Lacazette and Aubameyang could form deadly partnership under Emery

The Wenger-out camp has finally got its wish and Arsenal fans are about to head into a Premier League season with a new manager for the first time in over twenty years.

Unai Emery has been tasked with turning the Gunners’ fortunes around and leading them to challenge at the top of the table once again. If the Spaniard is to succeed in this mission, getting the best out of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang up front will be crucial.

Posted by Arsenal on Saturday, 14 July 2018

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Arsenal have traditionally lined up in a 4-2-3-1 formation under Arsene Wenger, a system that the new Gunners boss was an advocate of during his time with Sevilla. However, when Emery made the switch to Paris Saint-Germain he also altered his tactics and began to organise his players in a 4-3-3 setup. If he continues with this at Arsenal, there is a chance that Lacazette and Aubameyang could line up together and begin to form a deadly partnership in front of goal.

After excelling at Lyon with 100 league goals in just over 200 appearances, Lacazette failed to impress when he moved to the Emirates last season. He only managed 14 goals in 32 top flight showings, and it seemed that Wenger didn’t know how to get the best out of the Frenchman. In fact, Lacazette’s performances were so inconsistent that he didn’t even earn a call-up to the France squad for the World Cup in Russia. Instead, Didier Deschamps decided to favour Olivier Giroud as his main striker, the player Lacazette replaced at Arsenal.

Contrastingly, Aubameyang has had a supreme start to his tenure in North London. In just 1058 minutes played in the league, the former Borussia Dortmund man managed to bag 10 goals and assist four. This is an indicator that the 29-year-old is ready to bring his prolific goalscoring form to a full campaign and challenge the big guns at the top of the scoring charts.

Arsenal are outsiders to win the title this year, and can be backed at 20/1 in the football betting to do the business. But judging on pre-season and the fact that Emery’s side don’t have Champions League football to contend with, they could be dark horses in the title race. Aubameyang and Lacazette have been playing well together and developing a friendship on and off the field.

The aspect of Emery’s influence that has fans excited the most is the fact that chemistry is beginning to blossom between Lacazette and Aubameyang. There is a feeling that the Frenchman may be able to flourish in the Spaniard’s system, while the Gabon international will carry on where he left off last term. If they can start clicking immediately in the Premier League, they could form a devastating partnership reminiscent of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in Liverpool’s 2013-14 campaign.

Lacazette and Aubameyang were both big money signings for Arsenal, and the club needs to get some return on their investment. Emery’s primary goal will be to turn these players into a formidable unit, one which could strike fear into the opposition defences.

Can the pair be our new Bergkamp and Henry? Will the pair see us challenge for top honours this term?

Pat J

Updated: August 3, 2018 — 2:45 pm


  1. 14 goals in that much games for his first season seems pretty fair to me

  2. 14goals while carrying a knee niggle, came back in good form though. Auba is just pure class on &Off the field. 14goals 4assists. Both have had a great pre season so let’s hope they turn the premiership on it’s head. Ozil & Mhiki feeding them while Torreira protecting them could be why we get into top 4….

    1. Jerrick and Sean, I agree that Lacazette’s performances were impressive given he was carrying a knee injury requiring surgury. After returning from rehabilitation his form was excellent.

  3. As you can all see Alex Iwobi has signed a new contract.He had already verbally agreed weeks ago and has signed it

    Believe it or not Aaron Ramsey has a verbal agreement with us.This is common sense though as we would had sold him had he not agreed to the contract by this time which makes him the 2nd highest paid player at the club.Has he signed it?No.We are currently not in negotiations because we have come to our conclusion.
    But in my opinion he’s going to sign it.Likely to be announced right before the season starts.

    Btw on Dembele,we were not willing to stump up the cash to sign him and Barca don’t want a loan too.However, it might be possible we can sign him on loan should in case Barca take that decision.

    1. Nonsense.

      1. Some of you really have no lows.You’re as classless as Mourinho.

        1. This is unwarranted kev..all nicholas said was nonsense…

          It is Not an him it just makes sense to call it nonsense.

          If you are not getting it still let me explain…
          Non-sense = not making any sense.
          Which is a fair point to make in a dignified way.

          Looks like you are the special ‘classless’ one not nicholas

          1. Of course it’s nonsense.

            I’ve been in business for more years than I care to remember, and if both parties have agreed to the terms of a contract, it gets signed by both parties as soon as possible, you don’t verbally agree a contract, and then let it linger on for weeks on end as Kev is implying.

  4. Playing both aubameyang and lacazette will guarantee goals but will come at the cost of a weaker defence when your factor in the fact we have to fit them in with ozil, mkhitaryan, xhaka and ramsey, all of whom aren’t capable defensively. Torriera has a lot of work to do to protect our already weak defence. Mustafi, kolasinac, bellerin, holding, chambers don’t give me confidence regardless of the new manager and tactics. We will score goals but the defence will still be an issue because how do we fit in all these players and still have a balanced squad defensively?

