#KroenkeOut! Wright believes Usmanov would galvanise Arsenal

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has urged for Stan Kroenke to give up the reigns of the club, with Alisher Usmanov coming in with a monster bid.

The Gunners have just endured their worst campaign since Arsene Wenger took over as boss back in 1996, although their campaign can seemingly be saved with a last-ditch entry to the Champions League, as well as having the FA Cup final to play out.

The season has been burdened by protests, with fans urging the club to make changes, and much of that anger has been put on manager Wenger’s head. Planes have been flown over stadiums, while many banners have been seen brandishing the slogan #WengerOut inside the arena.

Kroenke has gotten away scott-free for much of the protest, but with Alisher Usmanov finally making an offer to take over the club, you can expect the direction of those protests to take a huge turn.

Ian Wright has now led the call for Kroenke to sell, while also calling for change. He said: “Something has to change, whether it is the manager Arsene Wenger or whether it is the board upstairs.

“Top players may want to leave,” Wright added. “Too much is up in the air. Something has got to happen for Arsenal to go to that next level. This bid will galvanise the fans.”

“Abramovich is a winner. Stan Kroenke sees it as another asset. If you look at all his other franchises, they are doing the same.

“They are mediocre, with poor attendances and aren’t achieving anything as a team. That is where Arsenal are at the moment.

“We need an owner like Abramovich, who wants to win. I would swap Arsenal’s last 10 years for what Chelsea have done.”

Would Usmanov turn us into consistent title challengers again? Does Kroenke and Wenger both need to go?

Pat J

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  1. Frankn says:

    Yes and yes

  2. Vanpayslip is the truest/name a troll I ain't influenced says:

    Sling yer hook Kronke and take Wenger and lamppost with you

  3. Sandeep Chatterjee says:

    Earlier Kroenke leaves better it will be for the club. Whoever takes control of the club after Kroenke should have some ambition and retain the Arsenal values. Hoping for he best in days to come

    1. inkfight! says:

      The Arsenal values – that was the reason the club ended up under Kroenke’s control and not Usmanov’s in the first place.

  4. AY75 says:

    I doubt if the leech would reject a a bid that massive. I hope his greed gets the better of him. Now that Usmanov seems ready for business, the least we could do is to rid ourselves of the leech in any possible way, even if comes down to tearing off a bit of skin with it. Away with you Kronk, and take wenger along with you

  5. ArseOverTit says:


    1. John0711 says:

      How can any idiot thumb that down. So they want them to stay and ruin the club wtf

      1. bran99 says:

        AKBs never fail to amaze you

  6. Macho says:

    No need for Wenger to leave all we need are to change the board

  7. Frank says:

    Something that I read about all this that I found interesting is that if Usmanov does become the successful with his next bid of approximately £1.34 billion, the first thing he will do is keep Wenger but bring David Dein back.

    1. inkfight! says:

      How long has Dein been out of football? Still the man to take us forward or would you be happier with a short term role to help the new owner get settled in?

  8. olalekan says:

    Mr kroenke, plz we want our arsenal back, don’t forget to take Mr Wenger along with U. because we want fresh start. total support for Mr usmanov

  9. GrahamB says:

    Yes even though it was Dein who introduced Kroenke to Arsenal I think if Usmanov takes over, Dein would once again work well with Wenger.
    Trouble is Kroenke has turned down the offer which is more than twice what he originally paid to own us and says “he is here for the long haul and wants Arsenal to win the league and be a successful club in Europe”. Although Usmanov is a real Arsene and Arsenal supporter, it is believed he bankrolled Mosshi to buy Everton and if he is rebuffed further by Arsenal may turn his support and fortune on to Everton or some other club.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      David Dein is 73yo

      What are the chances for him to return and work?

    2. FRANK says:

      Yes unfortunately that’s what I think will happen. Kroenke will keep his shares and Usmanov will invest somewhere else.

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    We want the club to spend big every season and thats what having a billionaire owner is all about.

    120m for Mbbape

    100m for Griezmann

    85m for PEA

    70m for Lewandoski

    65m for Neuer

    55m for Aurier

    50m for Bakayoko

    50m for Varane

    50m for Reus

    45m for Mendy

    35m for Lemar

  11. Danny says:

    Usmanov has no interest in Arsenal, he’s trying to g-up some interest from other investors to increase the price of his own shares so he can make Everton a force.

  12. Yossarian says:

    Go Wrighty!

    That’s what we need – High profile football celebrities speaking-up for us fans!

    A major protest for “Kroenke Out” and “Usmanov In” at the remaining games this season is needed too.

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