Lacazette is still open to Arsenal move!

Arsenal have been supposedly targeting a new striker all summer, despite Arsene Wenger previously indicating that he was solely focused on defensive additions rather than in attack. Arsenal had been in a bid to sign Jamie Vardy before the Euros, whilst Morata, Janssen, Lukaku, Icardi and Higuain were all also linked, of course with no results.

It means that with just a few weeks before the closure of this summers transfer window, Arsenal are still without a new frontman, although rumours regarding Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette refuse to lay down. A move had previously been on the cards after Arsenal made an opening bid, reportedly around the £29 million mark. However this was rejected outright, to no surprise may I add given that Bolasie has just joined Everton for a reported £30 million. It is unknown if Arsenal have made a second approach.

The player does however remain linked with the Gunners and what will give Arsenal fans a slight hope that we will see the Frenchman at the Emirates come the end of August, is that Lacazette himself is open towards a move away from Lyon.

Speaking in an interview with Canal+, Lacazette said: “If there are offers that can’t be refused, I’d like to not refuse them. But I’m very comfortable at Lyon.”

Based on that, despite suggesting he doesn’t mind if he remains at Lyon, you can tell the 25 year old striker hopes for get a move away. He’s spent his entire career in France so far and so must now be looking at the next stage, with Arsenal being a possible destination.

Lacazette scored a hat trick in the last Lyon game, whilst at the same time Arsenal were struggling against Liverpool. Although the Gunners didn’t struggle for goals against Jurgen Klopp’s side, Lacazette’s presence up front would have surely bettered that of having to convert Alexis for the afternoon. Will we see Lacazette in an Arsenal shirt before the window closes?



  1. At this moment I would take Lacazette.

    He might not be the world class striker we’ve been lacking since RVP, but he’s a poacher and he can get better. He has scored + 20 goals three years in a row, one of them being a 31-goal season (that’s a lot more than Giroud scored back in Ligue 1).

    However at this stage, Lyon can ask for whatever the price they want since everybody and their dogs know we are desperate (thanks Wenger).

      1. cough “Messi” cough…
        cough “Xhaka” cough…
        cough “Higuain” cough…
        cough “Muller” cough…
        cough “Ozil” cough…

        1. That’s a bad cough you got there Twig, ?
          Maybe you should cut down on the Cigarettes, weed and crack, mate.?

            1. Hahaha ?
              Oh … You are obviously still upset with me, because of the one slice, I left you? ? ??

  2. He is the striker we need, but not the one we deserve. We should sign him up because we don’t seem to have better options left anymore.

    1. Where would he play? If he can’t get on the national team in front of someone who had a great tournament how will he do so on the club level?

      1. He doesnt have to play every game. He can be backup for Giroud or vice versa depending on their form/opponent/tactics. Also in the past he has played on the wings too.
        I agree he is not the best striker out there but he is the most realistic forward we can sign. I mean I would rather we sign Laca than hope that Giroud/Walcott/Akpom/Sanogo/Asano will give us 30 + goals

  3. What’s really with dithering over this Lacazette deal?

    The guy’s there for the Taking……

    We passed on expensive options like Auba, griemann and Lewy

    & even cheaper options Like Ben yedder

    & there are still other unconsidered options like Leigh griffith …still cheap

    what do we really want??????

  4. @Admin…..This is just embarrasing……… Why all my comments are under moderation?

    A ploy? Or spam filters?

    1. Its not a ploy. I just want to delete your most negative and annoying comments. You rarely even talk about football!
      Why live with such negativity around you all the time?

  5. Everyday ,,,everyone is open to a move to arsenal. Tomorrow it will be gibril cise. Did I even get the spelling right? How did I even fell in love with arsenal? Everton just bought bolasie. And we are contemplating on a move for a world class defender.

    What a shame. Am even ashamed to be wearing the jersey nowadays thanks to Mr delusional Wenger. Playing French poker with arsenal.

  6. lacazette is a 2nd rate striker who has only played in an inferior league with the same mid tier club his whole career.

    hes not worth 40 mill .

    jermain defoe is way more proven an would cost less than half..have to accept wr wont get a quality strikerr

    we could have got two years out of higuain an had him now aswell…alll for cheaper than lacazette

    oohh the irony

  7. I wouldn’t mind as much, if Wenger could do more than just picking the starting 11 and his not even good at that, either. ?

      1. What? ?… Isn’t £8 millon enough?? ?
        Ebenezer turned Oliver Twist, now wants “Moreeee” ??

  8. La cassette, VCR and RVP are old school.
    We need the A.K.P.O.M system.
    Arsenal. Kid. Powering. On. Man. 🙂

  9. Both Lacazette and Mahrez would make up for a WC striker that we need
    Last season Mahrez and Vardy scored a combined 41 goals
    With Lacazette, Mahrez, Giroud, Alexis and Ozil to feed them, scoring goals shouldn’t be a problem.
    It will be £80-100 million but well worth it for two excellent 25 year olds

    1. There is no way on this earth we will ever pay out that sort of money. It’s never going to happen unfortunately.

      I think our business might be done. Prepare yourselves for the yearly no player was suitable or available nonsense….