    1. I dont expect both Ozil and Mikhi to start, or if they do we play with 2 players in front of defense

  5. Pat 👍 Interesting article

    “In fact, Lacazette’s performances were so inconsistent that he didn’t even earn a call-up to the France squad for the World Cup in Russia.”

    Lacazette had a good season for me, putting into consideration that he hardly got 90 minutes, Wenger’s lack of faith in him and how mismanagement killed his morale.
    I’m so much in love with the relationship he has with Aubameyang now, along with Guendozi, These guys are mostly together always and always happy in their pictures.
    I love how they both accepted their strengths and embraced each other to help each other play better on the pitch.
    I really want to see them both in a 4-3-1-2 formation.

    .Ramsey/Guendozi.. Torerria……….Xhaka/Mhiki
    No players forced out wide, everyone in their best position..
    Pace, Steele and creativity all in one.
    Torerria does his job and still gets supported by Xhaka and Guendozi or Ramsey, while Xhaka and Guendozi both take the Deep Playing Midfielder roles.
    Guendozi has shown he can be a Pirlo with his forward passes, he won’t need to bomb forward if we’re to counter attack, and while in play, same goes for Xhaka, their forward and long passes alongside Ozil’s creativity will be so mouth watering.
    swoooosh!! and the ball is with Aubameyang who loves making runs behind the defenders, or Lacazette who loves being a Fox.
    I wish we could see this line up some day

    1. “Wenger’s lack of faith in him and how mismanagement killed his morale.”
      Nothing to do with the knee issue he had and once he had the op, he outscored Auba!

      You can go have a look yourself dude at the games Laca could have played after returning from the knee op at the beginning of the year.

      5 EPL games and 5 EPL goals.
      4 UEL games and 3 UEL goals.
      All as CF.

      7 EPL games and 7 EPL goals as a wide forward.
      3 EPL games and 2 EPL goals as a CF.

      1. Midkemma, you are correct in that it only became clear later thàt Wenger was trying to manage Lacazette’s game time due to his knee injury.

  6. Our team is so far un balanced that its almost criminal. To many players who play similar and not many option to choose from. You cant win games without proper wingers, that young kid for example from chelsea who played against us did show how football is being played. Did create havoc and destroyed our sunnyboy Bellerin into bits. Side passes and such will get us nowhere.

    Guess the rumors about us having only 50mil to spend where true. This is very harsh consider the reputation we have and us acting as we where a small team with a small teams budget.

    1. Even the small teams spent more than us…
      Fulham and co.

    2. If you are talking about real wingers, the ones who stick to the line and whip crosses in, do not cut in and act like another striker…

      Barcas MSN didn’t have wingers, it had 3 attackers who are good on the ball.

      How about PSG last season? No real winger who stuck to the line and aimed to be a provider, they was all threats themselves while being good on the ball.

      PSG didn’t win the UCL but they cleaned up domestically.

      The £50 mil rumor if true will only be another piece to support what I have been trying to tell people on here and in RL, Wenger wasn’t the tight fisted one as that is Gazidis. I was pointing to the season before Gazidis took over and how we spent on Arshavin and Nasri but as soon as Gazidis arrived we acted like a small team, do not invest as much into 1 player but get many.
      We actually started to spend more per season with Gazidis but looking at the type of players being signed after Gazidis arrived… Makes you wonder how we spent so much until we look at the size of our squad and how few of the players was getting picked by the ex manager.

      1. How do you explain Ivan and Sven buying Aubamayang 5 months after spending £50 million on Laca?
        That 2 strikers in same year over £100 million combined.
        Also the exact year Ivan and his catalyst for change began.

        And you are claiming Ivan was to blame? SMFH

        Absolute nonsense. Even Wenger himself said “Ivan is not involved in player transfers.” Quote from November 29th 2017, less than 2 months before Ivan and Sven bought in Aubamayang. Coincidently during catalyst for change.

        But hey, ignore the facts right in front of you if you want, its your opinion. Sheesh

        1. I would hazard a guess that club, Ivan, Stan, Josh, whomever may have said sell a player before spending that amount. Giroud went to Chelsea, and Aubamayang came here.

          Merely pointing out that the year Ivan “took over” we starting spending money and shipping out deadwood. Ox, Walcott, Coquein, Gibbs, and others shown door.

          I’ve mentioned numerous times on other threads I’m no fan of Ivan’s, but blaming someone else for Wenger’s failings is too much. Ivan lived in London in 1980’s up to 1992. He supported club entire time and ever since, way before Kronke.
          But hey, lets ignore what doesn’t fit agenda just to have a go or excuse Wenger’s mismanagement at times.

