Kurzawa and Boateng may be cheap but Arsenal still need them

I was interested this week to see some comments from my fellow Gooners asking why are we thinking of buying a left back? While I realise the priority should a centre back don’t let it blind your judgement on the rest of the squad.

Yes, we need an upgrade on a David Luiz, Mustafi, etc, but to suggest we don’t need fixing in other areas is arrogant or naïve.

Unless our owners decide to show ambition this month, Arteta has the difficult job of trying to implement his ethos while having to search for bargains.

Just because you’re a loan deal or your contract is about to expire doesn’t mean you can’t be a good signing, the worry is our recruitment team base their criteria on value, not on how talented is the individual.

To fix our defence the Kroenke’s can’t be shopping at Poundland, they have to accept the asking price now for a good payer is 40-100 million. That won’t happen in the next week, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to fix as many areas as possible even if it’s just putting a plaster over a wound.

I have read all week about what Layvin Kurzawa can’t do but who would he be competing with? Our manager stressed on Saturday he recognises our two full backs as midfielders playing out of position.

That leaves Bellerin as are only natural right back and there are doubts he will ever get back to his old level.

Tierney is in danger of this campaign being a write off, meaning the only competition is Kolasinac.

Remember we have a coach taught by Pep Guardiola, wing backs running up and down is a crucial element.

So, when some ask why are we buying a left back, why can’t the answer be that after 6 weeks of watching training, the new boss doesn’t rate all the defenders that he’s given?

We won one of our new managers first three games and were talking about a new Arsenal and how some many players had improved. Their work rate going up a notch is a reflection on the new regime’s principles.

In reality Kolasinac is someone who the last two men in charge were changing formations to fit him in when he played based on not trusting him defensively. Remember his final ball in the Europa League Final? So yes, we need a new left back.

I then have seen some laugh at the idea of swapping Lacazette with Lemar.

In June, Laca and Auba will be able to tell the club to sell them now for a limited fee or lose us for nothing in 12 months. We hold zero cards in that situation. You know, identical to the Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey sagas. What we were promised would never be allowed to happen again…

So, the moment it’s indicated that Laca has zero desire to extend his deal, then swap deals are our best outcome.

Let’s get this right, if we are serious about getting back to our level, everyone is under threat. There are very few good enough for this club.

A new boss comes in and we win 2 of 6 games and suddenly some fans are putting their noses up to the likes of Boateng. He would be better than what we currently have.

We need to accept some of our players are not good enough.

In fact, we need as much help as possible.

Dan Smith


  1. I think the issues some have with Boateng is that of his half brother being a former Spurs man. Don’t want someone to come here and intentionally do bad for someone else’s sake.

    1. Do you seriously believe that? Two of arguably our best ever players came from spurs, Pat Jennings and Sol Campbell. No one has ever mentioned any connection Boateng has with spurs anyway. Arsenal fans are not impressed because of his age and he’s past it, not that he’s vaguely related to an ex spurs player, sheesh.

    2. Don’t be ridiculous! What utter nonsense and it is oinly in your own daft head. No one else gives a tinkers damn, so grow up!

  2. We basically need a whole new defence but can’t do that in January and probably not even this summer

    In January free transfers is probably the best we can hope for. temporary fix

  3. I don’t think the Kurzawa thing is so much down to the available options being low rated. I think it’s more about the lack of fitness. In truth, if anyone has been watching the playing pattern with Arteta, you’ll realise that any left back will shine as long as he can control the ball and run. The left back literally has the entire left flank to himself in attack with the left winger tucking in to become a striker. I however see the right back having to adapt. There seems to be more defensive demands on that side as the system is biased to overload the left side.
    Finally on Kolasinac, he seems to be reaping the fruits of this system. Just look at the united game for proof

    1. We can read about Kurzawa on PSG fans Reddit forum

      They have bad comments about him, which are mostly about his injury record, lack of offensive contribution and resigned attitude

      Arsenal scouts should have gone through the fans forums before recommending any player

  4. Neither Kurzawa nor Boeteng are what we need.One is an injury prone left back, a position which is well covered in my opinion despite the injury to Tierney.Saka has proved on more than one occasion that he is perfectly capable in that position or as a left wing back.Our right back position is something Arteta needs to address given the doubts concerning Bellerin’s fitness and speed which was his main strength.AMN has done very well since Arteta arrived but he may well be more effective in midfield where the lack of pace and energy is a concern.At centre back pace is essential as none of our current group have any which rules out Boateng who falls into that category.

