Lacazette has definitely earned a contract extension now

Arsenal have a big decision to make with Lacazette!

As we all know Alexandre Lacazette’s contract is coming to an end in the summer, and soon to be 30 he is not getting any younger.

But what I would like to see is if they will show him the same confidence by offering him a contract extension, as they have done with the likes of Aubameyang and Luiz, and when signing Willian on a free.

There is no doubt that the senior players can and do play a big part in the younger star’s careers, where they can help mentor them and steer them into the right path. But will Arsenal want to take a chance on Lacazette, given that Aubameyang has not been the same since he signed his extension with the club?

I think they should show Lacazette the same loyalty as what he is showing us. Within the past few weeks, Lacazette has stood up and shown what he is capable of. And although some results may not have gone our way, he never let his head hang. He has shown the passion, fight and determination at times that the whole team has failed to do collectively, yet in the last two games he has scored four goals and helped lead the team to comfortable wins over Sheffield United and Slavia Prague, while keeping clean sheets along the way. Teamwork!

We know that there have been personal issues for Aubameyang off the pitch, which is why he has not been himself, but as they took a chance on him they should do the same with Lacazette.

Because for me, he is human and will make mistakes like everyone can and does, but a contract extension is the least he deserves, given that we haven’t got the funds to bring any other striker in, I think keeping Lacazette would be the best and smartest option moving forward.

Shenel Osman

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    1. Pires, Lacazette apparently has the highest goal scoring conversion rate from chances provided of any player in the EPL.
      How many players don’t have “some misses here and there”. You only have to watch recent Champions League games with Liverpool and PSG’s forward lines. Haarland even missed a one on one for Borussia Dortmund.

  1. He’s a star whose not yet a falling star. A two year extension with a review of the terms after the first year perhaps? Although he’s not always been given the best opportunities, he’s always tried to be on the button, and consistently inspiring. We owe him for a lot of great work and some great goals.

  2. Very difficult as I would think he will want what could be his last big contract to be a long lucrative one. If he would accept a two-year deal then yes but any longer I would say no otherwise we could have four older players on very high wages that we would struggle to sell.Auba, Soares,Willian and Lacazette.


  3. Between Laca and Auba I prefer Laca but because we already extended Auba’s contract and its so high. Having another over 30yr old with a huge contract has got to be a NO NO. I would’ve preferred we sold AUba last year and kept Laca. But now I think it’s best to sell Laca.

  4. We can’t keep making the same mistakes, yes he’s been phenomenal but its still not enough for top four. We have a better striker in auba(he’s having an off season but its the first time in his career were he looks out of form) plus keeping laca would force arteta to play auba out wide(isolated). We have martinelli and balogun promising talents looking up to auba one of the best striker out there, plus a sale for laca in this form means money which we desperately need, what are your thoughts on this

  5. Laca deserves contract extension. He has done more than auba does. I think laca and saka are our player of the season. Auba should be sold and keep laca

  6. If we were to re-up Laca it would simply highlight two glaring problems that have plagued our club for far too long…lowered expectations and asset mismanagement

  7. Lacazette is a great team player, who interacts extremely well with Arsenal’s up and coming forward players.
    As well he is scoring goals for a mid table club; someone Arsenal would normally take notice of.
    As for Lacazette wanting “what could be his last contract, a long lucrative one” as John says this is only a “thought”. Retaining Lacazette depends on how keen he is to stay and the contract extension he requests. There is no way Arsenal should do an Ozil/Aubameyang repeat. If Lacazette’s request is reasonable, then I would like his contract extended.

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