Lacazette is desperate to play alongside Aubameyang – and why not?

The French hitman Alexandre Lacazette missed out on a world Cup Winners medal with France but this could be to Arsenal’s advantage as the prolific hitman is fresh and raring to get back to scoring ways for Gunners. He only played half an hour alongside Aubameyang yesterday but still knocked in two goals and he is really keen to continue the partnership when the Premier League season starts in earnest in a couple of weeks.

When he was asked if he knew him when they both played in Ligue 1, Lacazette said: ‘No. I didn’t know him because before he used to play for a rival in France.

‘Since he came to Arsenal I’m happy with him and we have a good relationship.

‘I like it when he plays around me. If he plays in front of me or on the left it is good for me and as well for him.’

‘I hope and I think will be a better Alexandre Lacazette than last year. Now I have one year in the Premier League so of course I will be better.

‘I was happy for my teammates and country but now that’s over and I want to win trophies with Arsenal ‘I am determined to play for Arsenal and be in the squad of Unai Emery.’

With Emery playing both strikers together in most pre-season games, the signs look good that we can have both of them on the field on a regular basis. Lacazette may be keen to keep the partnership going but I think most Arsenal fans are just as positive about it.

What do you think?



  1. Unai Emery says:

    Right now , we have a very good squad, brilliant chemistry , and a very tactical coach,,, feeling super excited for this season

  2. Innit says:

    I like both Lacazette and Aubameyang. I liked Giroud and Welbeck too for different reasons but Aubameyang and Lacazette are the upgrades we needed. Aubameyang is Top class in my opinion. Lacazette is a close second.

    It’s up to Emery if both play together. But its possible we could see just one up front like 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1 etc. Rotation may be best option for both to survive the seaon with limited injuries.

    They could rotate, play together up front or Aubameyang may be put on the wing. Again we need tp wait and see Emery decides.

  3. Marv says:

    The squad is in shape, however, we still need a natural winger. I hope Sven looks the way of Kingsley Coman…

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Who would you drop to make way for your ‘natural winger’? Auba? Laca? Mikki? Ozil? Who exactly?

      1. Gunner rob says:

        Even more so when you consider Reiss nelson and Emile smith Rowe. Don’t forget subs was a winger at Dortmund successfully before lewondowski moved to Bayern.

      2. Marv says:

        None of the names you mentioned are natural wingers…if Arsenal can sign Coman, Emery can start Mikki from the bench.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Thanks Marv – you are the only one who seems to have given it a bit of thought. Mikki it is then for the boot! For me any new winger will have to be pretty damn good to oust Mikki from the starting lineup.
          Then again it will be interesting to see the team Unai puts out against Man City – maybe Mikki will not be in there whether or not we buy!!?? Who knows? Can’t wait!

  4. Dan says:

    Has Steve bould moved off the bench yet or is he still sitting there like a dummy!!!

  5. Alldwayfromafika says:

    Given our lack of top wingers I think our first eleven would be better if they both start with aub9 playing the Ronaldo time roll..evening been good so far I hope it gets better……happy sunday guys.

  6. mas says:

    we wont see the best out of auba when he is wide.we really need him in that c.f

  7. Sean says:

    Rotation between Auba,Miki & Laca in the front 3, even Ozil & Miki rotating when one pushes forward more. We just need a natural top drawer winger to end the transfer window. Marquee signing for the summer I’m hoping. Guendouzi has me convinced he can do a job in the middle when needed this season, his height & mentality already for a 19yr old is quite impressive… best of all what a bargain for 8m or so,I didn’t even know of this kid before we bought him….

    Sven at it again with this kid & also Mavraponas who none of us knew in Jan before we bought him, he was again a bargain at 7m or so.

    If we could get a Lozano, Dembele on Loan or Martial from Utd we could have a great squad. Was hoping we would of signed Soyuncu as he’s going to be a big player in the future but the price means we need to offload one more CB…. Even loan Chambers out for a season then sell Mustafi next summer if we need to keep him for Exp really.

    Looking good for the start of the season, won’t get carried away but I am quietly optimistic about a top4 spot & Europa League win. Tbh we should’ve won it this year but we didn’t do the business with the 10+ chances at home in the 1st leg v eventual winner in Athletico.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      From the players you mention at the top of your comment who would you drop to fit in the new winger? I’ve posed this question to many on the ‘we must have a winger’ bandwagon but received no reply yet. Maybe it’s a problem for Unai too so perhaps that’s the reason he hasn’t bought a winger yet. Anyway, hope you can oblige with an answer. If you do then you will be a hero for the rest of those on the bandwagon who will then say “Yes, that’s why we need a new winger”. So… instant fame awaits you:)

