Lacazette finishing convinces Ozil to stay at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board will be glad to hear these latest comments from Mesut Ozil for a number of reasons, while the Arsenal fans can now relax, it seems, about the possibility of losing at least one of the two big name Gunners that were uncertain to stay after entering the final year of their current contracts.

The representatives of our German international playmaker may not be so happy about what Ozil has said about the new Arsenal signing Alexandre Lacazette, reported by Metro, because it may just have weakened their bargaining position in those contract talks as the former Real Madrid man basically declared that he would be an Arsenal player next season.

So while his agent may have been planning to play hardball and call the bluff of Wenger about the possibility of a transfer away from Arsenal, Ozil spoke as if he has already signed a new deal as he talked about how much he was looking forward to next season, and especially providing assists for the new striker who has a well deserved reputation for being super cool in front of goal.

Ozil said, ‘I’m really looking forward to it. He’s a very good striker who has scored many goals in Ligue 1, not just this season but in previous seasons too. We’re really happy to have such a class striker here with us.

‘From what I’ve heard, he’s meant to be very good, always hungry for goals and ice-cold when he gets into a scoring position. My friends who follow the French league know him well and have told me that I’ll definitely have fun with him on the pitch.

‘I hope that he’ll be able to take us further with his goals. I’m sure he’s happy to be here and to be able to play with us, and we’re pleased to be able to assist him and help him to score as many goals as possible.’

I am sure that Ozil will have his eyes on that EPL assist record and if they click I think he could get it. Could he also help Lacazette to get the Golden Boot I wonder?



  1. …it seems like Ozil is staying but for how how long, i don’t know, anyway let us enjoy all the assists he will make to Lacazette!

  2. Sanchez would feel the same way if Wenger had not xxxxed up last season. Promised him key signings and didn’t get them. Then took till April to agree a more suitable formation – which Conte had got right months before. Trust me, Wenger has been sat down and told he can have 2 more years but this is what is expected …. invest the company’s cash flow in order to flourish – not stagnate. We have stagnated and then declined for years with A.W. in charge of everything.

    1. Regarding Conte, getting the formation right months before…. he was forced to adapt that formation just like us. they were getting draws or loses before and after that 3-0 defeat against us, they changed to 3 men at the back.

      In short, am saying it was not intentional, Conte was forced to do that just like us. He is not some messaih he is made to be. He is good, the trophy is the testament. however, lets see them perform this season

    2. The whole moaning about Wenger is getting old and a little boring, realistically who would you replace him with that isn’t old and stale, answer no one that isn’t a huge gamble.

      Let’s just support the mighty Arsenal and forget about what might have been

  3. Nice to hear that ozil is likely to stay. Sanchez on the other still proves strong headed. I think we should let Sanchez go. We could use Lucas Perez in his position. He may not have the same drive as Sanchez but he certainly deserves a chance to play. Also, I’ve watched videos of lemar and mahrez on youtube and to be honest with y’all, all I saw lemar do was cross the ball (you can check that for yourself). Mahrez on the other is a better dribbler than lemar and can cause more harm to defenders. I think mahrez hoped for a move from leceister after his stellar performance and dint get it that’s why he felt discouraged and lost motivation to play. But i think he really wants to come to arsenal…badly. And if given the chance, he will play his best. I’ve always supported lemar coming but after critically watching videos of both on youtube, our short-term best plan is mahrez. If we would get lemar, then he would best suit giroud up front, not lacazette

    1. mahrez better than Lemar I doubt you’re a football fan , watched lemar and he only crosses the ball well may you watched a porn.Lemar was the key man for the most attacking team in Europe last season, check the stats

      1. Yea I tink he was Watchn porn mate. Lemar is 21 and with that football brain. He’s on the same level as Mahrez

      2. Chill out mate ,the guy just said his opinion.we all know you tube makes average players look like world class not the orher way round .now ive seen lemar you tube clips and it was mostly runs,crosses and few goals .no dazzling skills .so I really dont know ,since ive never really watched him play ,but i dont I guess he didnt just get those rave reviews for just nothing.

      3. No need to be rude to people, Football is all about opinions and we are all entitled to them. Nobody knows whether Mahrez or Lemar would be better for us until we actually see them play for our team.