    1. Not sold out on Kurzawa, but he will be free. I think he will be a decent back up for Tierney. If you look back at his Monaco days, he was a complete monster.

      I reckon Kolasinac will be sold, which will be good business since he was a free signing as well and is on 120k a week. Will make a great profit on him.

  5. PSG played last night. It seems Kurzawa didn’t impress! Their fans views on him didn’t make good reading!
    His injury list is very lengthy and a PSG fan on another blog called him a liability, oh happy days!

      1. There are reports stating we haven’t even been in contact, so who knows, QD!!

        So, how was the stand?! Worthwhile viewing I bet!! 😝

  6. The article author suggested the swap of Lacazette and Lemar as the best possible outcome, if Lacazette is unwilling to extend his contract

    The last swap of Sanchez and Mkhitaryan didn’t end well for us, so we should try to sell Lacazette. Even at a discounted price, if no club have real interest in him

    I’d prefer Arsenal to sell Lacazette at 30 M or less, rather than getting Lemar who could become another deadwood. It’s fine if Arteta plans to use him in the middle, but the guy is too slow to be a winger

  7. I and some fams don’t give a chicken ass if he played well or not for PSG! Kurzawa is needed and urgently anytime soon or later. But my only concern is the 5year deal onboard’ am saying NO! to. 3year contract would be Okay!

    As for Boateng!
    He should please stay away! Let’s get through Socratis and Luiz first. Saliba’, Holding, Chambers and possibly getting Dunk Next season would be On point.

    Swapping Laca for Lemar is a sick thing to do. SAKA is needed and should be battling with Pepe at the LW.
    I think PEPE would be good in midfield.. MA should give it a try.

    1. Going for Chelsea Barkley would be okay though since he isn’t getting enough playing time.

      Barkley plays alot like Ramsey and his kinda strength is needed.

      1. Tony, Topic is on defense, a CB, Ramsey is no defender mate, but I guess you just bored and want to participate, just dropping names.

        Just Google player you gess when name dropping; like their position and stuff.

        Ramsey plays for Juve, midfield, an ex Arsenal player, I guess you are not totally off, after all! A flash of Ramsey to light your world & memory! Brilliant!

        What about Adebayor, picture him few seconds… Yep, oh yeah, you just solved our defense! Geeeeee!

    2. I think Pepe can probably play all along the top, he’s just as good going down the left or the right side of a player, he scares the crap out of fullbacks. I’m glad you brought him up.

      Sheff had to double up on him to get some sort of handle, that speaks volumes, that’s what they did to try and limit Henry’s influence.

      I now believe that, with more time, and knowing the players all the more, that he will also have a great shout to play straight through the middle. Martinelli and Pepe are two very bright sparks from that transfer window – I don’t care about the difference in money, all I care about is that we have two young players here with bags and bags of pure ability.

  8. Saka and niles are doing great.They are not natural full backs so sometimes they are vulnerable but the work they are doing as young lads stepping up for the team especially saka must be well appreciated.

    We have squad depth in LB position but not in RB.And the CB position is well covered in my opinion, we may not have quality in the defence but MA is doing a wonderful job.

    Nobody can say that we deserved to lose or draw in any of the game we played under MA because the team has improved,the performances as well.
    The chelsea game will be a turning point in this season.
    To all my dear gooners who have doubts in MA,
    “please dont leave start to believe”

  9. Reading some of the comments on here, it has me thinking that we may be trying to do an old bait and switch routine.

    The age is a factor, and I must add that the injury record looks a major hangup. Someone posted the fullbacks gametime the other week in here, and if they were accurate, they look terrible on paper.

    Kurzawa, at first he sounded like, yeah, we could do with someone who can play both sides of fullback, that’s a handy one that one. But then came his injury record, when people say we need players who stay fit and are only absent for short spells, this is a must at this stage, injuries have crippled/haunted this club for far too long.

    Boateng, I have to admit that my only recollection of him is when we came up against him AFC v BVB, and maybe a handful of games at international level.

    I hope it’s a bait and switch, the press all backing this one up top ..then boom, reports of a top signing leaking out and we’re waiting on a medical report.

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