Kroenke, Wenger & BSM – Revolutionary changes needed at Arsenal

Three Things Wrong at Arsenal by Dboy

No. 1 Stan Kroenke
The greedy majority shareholder is draining the team to line up his pockets. Bloomberg reported that Arsenal’s majority shareholder/owner Stan Kroenke had completed the deal to buy a 520,000-acre ranch in Texas. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the ranch had an asking price of $725 million. This is doable, of course, for Kroenke, who is worth an estimated $6.2 billion. But this purchase is also a stark reminder of how dirty Kroenke is doing the Arsenal fans. Most controversial statement: “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved. I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit. If you don’t have a good business then you can’t really afford to go out and get the best players unless you just want to rely on other sources of income.” Which I find strange as any business man would tell you the most successful businesses are the ones where the owners are hands-on and passionate.

Owners need not get involved in the footballing on the pitch, but at the same time they look out from a business point of view as well as marketing your brand and making sure your Clients are getting value for their money (which of course we are not). It is clear that Stan is in it for the money. He has no interest in soccer whatsoever. He will make himself rich at any expense, while none of our hard earned money is being reinvested in our team. At the beginning of this season a mere £10m was spent on reinforcing a team that needed about four or five reinforcements. A further £7m was spent in January. It almost seems like a deliberate attempt just to silence the fans. We need owners who are passionate about Arsenal and our legacy. Owners who understand that in sport you compete to be the best, and that means make wise investments to achieve your goals.

No. 2 The Black Scarf Movement.
When you go on to their Website, this is what you will find: “Welcome to the Black Scarf Movement: up front for fans of The Arsenal
In recent times, many Arsenal supporters have been feeling more and more alienated by the club they love… be it ticket prices or their matchday experience at Emirates Stadium, they feel the club no longer cares about them.
At the Black Scarf Movement our views and suggested solutions have struck a chord with many fans and we’ve now grown to be the largest Arsenal supporters’ group. We say it like it is so if things are good we’ll praise. If things could be improved we’ll say it and suggest how. On the pitch, we’ll give the team our full support, but away from the pitch we’re here to ensure that the club realises the value of its core support. What are we about? A better deal for fans. Simple as that. Football without fans is nothing.”

Yet this is the same fan base who are standing in the way of change. They won’t allow anyone to voice their own opinions and dissatisfaction at the way things are going. They protect Wenger and the Board. These guys are not speaking for the fans. Like Kroenke they have their own interests at heart. There are perks that come along with being a chairman of the largest supporters base. Obviously there are benefits in representing the supporters at the AGM and other meetings. It is obvious that the only thing the BSM does well is draft letters that change nothing. They are only ready to take action against and suppress fans who are outspoken to the problems we face. No body or movement should hold so much control over the fans. How can so many people not see what is going on? What is the BSM telling the fans? What about the next generation? What legacy are we leaving them? You cannot tell me young people are watching Arsenal and thinking it is a team or brand they can identify with. Because if history is all we have to offer them, you can be sure we heading for disaster. And Stan will be the first out the door leaving the fans to pick up the pieces. The BSM (I think) must be benefiting somehow, that they are not concerned with the progress of the team. They are not helping the situation, but making it worse. They say money corrupts and power corrupts absolutely.

No.3 Arsene Wenger
It seems he and Stan has the BSM in their pockets. Because he always tells us that the supporters are behind him and the team, with such confidence. He’s not even concerned when fans are upset, because his mafia protects him. It makes one think that something is seriously wrong at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger has failed to deliver consistently for the past 12 yrs. Either way we have seen a consistent regression in Arsenal. Transfers has become a mockery, buying cheap unproven players, taking gambles, on young talent and hoping they will turn out good just to sell again. Sticking with under-performing players week in and week out, year in and year out. Wenger talks about our development. How many of them are there really? What is our success rate in developing youngsters? How many can we name that has come through our ranks in the last 12 years and are still playing for top teams? All a bunch of rubbish Arsene! What is the use of qualifying for the UCL every year? Who benefits from it? The shareholders or the supporters. What about the calibre of players making a mockery of our team? Most of them are not fit to wear the Jersey. What about Wenger’s tactics? Does he have any? The manager has lost it totally! Being outsmart time and time again!

