‘Lacazette isn’t a big game player’ – Prepare to eat your words Mourinho…

All Arsenal fans are over the moon with the capture of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, who is a pure goalscoring genius, but it would seem that our 50 million Pound man is simply not good enough for Arsene Wenger’s biggest rival Jose Mourinho.

According to a report in the Express, Man United were considering signing him, but Mourinho dismissed him. The report quotes a ‘source’ who said: “Lacazette was followed because he was top scorer in French football – but a lot of his goals were penalties [10 of his 27 goals last season came from the spot].

“In the end he wasn’t considered because he has no stamina, no physical impact and isn’t a big game player.”

Not a big game player? Okay let us look at the facts shall we? The 26 year-old has averaged nearly a goal every other game for Lyon, scoring 129 times in 275 outings in all competitions. But he has been improving and Lacazette scored 28 goals in 30 Ligue 1 games last season, including scoring at least once against ALL the Top 5 teams. Surely they were considered ‘big games’.

So Mourinho chose Romelu Lukaku instead (for twice the price!), so does the ex-Everton hitman score in ‘big games’. He has played against Arsenal 11 times, and scored 2 goals. Hmmmm. He has played against Chelsea 6 times. ZERO goals. Hmmmm. He has faced United 11 times in his career and scored 3 (and all came in one game). Not such a good record is it?

Anyway the proof is in the pudding as they say, so we will have to assess their qualities as the season progresses, but I promise that Lacazette will score more goals than Lukaku and Jose Mourinho will be sitting back in 6th place yet again…



    1. This inflation price tag of footballer (price over quality) is becoming ridiculous. Last man who worth every penny of his world most expensive player was Cristiano Ronaldo. After him, there’s just imaginations beyond realities. However, how Lukaku stole the show from top scores like Aubameyang is rather unexplainable.

  1. Maureen started his mind games already, bless him.

    Hope lacazette proves him wrong.


  2. Who gives. The fact that you have to pay so much money today to get a bit quality in proves that that football is short in good strikers nowdays.

    I am also not that fired up, but i know that he will do the job. Not become worldclass but i know he will be efficiant.

  3. Riyad mahrez is Worst season score more goals an assist than ozil only Arsenal fans would think Thomas Lemar at this moment is better than Riyad mahrez it’s really a joke I know a lot of arsenal fans are happy and excited about Alexandre lacazette but without two more quality signings an keeping Sanchez Thomas Lemar or Riyad mahrez on a top quality midfielder we are not even going to make to four we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different result

    1. LOL. Ozil chances created in PL 2014-2017 = 312. RM in same period 161. MO 18 goals/RM 25 goals. RM 13 more apps than MO in that period. I’ll trade 7 goals over 3 years for double the chances created. If MO is staying, which appears probable, we need Lemar not Mahrez.

  4. Honestly, when i read that comment, i was just laughing out loud. Lukaku is only worth 45m pounds. Im beginning to see why Mou wanted the united job. To manage a team where he would spend recklessly on average players. Lukaku, Pogba, and Zlatan all have thesame agent. Guys, please, i have not watched Lemar closely. How good is the guy really? Overhyped? Just asking. Mahrez has EPL experience.

  5. Lacazette is a quality striker and I prefer him to Lukaku. Can’t wait to play United and watch Lacazette score some goals. Maureen will be eating humble pie soon enough.

    Maureen is probably the most classless manager in the world. He is the Katie Price of football

    1. dunno if i agree about laca over lukaku
      lukaku is a minimum 25 goal a season striker
      and thats even with being isolated at times in games
      hes built for this league- a tank

      lacazette has been at lyon since he was a kid, hes left his hometown club- all he knows really
      for a superior league. his frame is kinda lacking aswell
      but he clearly has something- i have faith in him, but sanchez staying will keep pressure off him so he has time to adjust- could be vital

      1. Career goals/game ratios. Lukaku 0.46. Giroud 0.43. Lacazette 0.47. Alexis 0.31. Some fascinating conclusions to made there. He is clearly a goal every other game merchant, much the same as OG/AL. Yes, he is young and may go beast mode at Man U but we’ll have to wait and see. “25 goal a season is a minimum” – we’ll also have to wait and see on that one, atm his most is 26 so bit of a leap to claim 25 as a minimum. And I haven’t been able to verify it but apparently without RM’s goals last season Everton would have still finished 7th and be 7 points clear of WBA. He tore up Sunderland and B’Mouth (21 of his 25 goals were against bottom 13 sides) but has scored hardly any against the top 6. In fact 15 goals in 57 matches against the top 6 since 2013. Flat track bully appears apt at this stage.