      1. We will pay those sums for those kind of players, but next summer window when hoperfully Wenger will have been replaced by somebody like Koeman or Laudrup

    2. Maybe if the 27 million Arsenal supporters world wide chipped in 3 pounds each [at least it’s three times more than the 1 pound Wenger offered for Suarez lol], we could get us a Pogba or 1 Lacazzete + 1 Mahrez every season.

      1. I have chipped in quite enough to kroenkes doughnut fund over the years. It’s time the tight fisted fool started treating me to be honest…..treated all of us!

  10. we walked away from barbosa deal due to ownership…who swoops in…

    thsts right jose mourinho

    f### this transfer window.

    1. If Barbosa goes to United, that’s it then. Hand out the title to Mourinho.

      Martial, Ibra, Gabriel, probably even Rashford, all better forwards than anyone from our team. Shameful.

      1. Yeah it’s a little embarrassing isn’t it……

        Still we have Sano no go go and Assano oh no! We should be golden surely!

  11. Mustafi and Roberto Soriano became close friends during their time together at Sampdoria and
    the midfielder has just joined Villarreal with the hope that his compatriot would help him settle in to life in Spain. But Soriano
    claims that just as he’s arriving in La Liga, Mustafi is on the move.

    Soriano is quoted as saying by Spanish outlet El Desmarque:

    “ I have no luck. I do not know what to do ‘Musta’. In any case, if there are big clubs are interested in him that means that he is doing very well and I’m happy for him. I’m a little less happy for me, I
    had hoped he would help me adapt to life in Spain. I came for him and now he goes”

    Guys….Mustafi is on the Move and it certainly isn’t to Barca…..guess London!

  12. Every season we are two-three signings away from a complete quality team
    Last season we needed a DM and top striker but it turned out that a top striker would have been enough to win the title

    The good thing about last season is that we finally got a WC goalkeeper, sadly just Adelaide and no more

    Now because of the slow rate of top transfers (1 per year), we may lose Ozil, Alexis and Bellerin next summer

    1. New players coming in will mean Iwobi, Campbell, Adelaide and others will be left on the sidelines.
      How many of us complain that we develop youngsters but don’t play them?

      1. No, it means every player will be forced to step up because of competition. If a player’s position isn’t under threat they will never perform hence why majority of the team always under performs.

  13. Vardy overall style of play is similar to Walcott, they like to receive passes threaded through space at displaced defenders, defenders running back toward thier goal so that they could used thier pace most of Vardy goals were scored in that fashion. If Walcott played for Leicester he would have scored more goals than Vardy and all Arsenal fans would be be screeming at Mr Wenger saying buy Walcott him for 45 million. In my opinion if you have Walcott you dont need Vardy.

    Lacazette is a limited striker similar in mold to Saldado on the market for 40 million plus, he could give you goals but nothing else. Lacazette posesses poor tight control and dribbling skills and his lack of ability to hold play or switch play to allow other player to make runs into the box would destroy Walcott and Sanchez game in the wide areas. Lacazette is not an Arsenal fit Mr Wenger please dont buy him.

    Arsneal need a striker with good intricate skills who could play good close contact football, withstand defenders weight leaning onto him and still maintain good control of the ball and manage to make passes from that position, scoring indivitual goals by taking on defenders. Mario Balotelli has all these credentials. Presently, his Arsenal best option Mr Wenger should buy him for 7 million and stop all other transfer activities for this season.

    1. we should sign balotelli really ?, how many matches would he play for us cos he wuld definitely have more red cards than goals, has he ever scored 15 goals in any league? and u believe balotelli is a good dribbler, we are better off with giroud

      1. Balotelli was excellent in the 2013-2014 season at AC Milan, he scored 26 goals, he was also very good in the 2014 World cup in Brazil. Balotelli has good dribbling skills and good close control and he sees a pass. Therefore, players like Sanchez and Walcott who like to make runs into the box overall game would not be affected by his style of play.

        The only problem with Balotelli is this, his a mood player at his best his as good as Sanchez, but if his not in the mood his performance seems to be inadequate. But over the last few years Balotelli image and personally has improve vastly. Mr Wenger with his serious, intellegent, mature and respectfull attitude is probably one of very few managers who could get the best out of Balotelli on a regular bases.

        You said Mr Wenger should not buy Balotelli but you did not say which striker he should buy.

  14. £40 Mil for Lacazette
    £25 Mil for Mustafi

    We are title challengers with a complete squad, how does Wenger not see it?

    Also what did everyone make of the Wenger post-match interview? Had the demena of a 14 year old who had been caught stealing by his parents. You could see it in his eyes he didn’t believe what he was saying, why does something need to go wrong for him to see it?

    1. He’s just shamelessly waiting for his ‘like a new signing’s to come back and is bored of spouting the same old drivel year after year maybe?

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