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Depends how good he is. Laca would be sidelined most I’d imagine. Injuries would see us better able to cope too as each of those guys at one time or another will pull up lame. Mkhitaryan might miss an odd game too depending on what type of winger he is and what type of team we face, or he could be switched or brought on for Ozil depending on Ozil’s game that day. It gives us more options, you don’t want the quality all on starting team players you need some of it itching to win his game time. It is difficult to get good quality to sit on the bench for long. With a winger it might be wise to get a young one who has it all ahead of him. Auba, Mkhit, Ozil are not spring chickens. Coman would be a tough sell because that would mean he starts and we have a long time casualty, Lacazette maybe. Or we could get a good winger but not the top one people hope for, one who does well with crossing and passing and doesn’t mind being a team player. Some might say sure we have S Rowe and Nelson, it might be a good point, both played on wings in their time. We are still lacking on the wings all the same unless we see something different with the youngsters. Aubameyang is a guy you want in and around the box, when he plays on the wing its effectively another striker more so than a midfielder. People talk about Ramsey, but they need to realize that our four forwards for the most part don’t have allot in common with a midfielder, midfielders can be what gives your team balance. Allot of the time it will work well for us, but there are times when wide players need to be more conservative, wide players can sometimes dictate our shape.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Thanks B-O-T

  8. Sean Williams says:

    Aubamayang and Lacazette will definitely produce more goals playing together. They both excite me. Can’t imagine one not playing.
    It looks like sometime in the future Guendouzi/Torreira are going to become our new Gilberto/Viera. With Ozil, Mkhiitaryan, Ramsey, Xhaka, and even Elneny competing there are going to be some disappointments for midfielders. I wonder where will Emery play Xhaka?
    The position that most worries me is on the left. Kolasinac is a good wing back but not a good left back. Natcho is good at both but is getting on. A top notch left back/wing back could make us a dangerous team.
    If Rob Holding can drop his nerves he could progress, but he makes many too many mistakes. Mustafi is more commanding, but makes really damaging mistakes. Sokratis look tough but a is clearly bit slow and Chambers is improving but makes poor passes. It seems Yerry Mina is available. He looked top notch for Columbia. Is he worth a punt? I hate nervous CB’s and we have had so many, Djourou, Senderos, Squillaci, etc. etc, etc. Mina is a big boy, plays real football and is mean. Just a thought.

    1. Joey Mack says:

      I too have wondered if Mina, who apparently is in Everton’s sights, was on Arsenal’s radar. Had a good world cup and can score goals as well.

  9. Juhi McLovin says:

    Play both together. If other is injured, change to using wingers.

    Whats Smith Rowes natural position? CAM?

  10. Gifted says:

    @Gunnerjack…I would drop Ozil for the new winger.. Assume we bought Bailley. So we could have a front three of Auba, Laca and Bailley in a 433 system. Mikhi can play CM alongside Ramsey/ Guendouzi and Torreira.

    1. D says:

      Drop the player with the some of, if not THE highest, chances created and assist rates in the whole of Europe? I guess that’s why you’re sitting behind your computer and not currently managing one of the top teams in the entire world.

    2. Protiq says:

      Emery is going for 4-1-4-1
      only way to play auba, laca, ozil, mkhi with new winger is simple drop ramsay.

      auba-mkhi-ozil-new winger

      I think this way we will all be happy.

  11. Chiza says:

    We need BAILEY!!… that guy would soon be considered one of the best players in the world

  12. Miztermann says:

    sincerely …..that Bailey could b singing of the season if we can snap the guy…. so fast,dribbling and good sight on goal

  13. Jah son says:

    Xhaka will start next to Torriera in our toughest games this season as we need his height and strength in the premier league all our youngsters are exciting but too small to pair up with Torriera

  14. jon fox says:


  15. Fkhalifa says:

    I don’t buy the idea of playing Laca and Auba together, city rotated Aguero and Jesus for the whole season, and they both delivered..

    We all know Auba and Laca thrive well at the CF position,why then destabilize the set up to accommodate a big names?

    we need or Coman or bailey on the wings..that’s just the clear fact.

    I’m not particularly interested in the highest goal scorer race,I’ll take Auba and laca both sharing 50goals…25 each than making one our goal machine and turning the other to bench dead Wood.

    We fans scream about squad depth, but when the opportunity presents itself,we see fans with series of formation forcing all our big names on the pitch..

    This backfired when Wenger forced ramsey, ozil wilshere,carzola and Arterta into the starting 11, and that birthed the beginning on No Natural wingers in the team.

    Bale,isco,kovacic,benzema etc sits on Madrid’s bench..

    look at city’s bench, do we want to have craps and youths alone on bench?

    why can’t we mix youthful talented players e.g AMN, Rowe,Goudonzi with Average players..Welbeck,iwobi, El neny, and big name players like Mhicky,Laca and Cech as our squad or bench players?

    It is high time fans changed that mentality,and let it sink that Arsenal is a big footballing club.

  16. mudy says:

    that is very interesting … hope we gonna play laca and oubemayeng together.

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