    2. I know many will disagree, but why not give Lucas Perez give a crack? He assists, has goals. Why not? Its not easy to replace Alexis (if he is leaving), not many players can, so why not give Perez a chance?

      1. I agree wholeheartedly about Perez. Also Ozil has probably come to the conclusion that clubs other than Arsenal are not clamoring for his signature and certainly not offering the wages Arsenal are! I look forward to Ozil assisting Lacazette and Sanchez/Perez in 2017/2018.
        We need a replacement for Cazola (eg Seri) rather than Mahrez. COYG!!

        1. Why do Arsenal fans have no regard for Aaron Ramsey. Why are we replacing Carzola when we have him and most of the midfielders being suggested are not even as good as him?
          Who we need to replace is Wilshere and I had thought Arsenal will give some of our youth players a decent chance to compete.

      2. The fact that he got so little game time despite good performances gives us the answer.

        Hard to see Wenger having a big change of heart.

        I think one reason, is because he is so one-footed (yes I know Ozil is) but Wenger said as much about Perez after his first match

      3. Getting rid of Alexis and let Lucas take the role? Then Laca would have been bought for nothing, coz Lucas ain’t Alexis and his drive, hunger and everything else won’t match Alexis’. We need similar player to Alexis and not Lucas, he is good but won’t provide similar threat as the departed. He can cover as a sub at most

  4. Transfers Round up: Chelsea match man utd £75m offer for lukaku,No bid for mahrez so for according Leicester,Lemar was left out in a cartoon kit promotion the independent understands that Monaco may have cracked under pressure could allow the star to leave

    1. I think Chelsea bid £96 million
      I hope the bidding keeps going up
      It is sort of amusing as these clubs have more money than sense while get a really good striker for a much more reasonable price

  5. I do wish Arsenal keep Giroud. Lacazette alone wont win us the league. We should not forget that since we switched to the back three last season, we only lost a game. We won against Everton, Leicester, Southampton, Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Everton. These were teams we would have struggled against if not for a change in formation. There will be difficult games when opposition defenders would be tired. Giroud would come in as a substitute, a good cross and we score a goal. He scores great goals for us. He defends set pieces. His hold up play. I would rather Wenger access his players, sort out Sanchez and keep Giroud. We need a bigger squad. Buying Lacazette and selling Giroud is not wise. Premier league is tough. Lemar is good but overpriced.Monaco have an history of selling there players at very high prices. Lemar was bought 3.5m pounds. Now valued at 80m pounds. Can he adapt to the physical nature of the EPL. I think the squad is perfect now. And if we do get Mahrez for 35m pounds, then we are good to go. But it is key Wenger continues with the 343 formation all season. We will be champions. Target is winning the EPL and Europa league. Not making top four.

    1. Yeah. Quality on the bench is very important to winning the Title. Lacazette could get injured or red carded or need an experienced hold up striker. We need Giroud in my opinion. Also for League and FA Cup matches. I hope he stays

      1. I guess it comes down to Giroud being willing to play the role of super sub. If he is willing to do that he might well be the best backup striker in the PL.

        There is also the danger of Wenger trying to play both Giroud and Lacazette which would slow us down and take away one of Lacazette’s strengths.

      2. Exactly. So many games to play due to Europa league. We need many options. Welbeck injury, Fatigue, packed defence. Our game against Man United for instance, AOC crossed the ball, and Giroud scored with a header. We need height as well. There is a reason he is first 11 of france. He also thrives on competition. I know he is very slow and cant dribble. But he is a fighter, very aggressive and has accurate shot. U cant win the EPL without a plan B. The season Man City won the league, they had Edin Dzenko, Aguero, Negredo and Tevez. Juve have Higuain, Manzudic and Dybala. You need height in your team. Lacazette and Sanchez wont score in every game. Giroud is the best header of the ball in the EPL. Im saying all these because of the negativity and people saying sell Giroud. Arsenal will be making a huge mistake selling him

        1. agreed and would prefer Giroud to stay but with a world cup year in 2018 he will want to start…

          i think welbeck scored a few headers and gives more pace and is younger and would be happy being a super sub so perhaps he could replace Giroud ? thoughts….?