We demand CHANGE! NOW!
We cannot go through another season with these thugs!
3.Wenger- Replace him with either: Simeone/Joachim Low/ Allegri (Surely we can attract a better manager for £8m a year)

Players out! : Sanogo, Akpom, Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Rosicky, Flamini, Coquelin, Arteta, Chambers, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Debuchy, Ospina, Sczesny, Oxlade- Chaimberlin.

This revolution will send a clear message to under-performing players that we will not tolerate mediocrity.

A young man caught a small bird, and held it behind his back. He then asked, “Master, is the bird I hold in my hands alive or dead.” The boy thought this was a grand opportunity to play a trick on the old man. If the master answered “dead”, it would be let loose into the air. If the master answered “alive”, he would simply wring its neck. The master spoke, “The answer is in your hands”.



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  1. Great article mate.
    But most people would start realising this when we go behind 8 teams in the league.
    When those shall be regarded bigger than us.
    I also totally agree with the players whom you want to leave.
    Its time to stop mediocrity in this club

    1. Time for a change
      All season ticket holders don’t go to the stadium the next home game or rock the stadium with chants and banners against kroenke
      We are.not sheeps that move in flocks after the herdsman

      1. Add Wilshere to the list of OUTS.
        That guy is simply tying down squad places like Diaby and very average as well

  2. 1. Kroenke
    If Leicester win that would
    prove money is not the issue.
    Which would eliminate
    Kroenke as a suspect.
    2. The black scarf movement ??? Who What?
    3. Arsene Wenger.
    Arsenal is 13 points behind Leicester with 5 games to play.
    But Chelsea last seasons premiers is 27 points behind Leicester.
    Citeh are as bad as Arsenal, Utd worse and Liverpool worse still.
    4 The top of the EPL is totally fu#&%ed up this season.
    5. Please let it all be over soon.
    6. Now we can look forward to three months of us fans demanding
    Arsene signs ten world class players and then on August 31st
    Arsene signs ojum’kebliq from the Tanzanian jungle league
    and Far-king-yusless from Taiwan for free 🙂
    The fun never ends following Arsene ahh I mean Arsenal 🙂

    1. 3. Arsene Wenger.
      Arsenal is 13 points behind Leicester with 5 games to play.
      But Chelsea last seasons premiers is 27 points behind Leicester.
      Citeh are as bad as Arsenal, Utd worse and Liverpool worse still.”

      Chelsea won it last season, they cannot complain …
      Citeh already won it the season before …
      Utd, they won it so many times in the last 12 yrs …
      We are 11yrs without EPL …
      Wenger is the prime suspect …

    2. Dude, i couldnt have put it better. Its like you expect that Hypertension will be the Arsenal portion during a campaign. We either start well and fizzle out or we start badly, and pick up too late to save the campaign. Speaks to depth of quality.

      Welbeck, Sanchez, Ozil, Cech, hopefully Campbell given a chance (love the kid) Elneny (only becoz he is the best of what we have), Bellerin, Kolscieny. The rest are maybe and maybe not. I get the whole concept of Arsenal playing as a team, but we should be like Barcelona, get good players then get them to get along and connect on the pitch, not get a bunch of holigans and tell them be the best at what you do. I am hurt about this season.

      We should have gone for PEP when we still could. People think this season is disappointing. Wait until every team has billions next season. Ahyas!!!!

    3. If money isn’t an issue then why not get rid of Kroenke, what use is he apart from having no infrastructure on the board, because it’s filled with his accountants, figuring out how to rip of the fans and season ticket holders, to pay for his 3.5 million pounds worth of ‘advice’?

