Kudos to Wenger – Arsenal game management was perfect

That was one of the best games from Arsenal in many a year, as Theo Walcott said after the game. The speedy England striker played a massive role in it as well, along with his attack minded team mates Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla.

The Gunners were simply brilliant going forwards right from the kick off and they had Louis van Gaal´s Man United team chasing shadows and looking like they were a Sunday League outfit. But that, for me, was not the most impressive thing about our win.

The way that we dealt with the game after going 3-0 up was not just impressive, it was surprising. So often in the past Arsenal have been rightly accused of not approaching games in the right way. Yes we know that Arsenal have the ability to blow any team away, attacking wise, when we are in the mood and everything clicks, but how often have we been praised for our intelligence in seeing out games?

Man City away last season, that´s about it. Wenger has obviously had a serious word this week and the players have responded. It feels like a turning point to me and although Arsenal will still come unstuck at times, we do seem to have wised up significantly.

By adding nous to our flair, has Wenger finally found the recipe for Arsenal success?

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  1. Congrats again to our gunners for an awesome display of attacking football! Coyg! Man u didnt know what hit em in the first 20 minutes!

  2. We stepped up, did our talking on the pitch and sent man u back to old trafford, licking their wounds with tails tuck between their legs! Coyg!

  3. Im still reminiscing about those 3 quality class goals, we put pass man u! “Absolutely breathtaking”!

  4. It was a game where I had only three criticisms. Ramsey caught in possession and gave away the ball cheaply twice, and Gabriel coughed up a back pass.
    Massive, massive praise to the way we defended though. Even in those situations we recovered our shape in a matter of seconds and pushed them back. Mertesacker had a very, very good game bar his 1v1 with Martial and when he turned into trouble but recovered well.
    Cech… That save!! Big-time moment.. You never know how big a goal can swing momentum, the difference between a 3 or 2 goal deficit at half-time shouldn’t be under estimated. A hard earned clean sheet and that look in his eyes! The way he celebrated afterwards as well! Great stuff!

    Still on cloud 9. Theo’s confidence seems to growing by the week. I thought he may struggle against an organized United defence. He’s playing with the confidence we need from our striker. Facing players up, great movement, looking for support and bringing a lot more to our forward line than just pace. A few very nice assists that require a ‘football brain.’

  5. Yeah (gritting my teeth) Wenger did good yesterday

    Cech did awesome with some important saves
    Defense were excellent
    Coquelin and Cazorla did well
    Ramsey did good for that position
    Ozil and Alexis were World Class
    Walcott was excellent

    All in all great team performance

    Darmian and De Gea are currently having Alexis nightmares

    1. Nice to see you giving wenger credit! But how about nacho monreal what a freakin LB! Del bosque would be an idiot if he keeps snubbing him. And bellerin, my what a footballer at the age of 20 he controls that entire right flank

  6. TW played so well and starting games is a must for him. He is taking so much from our little man A S

  7. This is what Jamie Carragher said after Rodgers got sacked
    “Liverpool are becoming Tottenham. They think they are a big club but the real big clubs aren’t concerned about what they do. What are these owners going to do to get the club back to where it needs to be?”

    1. The crazy thing is liv and tott have been spending more money than us for a long while. They can’t attract the ready made quality. Unless we were selling, Suarez Modric Bale would have probably stayed at Arsenal. But who needs Modric when you got Cazorla, and who needs Suarez when you got yourself false teeth, and who needs Bale when you got Theo Sanchez and Ox.

  8. This will be the best international break ever. Really happy when I saw Arsene getting up from his chair and giving instructions to ramsey.

    1. You see him switch to a 4-3-3 during the 2nd half? And people say he’s not tactically flexible

      1. I think it was a 4 5 1, three in the centre to match up with utds three. Suppose, when we counter it would probably be 4 3 3. I too was glad he adapted.

        1. If it was 3 in the center then it was a 4-3-3. And a 4-5-1 implies that ozil and sanchez were midfielders when they played as wide forwards. Either way great win!

  9. That ox chip at the end was brilliant, made de gea look like a Sunday league keeper.Too bad many people missed it

    1. That was too bad that chance didn’t go in I really wanted him to score it. Coming on as a sub, scoring against United, and scoring the 4th putting the icing on the cake would’ve done wonders for his confidence and he needs that right now.

    1. Must admit, I knew he played good but I didn’t realise how good until commentators or pundits pointed it out then mentioning how they thought it was his best game to date even though he didn’t score. I was blown away by preciseness of Sanchez Ozil Cazorla and Ramsey passing ..but Theo was involved too. And then Sanchez ..what more can we say.

      Really glad that Theo has got his shot at forward role, there will be tough times ahead but right now he looks to be giving it a good shot,. If he keeps that harassing and hounding trait even when Sanchez is not playing I can see him forcing errors into goals.

  10. I love the respect part of it all… U don’t punch a big man harder if he’s knocked down… play with respect n jus me the scoreline sweet but respectable… I will take 3-0 without any complaint, although it could hev been a lot lot worse… Manu torn to shreds. Um gonna be enjoying this international break as Mr Philosophy and Moron loud mouth leak their wounds…

  11. Man Utd game is behind us now, my wish, let’s repeat this week – in week-out. Let’s be consistent. I doubt if we can under Arsene Wenger, I seriously doubt. I enjoyed the Arsenal of yesterday, Perfect. Yet, Doesn’t Change the fact that we need a Change in d Management. Want Wenger changed as manager, can be made football director or other commercial head. But, I want younger, hungrier fresh ideas and motivation. These players will deliver if they get Manager who’s hungry for Success.
    Wenger Changed, Giroud Out!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s because of days like that that so many followers follow the Arsenal, and also the reas we are most peoples second favorite team if not first. You can only admire Arsene’s brand of football when defensive nous is thrown in to mix.

    Since the city game we have finally toppled chelsea, then in the league things were looking even at their ground when 11-11. Also we won at old trafford in cup comp, and now have pummeled them at home. I too would say we have learned some what and turned a corner in the bigger matches. Next we have to figure out why we just switch off or self destruct in the CL, sometimes too at home banker games ..figure this out and keep our determination going and we would have a great shot at silverware.

  13. oh thinking of the 2 points robbed against the fools and 3 against chelski… we could have at the top……..

    btw… any updates on the sanchez injury?

  14. …the best part of today…you’ve all touched on it…we still aren’t playing our best football. We have so much improvement left. We were sloppy at times, on different wavelengths at times..we dropped off the intensity at times…This isn’t the best yet…watch when we play Bayern. We will step it up a couple of gears.This team still hasn’t realised it’s potential…we are still 25% off that…at a minimum.

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