Lacazette and Ozil – should they be dropped against Newcastle United?

Mikel Arteta has to start making some hard decisions to get Arsenal winning again.

Players should always be picked on form in my opinion, it does not matter how big a name a player is, if he is not doing it on the pitch on a regular basis then he must be benched.

I believe that definitely applies to Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette.

Now, before the defenders of either player start their usual attacks, my opinion on this particular game is based purely on merit and nothing to do with a personal view of either player generally.

The facts cannot be ignored, Ozil has one assist all season and no goals and Lacazette cannot hit a barn door from one foot out right now.

Dani Ceballos should replace Ozil and Lacazette should be replaced in the middle by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with Nicolas Pepe and Gabrel Martinelli on the flanks.

To me, it is not rocket science and yes, I am aware that some will say that Ozil and Lacazette do all this other work, pre assist assists and lots of running around but all that has not resulted in wins has it?

The defence is now doing its job, the midfield is a lot stronger and more competent, it is up front where the team is being let down and so I cannot see the justification in continuing to play players that are basically not doing what they are employed to do, create and score goals.

Again, nothing personal against the two players mentioned but based on form I honestly do feel that other players are more deserving of a spot in the starting line up.

I do expect Arteta will play both Lacazette and Ozil, but that would be the wrong call in my opinion.

Let me know in the comments whether either or both players should be dropped today?


  1. If they play, then a noticable improvement should be seen and that goes for everyone. If not the manager has failed. Any under perfmers not improving their play and not being replaced after this break means,NOTHING HAS CHANGED and that cant be.

  2. How do you justify playing Cebalos ahead of Ozil? I mean what exactly has Cebalos done to be recommended for that position? Ozil might not be in form (based on assist and scoring stats) but I see improvement is his pressing recently. And his experience cannot be underestimated for a Cebalos. Guendouzi, Willock and Torreira have all contributed more than Cebalos in that position.

    For Lacazette, I would give him a chance because of the break.

  3. I strongly feel we should avoid pinpointing individual players but rather emphasise to the manager that he should become ruthless with players that persistently fail to deliver.
    I am inclined to believe that the Dubai trip was meant to revive all the players individually and collectively. Thus we should give each player a fresh start and then observe how they perform after this.
    Lacazette was one of our most lethal strikers until he lost form and I strongly believe he will regain his magic as a striker. As for Ozil, I feel we should give him another chance and see whether he can still be trusted or he has lost it. If Ozil fails in this task let’s bring in Ceballos and rest Ozil for the next two games.
    When all is said and done, I believe Arsenal is now in position to start winning games and it will.

  4. It is very criminal for the VAR official(s) to cut off Mane’s foul against that Norwich defender while showing only the last touch before he scored.

    The pl is just a joke taken too far. While Liverpool was the better team, they didn’t have to cheat their way to victory, aided by onfield and remote var officials.

      1. I feel you Sue.😢😢

        I just hope Arsenal turns up when we eventually meet them again, and humiliate them real good with their gang up criminal officials.

    1. VAR was right, come on, is this where we are now? City will beat Liverpool and if they do not so be it but whining about VAR or refs or anything else is not a good look at all.

  5. I hope Ozil is DROPPED .! ! He is carried by the rest of the team . He is languid and lazy and doesn’t do anything near enough for the team . Lacazette is short of form at the moment so perhaps give another chance to try and get it back ?

  6. Yes, they should both be dropped, period. And after Arsenal is relegated at the end of the season because
    1. We could not score goals
    2. Özil and Laca were in the team until the very end because the line of thinking was “they’ve GOT to come right some time”,
    some of us will STILL say they must be in the team.
    Be real, people, drastic changes are needed, and those include Özil and Laca on the bench or not even.

  7. We’re not dropping points cos of any individual player. The Auba some of you prefer lost two glorious chances in the last game against Burnley. Leno was the reason we didn’t win Chelsea first leg. Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis has been guilty of us conceding goals, Pepe has missed chances, slowed down attacks, Xhaka and Guendouzi have delayed through balls, even Martinelli got some steps wrong in a build up play, so everyone is guilty, everybody

    Let’s stop making scapegoats, We were winning by two goals difference against Liverpool when Ozil came off for Willock, we all know how it ended, is that Ozil’s fault too?

    So no one player is guilty for where we are

  8. I’m always concern with the bench. Having Ozil & Laca on the bench means we would have experienced game changers on the bench. But starting them in turns connotes only rookies will be available as sub’s

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