    2. Yes.I support the fact Giroud should stay.Perez should also be given a chance to play.On few occasions he played he proved himself either by scoring goals or giving assist.I don’t know why no body is talking of buying Walcot. Well, it simply shows one thing……he is not good enough.Wenger should force him to go or better still offer him to Monaco in part exchange for Lemar.
      Finally, Saches’attitude is getting on my verves.He should not forget that he has himself to blame for not taking Arsenal to champion’s league .Why is it in his time that Arsenal will miss out in top 4.; where was he when crystal palace and wesbrom hammered us 3:0 respectively. Big players show up in big games.For me instead of keeping a disgruntled player that will infect others with bad attitude,its better he goes.Chamberlain has learnt from him.We all can see what is happening regarding his contract renewal.

      1. I agree with you completely as per Sanchez and AOC. Sanchez and his agent are just looking for the money. Like Sanchez is doing us a favour by playing for us.280K per week is OK for the guy. If he insist on 400K, we should sell him to inter milan or Juve. We need to sort him out as soon as possible. Other players will step up. We need commited amd dedicated players. What is wrong with AOC.Why taking long to agree a contract extension?

        1. AOC is delaying contract extention because he’s not sure if he’s going to have playing time come next season, do you think he really want to live? Hell No! I believe we should keep in at all cost.

  6. I think its more to do with other clubs not meeting his wage demands than Lacazette signing that is forcing Ozil to stay.
    Everyone is getting so excited about mahrez transfer.Think about Mahrez and Ozil in same team.Two guys who hardly help the team in defending.I know their main job is creating goals but these guys are lazy when it comes to defending.

  7. Think Wellbeck and Perez should be much more worried than Giroud

    My money is on Perez to be sold

  8. Mehrez is quality – but I don’t see how he fits into team if player 3 at the back.

    Anyone disagree and have good line up?

    1. Mahrez will take the Walcott’s position, Walcott is poor, mahrez will be an upgrade, and having a right back on that wing will ease the pressure of defending from the wing player, I guess

  9. Irregardless of how much any of them is bought, I want one of them as soon as possible..
    After signing either of Mahrez or Lemar we can now argue who is better

  10. Giroud replied very quickly and positively soon as the rumours about him leaving started circling. Wenger said he needed his set of skills very early on……so he isn’t going anywhere.
    Ozil never really wanted to go it was just about positioning himself for a big pay rise and we all look forward to him assisting lacazett goal tally.
    Sanchez is fast approaching 30 and wants to maximise his salary during his last years of playing. He can probably get more at city than with us. However he needs to be very careful as if we decide to hold him to his contract his value will drop being a year older and anything can happen in a year. Safest bet for him is get the most out of Arsenal now and be part of the arsenal resurgence to the top of the epl

  11. I keep repeating this and I will say it again. When did anyone hear Alexis say he wanted to play for Manchester City? The media makes up another bs story and some of you start demonizing the man. ffs, He is on holiday so for all we know when he gets back he could come back and sign his contract extension. If any of you actually believe for a second that he wants to join the same pep guardiola that benched him at Barcelona you people must be really gullible. Give Alexis the benefit of the doubt. The man chose to come here when Manchester City and others were offering more attractive wages and he is loved here. Pep spent twice what we spent last season and massively flopped. Manchester City has only won 1 league cup in the last 3 season despite consistently topping the spending charts. Pep isn’t going to win any trophies in the bpl because he relies on out-attacking the other team. He is just a less extreme and vindictive version of Mourinho. Wenger might have his weaknesses but Wenger and Klopp are the only two high profile managers that can get extraordinary performances out of pretty mediocre players. Pep in the last year has been found out and even he indirectly admits he is a chequebook manager.

  12. ozil will stay because not one single team has shown interest in him. we are the only mugs who give over 200k to a lazy overrated primadona.

  13. Agree absolutely with @killmach89,just give Alexis a break he needed.As for OG12,only a spurd will want him sold.

  14. Yes OG12 shouldn’t be sold, mahares or Lemar give me any of them or both lols, No! Perez can’t replace Alexis. Carzolar replacement is seri

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