Lacazette comments are positive but not for the reasons you think

Alexandre Lacazette has been speaking about what Arsenal fans should expect over the next few seasons and winning the title should not be high on the agenda.

Instead, the Frenchman feels the focus should be on finishing in the top four and playing consistent Champions League football, however, it is what he has not actually said that interested me the most.

“A club like Arsenal has to be playing in the Champions League every season,” Lacazette told FourFourTwo.

“We will start to think about winning the biggest titles in a few seasons, but first we need to make sure we are in the Champions League consistently again.

“It’s been positive. We had a new coach with a new approach, and I think I’ve played well – better than in the previous season.

“And we’ve played bigger, more important games.”

What he says, of course, makes sense and I do not feel that he is being negative by saying we should not be thinking about winning titles but the fact he is speaking about the next few years tells me he has no intention of leaving Arsenal any time soon.

Remember, just last week there was a big hullabaloo because he was meeting with his agent and the club due to the interest of an unnamed Spanish club and of course he has previously been linked with Barcelona.

Now, that is not to say he will not be sold, this is football, anything can happen, I mean, if Barca came in with a £100 Million offer then he would probably be sold but as things stand right now, based on those comments, he is not going anywhere.

That is what I have taken from those comments.


      1. Yeah – He should also wear the Number 10 shirt in the Donkey Derby held every day on Blackpool Pleasure Beach.Probably his level.

  1. Okay I wanted to comment on the previous article but I didn’t because of the drama y’all created on there, Admin vs Kev, Dan vs Nifty X Gotanidea X Lisa X Rory Johnson X TH14 and a few others while the main article was ignored.
    Okay please and please don’t turn this article into any Iwobi article, like seriously this bullshít needs to stop, once upon a time, every article, Giroud gets dragged in, Walcott did, Ozil had the worst thank God it’s reducing, please don’t replace it with Iwobi.
    Yes he scored the winning goal, I’m happy for him, I’d like Nigeria to win the AFCON.
    Other than that all this pointless bickering and shenanigans is making some of tired.
    Martin I think you should relax and give Kev some space, I’m not teaching you your job, but he’s been on this blog for years and he does this done deal crap, Admin Pat then had no problem with him, I’m sure the rest of us fans know how to deal with his situation already that’s why some of us ignore him while some request for more info from him.
    Kev stop taking digs at Martin for doing his job.
    Ain’t we Arsenal fans? Our interest isn’t it for us to get the best players?
    Y’all should stop the whole drama

    1. Alex Iwobi scored the winner as Nigeria booked their spot in the Afcon quarter finals after defeating holders Cameroon 3-2 in what was an enthralling heavyweight battle in Alexandria. Why is there no article about this topic yet??

      He’s an Arsenal star and his team just progressed into the QF of a major tournament.

      If this were to be another gunners player scoring a winning goal and a different tournament I’m sure there’ll loads of articles pouring in

      1. Because this is an arsenal website about arsenal not Nigeria ,why not go onto JustNigeria or something like that then there would probably be loads of articles for you to read .
        At the moment arsenal main priority is replacing Iwobi in the arsenal team while the transfer window is open not glorifying a second rate tournament that he’s playing in .
        I’m sure he played well though.

        1. When Arsenal’s Euro stars do well, articles are written about it. I think we should give a little more time before we accuse this site of ignoring Iwobi tho. This game happened hours ago.

        2. @ Dan Kit
          Where did you read that ‘…arsenal main priority is replacing Iwobi in the arsenal team while the transfer window is open…’?

          Or have you NEVER seen it and have just made it up – then tell me there is such a thing as Google?

          Maybe Arsenal have far more pressing priorities than pandering to your (and Phil’s) hatred of Iwobi.

      2. Okay Ann, can you please not bring this crap to my comment please? If you wanna discuss football, our club, I’ll be glad to interact and exchange views with you but I can’t do this whole fighting for or defending one player thing anymore.
        Write an article on Iwobi, send it to admin and it’ll be published.
        write a thousand article on Iwobi yourself. send it and it will be published, this whole “if it were another player” talk is childish.. Like Dan said, this is an Arsenal fan site not Iwobi’s blog or the Super Eagles blog

      3. Maybe not ARTICLES Ann but certainly COMMENTS.
        For instance if the player scoring had been a FAVOURITE of Dan kit’s (instead of one of his pet hates) we would have seen many posts telling us all how wonderful he was.

        1. O dear he she is !!Give it a rest gunner ,your starting to get boring ,we had this argument on previous articles and here you are again following me around with the same sh1t
          .like I said
          Iwobi plays left wing ,Emery is trying to sign a left winger ,that’s not made up that’s fact ,so does that mean he is trying to replace iwobi ?
          And again iwobi does not play in the middle for arsenal that is some fantasy you and a few others have made up ,
          and yet again we have another pleb bring hatred into a debate .

          1. Look pal… the club is trying to sign a left winger so Iwobinho can move central. They obviously have been following his performances at AFCON and know they can trust him as our playmaker

  2. Lacazette is just speaking as ‘we’ in the now. If Barca, RM or another big team come in and he has a chance of winning big things and the price is right he will go.

    Loyalty in football is a very rare thing these days. Not saying he as a foreign import into a club can’t be loyal or that lifelong gooners/footballers wouldn’t have more investment and desire to do well for the club, it’s just rare.

    Take everything he says, and in general with a pinch of salt.

    My 2 cents (equivalent to Stan’s investment in the club;)

    1. I agree with you. He’s towing the company line and being a good professional.

      Of course he won’t come out and guarantee titles or top 4 finishes, that puts this squad under even more pressure.

      I applaud his attitude, and continue to be estatic he’s one of ours. If other players had his work ethic and team attitude we’d be further along.

      1. If I was a top player for arsenal and a big team came calling I would have no hesitation to leave Arsenal.

        We show no ambition and professional footballers play to win titles.

        1. I agree with the 3 comments above. Lacazette during his time as an Arsenal player, has in my view, always conducted himself as a consummate professional footballer. He also comes across as a decent human being.
          Also it is pleasing to see this topic back on track!

  3. I didn’t see no drama ,people having differences in their opinions is what I see ,and that is always healthy for a site like this .
    If someone posts something I don’t agree on then I will respond.
    Regarding Kev I’ve seen it all for the last couple of years on here and a few others before him,I have no problem with him posting his nonsense just aslong as he knows he’s going to get ripped into like always when it all becomes apparent that his transfer news was again all based on guesswork .

  4. Iwobi needs to fight other players to be in the starting line-up for Arsenal.

    I’m glad he’s playing well in Africa but his performance in the ACoN shouldn’t count towards how he’s positioned in Club football

    His performance for us last season wasn’t exactly world beating tbh but if he plays better than Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Reiss Nelson, Smith Rowe etc then he will be a starter

  5. It’s imperative we keep hold of Lacazette and Aubameyang we got too many average players in the squad and those two always give us a chance add some quality to the midfield and defence and we should be good for top 4 next season ?

  6. I never believed that he would be sold, because while there was interest in both him and auba arsenal had meetings planned for both to give them improved contracts so I knew!!

  7. Am I the only one who likes all the bickering and arguing ?………….it`s better than the tv soaps and is not rehearsed like them !……although the soaps have murders, affairs, etc` etc`…….obviously I`m not asking for such drama…or am I ?
    Just Arsenal Midsomer Transfer Window Murders 😆

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