  7. Auba & Laca are both brilliant… looking forward to watching them tomorrow. Plus we’re edging closer to the season….. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Soccer Saturday, MOTD, Super Sunday, the mighty Arsenal will all be back!!! 😊

    1. North London Derbies😏..
      I’m looking forward to beating Chelsea every time we play😂.
      Mourinho at Chelsea is the only time we can’t beat em

      1. How good does that sound Eddie!! 😎

      2. I would say was ;P
        No more Wenger Eddie, so what if Jose can get the better of our ex manager? It is our current one I am focused one ^.^

  8. We have signed dembele..details of the deal to come later.. Both clubs are keeping it secret…arsenal wants it kept secretly because they know its a big deal so arsenal wants to announce it in style

    1. Nah! Can’t see that happening mate, unfortunately!

    2. 💩💩😂😂… What are you smoking bro?

    3. Stop taking people for a ride here mister

    4. Announce it in style my foot

  9. They are becoming good friends too. Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Guendouzi hung out with Dembele in london. Relax…Dembele and Aubameyang are close friends from Dortmund days

    But Aubameyang and Lacazette could become the striker pair in the premier league. Goals Galore

    My mouth and eyes are watering with the thought of all creamy, juicy hard long and short goals they will shoot. I can’t contain my excitement. Especially with Ozil and Mkhitaryan joining in.

  10. @Chiza.I hope you are very sober when saying Dembele deal is done .I believe all but trust none.

  11. Says on sky sports about Iwobi’s new contract… 9 goals in 98 appearances! 🙄

  12. That Would Be My Dream Cometrue Dembele, Lacazette And Auba

  13. “and it seemed that Wenger didn’t know how to get the best out of the Frenchman.”

    Only to people who do not follow Arsenal, if you do then you would have known about the knee issue he had and when he came back his goal scoring record was 5 EPL games and 5 goals.

    So just to highlight, since Laca came back till end of season, the toal games he played was 9(+1 sub) and he has scored 9 goals.
    Auba has played 10(+1 sub) and scored 9

    Out of those games, Auba played 3 as a CF and scored 2 goals while in the CF pos.
    Laca scored 5 goals in 5 CF games.
    Laca actually had the better CF goal ratio while Auba has a better goal to game ratio when he plays as a wide attacker.

    As for people saying Wenger mismanaged him, STOP AND THINK FFS!
    Seriously, Laca was dealing with an injury and since he came back from the op then he was banging them in as regular as Auba. Not forcing a player who ended up needing an op to play every min was GOOD MANAGEMENT. What should Wenger have done? Play the lad into the ground? Force the injury to have been worse?

    1. Wow you still licking the same pie?
      That pie as been at the wrong end of an ex-manager for almost 10 years.

      He had that pie in a well wrapped container for 10-12 years but he decided he had enough and put that pie in a wrong place and gave it to his worshippers to lick it. But little did i know that the pie would last for another century even after his worshippers licked it for over 10+ years.

      Ffs every bloody pie and its owner has an expiry date. So stop licking it and you will be healthy enough to buy another one.

      And old man once said “Even poison has an expiry date”… That doesnt mean that it becomes even more effective after expiry.

  14. I’m a bit confused as to why the article starts with “The Wenger outbrigade finally got its wish”.Its as though it was the WOB who got him sacked and not his own mismanagement and incompetence.I thought all this was done and dusted over the summer months since Wenger was relieved of his duties and yet an Article Headline starts with this topic.
    Wenger did completely mid-manage Lacazette last season.He continually brought him off (yes you’ve guessed it-in the 70th minute) when most Managers keep their goal scorers on the pitch.Its not as though we had a lot to bring on in his place before Auba arrived at the end of January.
    Could just be one of the reasons why Wenger is still out of a job.

    1. Phil, I do agree with Midkemma that Wenger may have been trying to manage Lacazette’s playing time due to his knee injury. However given that Lacazette showed his annoyance each time he was substituted, it appears that Wenger had failed to communicate his reasons to the player.

    2. Phil, Rather odd to consider about 90+ % of all Arsenal fans as “the Wenger out CAMP”, I thought! Such overwhelming majorities are not usually thus described , EXCEPT by those in the tiny minority who disagree with then ALL. Phil, we who were in the correct”camp” (AKA THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY) all well know which camp Pat was in . And it was not in the 90+% either.

  15. Lacazette wasn’t left out in favour of Giroud, he was left out in favour of Griezmann and Mbappe. Deschamps likes to play with a big CF to hold the ball up and bring in the smaller, faster striker to do the damage.

  16. Pat, I totally disagree with your negaive comments on Lacazette last seqason. I suspect so will most Gooners too. I anticipate both Auba and Laca playing in the same eleven most games and think that is the correct thing to do. You distort his achievements by quoting 14 goals in 32 apps. These 32 include very few indeed where he played 90 mins and goals to minutes ratio is good, in my view. He DID need more stamina when he first came, and for once, I thought that SOMETIMES Wenger was correct to take him off after an hour plus. That fitness is now there and IMO he is the most natural finisher, equal with Auba , at the club and by a huge distance. He must play when fit and in crucial games and was a huge step up from the overrated, though keen clubman, Giroud(til he left us).

  17. Daily Poll - Are you confident that Unai Emery is the right man for Arsenal?

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