  3. Is it just me or can everyone see that you cannot get a shot in with 18 man in the box 11 from them and at least 7 of ours,

    we pass the ball so many times that its become stupid and unnecessary, the only time we look dangerous is when we are on a counter attack,

    we should strengthen the defense draw the opposition team out then hit them with the counter attack with a world class striker

    i see the disappointment in players faces after the game time and time again, the system don’t work even if you have 80% position unless you have someone like Messi in your team

  4. Question is,

    We all know what must be done but will it be done.

    I have refrained from putting my money into the AFC coffers inc not buying a seat to watch nor buy merchandise.

    But it is true to say, season ticket holders are unlikely to throw their money away unless they are in a financial position to do so or in loving the club and hating what Wenger and the board are slowly but surely doing to it decide to take action.

    But numbers are dwindling at the Emirates (even though AFC are trying to hide that fact) and the apathy and discontentment grows.

    BSM did undertake a survey:


    That shows that should we finish outside of the top four and not win the FA cup (something we cannot do) then the majority will want Wenger to leave.

    So the tide is changing, but we must ensure that suffecient pressure is put on the board.

    So be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    Share your discontentment online, protest outside of the stadium, and do not attend matches if you possible can.

    Hitting them in their pockets is the only way to make them listen.

    Change is coming, it just can’t come soon enough.

  5. Brilliant Article my man. Spot on about everything tbh bar 1/2 players i would keep in your list (Chambers, Ox). Nice quote at the end!

    Add on;
    With the players we get rid off it frees up squad places and their wages will be covering for new additions (500k+ in wages free). Plus, a few fees for the players also, maybe not alot but will help balance what else we spend. (G12, Ramsey, Walcott ,debuchy, Per, Ospina, Wojc & Sanogoals… nice we bit of income imo)

    We need;
    Competiton for Bellerin = Surge Aurier (PSG)
    Replacemnt for Gibbs = ???
    Replacement for Per = ???
    Competiton for Coq = Xhaka (B.Moch)
    Replacemnt for T14 = ???
    Replacemnt for G12 = Lukaku (Everton)

  6. Apart from buying the $725m ranch, Kronke the businessman is planning to borrow about $1 billion from the banks to help fund the proposed new stadium (for his American football team LA Rams) that would include entertainment retail office space which could cost nearly $3 billion! The man has no soul or heart….he uprooted the team from San Diego to LA purely for financial reason! To him Arsenal is a cash cow to fund his other projects.

    1. @NIKK
      WRONG…The City of Los Angeles(the taxpayers) foots the bill on the stadium. And he uprooted the team from St. Louis, Missouri.
      The N.F.L. (National Football League) is a tax exempt entity in the U.S.
      I know you’re out here like the rest, just in it for the “up thumbs” but get your facts straight next time, or let it be…

      1. Ok got the city name wrong…dont follow the boring game! But get your facts right too…the stadium is to be entirely financed privately…LA taxpayers are not footing the bill!

        Plans filed by the Hollywood Park Land Co. — a development group that includes St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke — call for a stadium that would be built with probably more than $1 billion in private money, but which would eventually recoup tens of millions from Inglewood taxpayers once it opens. Chris Meany, Hollywood Park’s senior vice president said last week, either. “There will be no public dollars, no taxpayer dollars used for this project,” he said. “The entire project has been privately capitalized and is being privately funded.”

        1. @NIKK
          Don’t be fooled by the smoke screen. N.F.L. teams trade cities for financial reasons only. With a promise of boosting employment locally. Like I stated above. The League is a tax free entity. Stan borrows the money through the league from the banks. The rest is footed by the tax payers, the way it’s always been done…The League gets it all back, tax free from the clubs merchandising, which must have the NFL logo on all their goods.TRUST…

