Lacazette believes Pepe is ready to come good for Arsenal

Nicholas Pepe arrived at Arsenal in a fanfare of glory after an amazing season in Ligue 1, but he has taken quite some time to settle into the pace of the Premier League, but his fellow Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette says that he was always going to need time, but he thinks Pepe is just about ready to take the EPL by storm.

“I used to say we need to be patient with him. He is still young, he came from another league and it is always different,” Laca said in the Evening Standard.

“The Premier League is the hardest league in the world I think, so you have to be nice with new players like him.

“He is someone who needs confidence and when you give him confidence he is better. He just needs time to understand how the League is and now we can see a really good Nicolas Pepe.”

To be fair to Pepe, he was not given much chance to find any rhythm through a run of games under Emery, but now that Arteta is in charge he seems to be gaining in confidence in every game, just like most other members of the squad.

I have a feeling that we are going to see a vastly improved Arsenal for the rest of this season, don’t you?


  1. I think the word “vastly” improved is pushing it too far. He almost certinly will show further steady improvement to that he has already shown. I dislike hype and hence my comment

    1. I note the article actually referred to a “vastly” improved Arsenal not Pepe, So apologies to the writer of article. MY SAME COMMENT TILL APPLIES THOUGH. “Vast” change in almost anything rarely happens that quickly. Steady change often happens though.

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