  6. Mourin-hoe will continue being a hoe, we dont care about your silly comments, keep the heavy one dimensional player and we’ll keep the lethal one who adds another dimension to our attack.. we now need a gr8 winger to replace the never growing decade speedster, and a strong DM to add steel in the middle of the park, and we are ready to teach Man U a good lesson

  7. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with Mourinho because none of the three factors mentioned are true.I’m sure they watched Lacazette with different eyes.Having said that let’s not call players average anyhow.Lukaku is good to be the starting CF for any of the top teams and so is Lacazette.I’d have also loved to have Lukaku because he can also what Laca can do and even has the height and aerial presence we need.But now we have Laca and I support him because all he needs this season is to put his finishing boots on.I’m expecting a lot of goals from him because of his finishing.They are both good players and if they live up to expectations can make both teams dangerous.I don’t care if Lukaku is better or not because if Lukaku is as average as people say then being better than him is not an achievement.All I care about is the fact that Laca is possibly going to tear up the league with his finishing.

  8. Admin, I have notice that their people from the chicken Team down the road here commenting and they are annoying for real this I’d justarsenal!

    1. lol cant have a debate or hear what opposition have to say? Need a castle to sit up and stare at people from? Get a back bone and accept there is going to be people that think you are nuts.

      1. ?? Nice comment mate. But what my fellow gullible Gooner really meant was… ” Hey, Admin, is it okay if I pop across the road and get Fatboy some KFC? ??” … Oh & ??” We don’t need fans from other clubs on here, since we do a good enough job with thumbing each other down & arguing with each other, blah blah blah” ??

  9. Funny how you consider the top 4 of england as comparable to the top teams in France. If Mourinho is past it, what is Wenger? How many trophies has each won in the last 5 years. Pretty sure Mourinho won more last year then Wenger in those same 5. We will see who scores more for sure. Love how you say we will have to assess everything as the season progresses but then guarantees he will score more and United will be in 6th. Mediocrity has gone to your guys heads. Starting to sound like all those ABU Liverpool fans………Liverpool. Let that sink in.

  10. i expected nothing else from jose.
    i’l be honest im glad we got lacazette -years of no real striker- now we have one

    but he was like 5th on my list-
    an lets be honest we’re in europa league- our prestige has dropped since the glory days
    we couldnt attract any better
    an to be honest im surprised we got him

    but we do need more buys and think its unfiar to expect him to answer all our problems

  11. Jose just being Jose and proving what a classless little man he can be. He must have been riled by media criticism of Lukaku’s transfer fee so he takes it out on Lacazette. Classy fellow is our Jose. I hope Wenger takes the high road

  12. Let Moureen continue to inflate the price of players until one day when the FA will get up and put a stop to it. Because this is what he did at Chelsea, Real Madrid and in Italy. That’s why they don’t want him anymore. Mour, if you want to prove that you are a special one as you called yourself, then go to Leicester and Win the premier league for them like their former manager.

  13. Take it as a compliment for Maureen to mention Lacazette already when we’ve only just signed him says it all. Personally I don’t get why Lukaku would cost twice as much he’s been in the PL for a few years now and he hasn’t set the world alight yet. In terms of pedigree Lacazette has a far better progressive performance that stats prove. I am delighted we have our hitman keeping Giroud and Welbeck and hopefully Sanchez we will be a force to be reckoned with. And service coming in from
    Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka and hopefully Lemar wow what a prospect we have for this season.

  14. It’s funny that he should mention stamina, considering Lukaku was the player with the single lowest distance covered, in the whole of the PL.

  15. BREAKING!… My neck for a ??

    Anyways, Mbappe is staying at Monaco for at least another season. Reports from France claim that the youngster has leased out a house near the clubs training ground. The news of him staying could also mean that Lemar won’t be sold during this transfer window either, As that promise was made to Mbappe from the clubs president. Other reports have claimed that Lemar’s father was against his son joining Arsenal and wanted him to remain at Monaco for the time being.

  16. Latest: Bellerin will stay at Arsenal. From Esha Gupta the sexy and ravishing Bollywood actress who is a staunch Arsenal supporter. Bellerin dated her for a while..

  17. I read this and I thought the nob heads off already before the season even starts, shut up Jose’!

    I hope lacazette scores a hatrick against man u.
    It’s easy to talk shi* when you’ve just paid 100m for a proven and good but not the best striker around.
    I’ll say this though getting rooneys and Zlatans salaries off the books was good business.
    Hope Rooney scores against mu as well I’d take pleasure from that!

  18. Basically Jose probably drives a shiny fast car, makes lots of noise vocally and probably to go with it has a small c*ck!
    No confident and self assured man behaves like this do they?

  19. I never like Mourinho with all my heart, He hates arsenal with passion, i knew that he will comments about Lacazette , i am happy about our signing him, hope he proves him wrong, Our last game lukaku was playing he did not score any goal as usual he never score any goals to arsenal, He collected all his goals to small team.

    Mourinho started his mind games . He buys expensive players every teams he goes just last season he spent alot where did he finish number 6. For all top 4 they wont last to champions anyway is a pity we are not but hope we win.

  20. People Should Please tell MOANING HOE to stop drinking cos apparently its not helping him….

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