  7. I have issue with a few thing in your article:
    “Arsene Wenger has failed to deliver consistently for the past 12 yrs.” That’s inaccurate- he has delivered consistently, people just want us to make the step up as we exit this transitional period in the aftermath of the stadium move- and actually win the league. “What is the use of qualifying for the UCL every year?”- we get to play the best teams in Europe & the prestige to keep/attract players like Ozil & Sanchez to our club and have them play in our shirt.
    You want Joachim Low to replace Wenger- his club management credentials are not particularly impressive, he did adequately if unspectacularly in Austria I suppose- but…… Austria.
    “Wenger talks about our development. How many of them are there really? What is our success rate in developing youngsters? How many can we name that has come through our ranks in the last 12 years and are still playing for top teams?” This whole bit seems like convoluted nonsense. Our development of youngsters in the Premier League under Wenger is way out ahead of any other club. Surely if they prove good enough for a top club- they would likely be at Arsenal. One of these: Coquelin- you want to get rid of, in addition to others who may still prove to be good enough, even if it’s as back up in the squad…. Akpom, Chambers, Gibbs, Sczesney, Walcott, Chamberlain. Highly contradictory.

  8. I’m afraid Banners won’t achieve anything in getting rid of Kroenke and Wenger, It’s gonna take something alot more physical and nasty to get them kind of results.

    And as for the minority of fan’s paying for tickets and not turning up on matchdays ? well… what’s the point in that? ?.. You are still giving your money… And thats all that matters to the club… Does your empty seat effect the club more than our player’s on the pitch @ the library? ?
    I doubt it.
    The gate revenue is like loose change when compared
    With the money coming in from the new TV deal and all the other advertising deals from around the globe.

    If you’re a season ticket holder then you are the only ones who can voice the anger and frustrations to the manager, board and Kroenke at the Emirates.
    If you really want changes, your going to have to prove it by taking drastic measures and personally, judging by my experience from the North Bank day’s at Highbury which was a million times more hostile than the Emirates, most Arsenal fan’s are all mouth with no actions!
    When it comes to a fight…. See how they Run! ?

    My point is. .. if you’re not prepared to physically fight,
    Then STFU!! ?

    1. 88.2 million (as detailed by UEFA in 2014) for Emirates gate receipts in a year ain’t no peanuts. So don’t think it’s all about TV money.

      People will be less likely to not watch Arsenal (start supporting or continue to do so from afar) If the stadium is near empty.

      Sponsors would not be too happy too and may think twice about re-signing any contracts with us. So don’t poo-poo the power of fan non attendance, coz it just ain’t true.

      As for shutting up unless you are willing to get physical what are you talking about here exactly? What do you suggest, that we beat up Wenger or the fans who still support him?

      Violence to anyone will not help the cause. In fact it would hinder it.People should have the right to protest and others should have the right to say what they think. We are all grown men and women after all.

      No, people need to either stay away and protest outside the stadium (peacefully) or attend the match and protest inside the ground (again, peacefully).

      Fighting will just detract from the real issues here and make the pro-change supporters of AFC to be nothing more than a small group of mindless thugs and therefore do nothing but harm to the cause. Which is not what we it now?

      1. Hahaha ?.
        Rip some seats up…. Millwall style! ?
        Wenger claims to have built the Emirates,
        So Give it to him in small piece …. so he can …… ??
        take it with him. ?

        1. Get a criminal record lose your job,and u wont be able to attend matches, when this crap finally turned around. Make sense!!!

  9. Fans have to make a choice btw personalities in kroenke and wenger and ARSENAL FC the club that will always be there long after we are all gone and the two tyrants gone…i thought pple in England as the world oldest democracy embrace change in society as critical but am surprised to learn that there are fans in this grt nation that are lovers with the status quo at this club present at the heart of london…we were once a big club but we’re not a big club anymore!!!

  10. And at the end when wenger reigns inevitably comes to a closure you should also exit with that idiot because you are part of the problem!

  11. CTFU@ The Keyboard Revolutionaries….You guys are funny as all get out…Your hearts pump Capri Sun in real life. But keep tweetin and writing rants usin CAPS, you’ll have Wenger and Stan out in no time…LMFBAO!!!!!

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