Lacazette gets off to a flyer and denies transfer rumours

Arsenal kick off Premier League with goal rout! by Shenel Osman

Game one done; and first blood is drawn to Arsenal.

Our boys came away from Craven Cottage with all three points after a fine first team performance and we can all thank Alexandre Lacazette, who got the ball rolling after a rather scrappy but well deserved first goal.

Goal number one in the 2020/21 Premier League season had Lacazette’s name all over it. That first goal clearly pushed Arsenal into life after a rather shaky start, which is to be expected after going into the game as favourites, but as we know, anything is possible, especially with our boys, and the fact we were playing against a newly promoted Fulham side who were obviously looking to stamp their authority back on the Premier League after their return.

I must admit I was impressed with Lacazette today and I am very happy he got his name on the scoresheet. He clearly likes playing against Fulham netting four goals in three appearances and scoring most recently against them when we won 5-1 in October 2018. If he played against Fulham every week, he would surely bag more goals in a season, but his hold up play and passing was on point today and clearly helped the team tick over as each player did, playing their part.

Speaking after the game Laca was asked, of course, about his future, and giving a very honest response basically said: β€œI am very happy here, it is just the press talking.” And I for one am so happy to hear a player talking like this, rumours are rumours and the press will do all they can to dislodge players and clubs when it comes to contracts. Although we know the press do, it is still refreshing to hear a player admit that the press is basically talking rubbish.

So, congratulations to Lacazette for getting the first goal of the season for himself, Arsenal and the Premier League, heres hoping there is lots more to come.

Gooners were you impressed with Lacazette today?


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  1. I can’t believe this is a fans comment
    We need to keep laca by all means, wonder why people rate auba above him as laca has a better footwork n he is a good scorer. Speak of goals, tfid you see mess auba caused today after fumbling belerins lofty pass. To me no top top striker should screw that chans like dat.
    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while
    I read most comments this days for fun
    I laughed and said by this fan’s analysis laca is more clinical and even giroud is better than auba
    What a good way to insult auba

  2. He did good… Nketiah doesn’t even offer half of what Lacazette offers yet but I see what Nketiah brings too.
    Competition all over the pitch is very good

    1. I agree on this… he is still young and developing,, for now we need experience at the front with the likes of Auba and Laca to lead us…

    2. I have stated several times laca should stay and he’ll come good this season, he will score in the next two games mark my words πŸ‘Œ

  3. An away goal – great start!!

    OT.. On this day in 1997, the one and only Ian Wright broke Arsenal’s goalscoring record..
    So much love for that fella!
    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright 😍

      1. And Sue and Kenya, Ian Wright unlike so many players today, knew what it was like to work for a living as a plasterer before turning professional as a footballer with Crystal Palace.
        He had also known poverty and spent time in gaol for being unable to pay traffic fines. That’s why he appreciates everything he has and has achieved.

  4. In tough away games when we play on the counter, Lacazette won’t be as effective as more pacy forward. In games that we dominate he has to start. When we finally move to a 4 3 3 Lacazette will be far more effective and would benefit the most from Aourar. After the performance of Elneny I feel we need Aouarar more than Partey as we have more player similar to Partey than we do Aourar and the creative touch could take us to the next level.

    1. Liam wait until Arsenal play against teams with stronger midfield and you will see the need for a physical commanding box to box midfielder thile Partey. You need a player like him to sit in front of the defense to break up play and drive forward, when Arsenal lose the ball or are playing without it. Such a player is needed to allow AM’s like Aouar and Ceballos to press forward with freedom, knowing there is cover behind.

      1. I get what your saying and I think he would be massive signing for us. However we have shown we can beat the big boys with a 3 4 3 and have the midfield to do so. Aourar would be more beneficial to us as we have nobody on his level creatively whilst not the best Elneny, Xhaka and Ceballos can occupy the double pivot infront of the defence.

        1. No worries Liam, we can just agree to disagree on priorities. Hopefully Arsenal will end up with both, but the competition from other clubs is stiff.

  5. Laca did well today, I wish he can continue this way, although I question his consistency sometimes last season he lost form totally this is what led to speculation about him.

    1. Ade, it should be remembered that last season Lacazette was carrying injuries, plus personal problems, which affected his confidence and performances. Towards the end of the season, his form returned as did his goal output. We should expect improved performances from Lacazette, now he is injury free.

  6. I would like us to keep Lacazette, he has a solid bond with Auba (on and off the pitch), and he helps create space for our wide forwards to operate, but having said that, rumours about Odsonne Γ‰douard are gaining pace, and given his incredible goal return, I wouldn’t mind him replacing Lacazette, if it means we’re trading him for Partey. I feel getting Partey and Aouar (more importantly, Partey), would transform our midfield from good to brilliant. I hope we get the deal(s) done in the window, and we might not even need to sign anyone in January. COYG!

  7. People forget that Lacazette started last season injured an injury he got in pre-season but was still playing,not getting the chance to properly heal and get match fit, adding to it managerial changes and a very busy Christmas period, it’s no coincidence that it was after the break in Dubai that he started scoring again,now after a break albeit a very short one and physically fit,I always expected him to start performing better!

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