La Liga outfit reported to be keen on Arsenal flop

Sevilla could save Arsenal from continuing to pay Nicolas Pepe’s salary from next season as they become interested in the Arsenal man.

Pepe has struggled at the Emirates since he moved from Lille in 2019. The Ivorian was one of the finest players in Ligue 1 before his transfer.

The Gunners expected much from him, but he has been a flop and he cannot even get into the team in recent weeks.

The next transfer window offers them a great chance to remove him from their squad and he might move to Seville.

Super Deporte claims the Spanish club’s director of football, Monchi, likes the Arsenal man and he would look to sign the winger.

However, it would depend on how much the Gunners set as Pepe’s asking price.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Pepe has been one of the worst transfer decisions we have made as a club, and it is even more embarrassing to think we broke our transfer record to sign him.

He doesn’t belong at this level and we need to get rid of him as fast as possible.

That means we need to lower our asking price so that Sevilla can help us remove him from our payroll.

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  1. This is brilliant news…

    Hasn’t worked for Pepe (or whoever that is above, Alanga UTD man??) But if we can get £25m+ or so wouldn’t be that bad. Add Lucas’ £15m, Matteos £13m, Dinos £3m & we have enough for a top replacement winger like Gakpo or Jesus by the looks of it!!

    Add Nunez if possible then we have attackers of;
    Martinelli, Jesus, Saka & Nelson.
    Nunez & Nketiah for CF.
    Øde & Smithrowe behind.

    All can interchange position through a match and can play all across the front line! Not sure about Nunez but the rest can no problem and all have league experience after this year.

    Add teilimans to that and we are ready to go.

    Or whoever fills the gaps we may have an real squad heading Into next season. Young but alot of experience heading into the Champions league all being well.

    Beat Spurs and we can start dreaming of these signings, the rumour mill on this site with everyone’s opinions will be fascinating.

  2. Oh dear oh dear, looks like Just Arsenal and Just Man U got their pictures mixed up 🙄

  3. He shows that Ligue 1 performance doesn’t tell you much about performance in the EPL.

    There are other Ligue 1 examples who haven’t done as badly but haven’t exactly set the world alight either.

    Maybe it’s time to stop buying from there (except prospects)?

  4. Who said Pepe hasn’t changed much since he joined Arsenal three years ago? This picture proves my point.

  5. I think Arsenal has let Pepe down and we will lose out because of. Lacca was a regular goalscorer, Auba was a regular goalscorer and Pepe was a regular goalscorer. It isnt a coincidence that the way we play now, we dont have ANY regular goalscorers. People may argue all three dont suit our system, well good luck to the player that does, lets hope we find him but don’t hold your breath. Whatever anyone thinks or says, we have a proplem with the way we attack.

    1. Reggie, I dont agree that Pepe has been a “flop”. The dodgy deal and overpayment to bring him to Arsenal were not his fault. Given the treatment dished out to him like not being given s consistent run of games and being dropped when in goal scoring form, Pepe will probably look forward to a move. It will be interesting to see how his career developes rlsewhere.

      1. Correct Ozzie, we payed it and he had nothing to do with the cost. I dont think he has been a flop either, you have to play to be a flop!!!!!!

  6. I also not agree that peep is a flop , he was given much time on the regime of Emily and he performed well because of the attacking style of play . And Ateta also tried to give him playing time but he did not deliver since everyone was not delivering as they were trying to learn arteta system. But this man must be trusted again and given chance to prove himself, in every team there must be someone like pepe, he can produce magic and get a goal from no where due to his special talent .ie kanu, nasir, barkamp, all these pple looked physically weak but on their day , they can surprise you .So since he is still young it’s rude to sell him now. Because treating him like this will make other young players fear to join arsenal that they will be done the same if they get a slow beginning in the team. Secondly, I hate some one who mentions the name Just to be our no 9 . It’s better we keep our Nketia becoz can’t produce more than Nketia, they are the same .if we are serious with beautiful a competitive team we must get nunez on board and substituted for Nketia, then that young midfielder from Leon, diabe of liverkusen to help martineli in the right wing cos on my opinion Diabe is better than Gapko though he is also good but we can’t buy every good player .then that small boy in bologna to help injury prone Tierney. Then saliba also to come home. Then the square can compete for trophies again .So we need nunez Nketia c.f. we need diabe and martineli rw, we need saka and pepe lw , we need party, xhaka, that boy from Monaco (his name is not familiar with me ) Elininy cm . Then we need Smith and ordegard for attacking midfielders. Then we need Tierney, that boy from bologna, Gabrel saliba, white , then that English man who helped in absence of white , then tomisao. And he can be helped by white during injury . Then terevres must be sold cos he can’t learn soccer for a top club , he will play soccer but in small clubs, Cedric but also be sold .I don’t see any special talent with him .

  7. It’s arsenal who have made pepe look like a flop.when not given an opportunity to play what happens?We played Auba in the wrong position now he is scoring in Barca.Let pepe go and he will shine wherever he goes.Elneny should also go because he doesn’t get playing time in arsenal

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