flamini, Arteta,
      Debuchy and loan players injuries doesnt scare me. Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Mertesaker, Koscielny
      and Giroud are very fit players.

      1. Stop calling our players garbage. What type of supporter says crap like that?

  4. Kroenke doesn’t and won’t contribute anything to our club. He just exists. Last year he took money out for ‘services’ in fact. Wenger and Gazidis are the people in charge, the people who make the calls. Kroenke was at Wembley today as we all saw, but that doesn’t really make a difference, just a nice day out for him I guess.

    He’s perfectly happy to sit back and let the others run the club, so long as profits continue to be made and the club grows in value. I don’t like the way he took money out last year, but him not interfering with the club isn’t really a bad thing, at least he doesn’t try and rebrand Arsenal and go against the supporters like owners at some other clubs have done.

    If we want to spend big, we aren’t going to get any funding from Kroenke, it’s not what he does. The club has the raise the money itself, and it’ll be Wenger and Gazidis that decide how much is spent and who it’s spent on. I don’t think they’re doing a bad job of it either, quite rarely do we waste a lot of money on signings, though we do waste money through contracts to deadwood like Diaby. But Alexis and Özil have been great signings, let’s hope they bring in some more.

    1. Stan is an absentee owner. He has the perfect manager in Wenger. Stan can pick up two big breasted blondes, disappear for two years and come back to find that Wenger has the club at the top of the EPL and profitable.

      Any other manager and Stan would have to live in England and RUN the club. That is why the MORON “Wenger out” idiots will never see Arsene fired.

      Stan shows up once a year; “Hey Arsene , how much money we have?”
      “Are we in the top 4.”
      See you next year!

      1. To be quite honest, do we really WANT Kroenke to step in and start doing more than be the club’s majority shareholder? I mean, in all honesty, the guy probably doesn’t even know what an offsides call is. He’s not a football fan, and I can only see him mucking things up if he tries to take a more active role. He didn’t purchase Arsenal because he’s a lifelong fan, he purchased to make a profit. The further away he stays, the better.

        Ideally, Wenger finishes up his contract and replaces Gazidis, while we replace him with Bergkamp (who already has successful managerial experience with Frank de Boer and Ajax) and put Henry in an Academy/Reserves role.

      1. I mean world beaters. We should be winning BPL and UCL and smashing Jose Moron iho.

  5. So I just saw Gareth Bale posted a good luck message to Arsenal earlier today. Ahahaha I bet Tottenham fans were crying their eyes out.

      1. It was his plan all along, to to Madrid, win and play well, bomb out the second season, get sold cheap enough for Arsenal to buy.

  6. If we can get lewandowski….i know that it difficult to pursue him away from bayern but can at least we try to get him? Ourneed of world class striker will be sort of…what a dream to get lewy…imagine front 4

    sanchez——– ozil———walcott

    1. Could never see it happening but worth a try I guess. You never know if you never try.

    2. Lewy is perfect for Arsenal but i highly doubt it, he’s at a great club that is looking to win the champions league and i don’t see Bayern selling him at all.

      We should go for someone who is realistic like Benzema (IF Madrid are willing to sell like Di Maria/Ozil), or Cavani (who is looking to leave)……

  7. We don’t need too many players this summer otherwise we’d mess up the squad.

    1. Centerforward = Cavani
    – has incentive to leave with being 2nd fiddle to Zlatan and won everything in France
    – if PSG are in FFP trouble then we could get him for the cheap, i hear Juve are tracking him
    – some fans think he could flop, but we base our team around centerforwards unlike United-Falcao, we can get the best from him,

    2. Defensive Mid = Kondogbia
    – talented all round player, could be the ultimate box to box player
    – i watched him vs Juventus and well us, he impressed me, physical, fast, good vision, plus he ticks Wenger’s boxes of being French and Young 🙂

    1. Don’t agree with cavani
      he’s way too overrated in my opinion. Every time that i have watched him, he has missed sitters, wasted decent chances. To top it all he has a pretty poor 1st touch.
      Plus he will cost us a fortune in tranfer fees and demand ludicrous wages.

      Lacazette or martinez would be a more suitable option.
      Benzema would be brilliant if we can get him :p

    1. He has been excellent this season but we don’t need a right back And he has a terrible haircut

  8. Walcott will remain as striker… He wants that and wenger will play him there.. This will happen next summer.. So in the summer wenger need to sign a world class right winger like muller, griezman or reus… Would be happy to get bale.. but it seems unlikely since the new RM manager is a fan pf bale

  9. Such a great problem to have the quality of our squad. Allot of questions will be asked.

    1)with Walcott turning into a striker and welbeck waiting for a chance how will a new striker effect this?

    2) if Walcott becomes a full time striker were does the ox and welbeck fit in ? because surely we will sign top quality on the right

    3) if Vidal rumours true who gets drop from the xll ?santi,coqulan or Ramsey??
    …. And what would it mean for Rosicky,arteta,flamini who all are set to stay? (They would be great for the carling cup though)

    4) what happens to Ramsey and wilshire as santi is the no.1 cm?

    5) what to do with jenkinson?

    6) should chambers get a loan ?game time will be hard and nacho and debuchy could fill in as 4th choice

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