Lacazette must step up or Arteta’s impetus will surely falter

These three games in a row against Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and Chelsea were always going to be tough, especially as we only got one point from the 3 reverse fixtures this season. At least we managed to get another point from Palace despite going down to ten men, but we can be sure that the next two are going to be even tougher to get more than a point from without Aubameyang’s goals to help us.

Sheffield United have been a revelation this season, and despite losing their last 2 (away at Man City and Liverpool) they were unbeaten in their previous nine and will be keen to regain their Top Six aspirations.

And of course we all know Chelsea’s battling qualities, although they are young and can be inconsistent.

For these two games, we now desperately need Lacazette to return to his former deadly form or we will, quite frankly, become entrenched in the bottom half of the table.

Our defence has improved a bit under Arteta, but other than Aubameyang we are still struggling to score goals. One man who thinks that Lacazette can step up to the plate is our big Greek defender Sokratis, who told “He’s a machine, a goal machine,”

“He’s a very good player. In some games, from the outside, you can’t see what he can do. Or maybe he is a little bit struggling. But we have see also how is the game and which guy he has behind him.

“I think he is a very good player, we are with him every time, he is with us and we will show all together in the future a lot of things.

“I think Laca is coming better and better. He’s very important, a massively important player for us. Altogether we have to improve, to step up and to show that the year is not finished and that we have to fight for this.”

We sincerely hope our “goal machine” can get a confidence boosting goal against the Blades, or we will go to Stamford Bridge with a main striker low on belief and without an away goal since February.

These two games are going to be massive for Arteta’s impetus and could define the rest of our season. Let’s prove our new coach has made a difference and can survive without our star player….

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  1. He has to start scoring, but he mustn’t neglect his pressing duty

    If he can’t score, he has to be an assist or chance creator

    If he can’t be a provider, he should press tirelessly to force the opponents to make mistakes

    If he can’t do counter-pressing, it means he is just too lazy and must be sold ASAP

    1. @gotanidea
      I think to get more result, Laccazeth should not be the one only one pressing. The 3 forwards should also be involved. But I don’t know how long Arteta would tolerate Laccazeth not scoring. He was bought as a striker.

  2. Every striker goes through a dry patch, ppl need to get of his back. He has been regular with goals before this when ever he has played so I am pretty sure soon he will get his mojo back.

  3. Lacazette has scored 5 PL goals this season.
    So far he has been paid 5 million pound.
    So each goal he scores he has been paid a million pound.
    Ozil has played 12 PL games for 1 assist.
    So that equates to 9.8 million pound per assist.
    Not saying this is good or bad.
    Other clubs have it worse Sanchez is paid 26m salary for a club he does not even play for.
    All I am saying is that top level pro football is an expensive business.
    No wonder Kroenke has not spent a penny on players in ten years.

  4. he have issue with his girlfriend we pray the issue can be resolved before next match so we can see the best of laca

    1. I just read that funny story

      A true professional should be able to separate his or her professional and private lifes

      1. Laccazeth is just out of form and he is a professional at what he does. I believe his girl friend issue is just cock and bull story. However, if the writeup is true it only shows the human side of him that is weak. Serena William, the female Tenis Maestro game was also affected when he had issue with her boy friend she even took a break from Tennis. But we need Laccazeth to start scoring again.

  5. There s no pressing from the middle field, Ozil and Xhaka are the main problems. As long as Goundouzi is on the bench, there’s no pace in the middle of the park

  6. The Arsenal players needs our full support, that’s what I am giving…

    Let’s help them become better..

    No one is selling our players for now…

  7. he knows only how to bully defenders and Makes tackles,so we shall play him as number six and martinelli up front

  8. I know we should be supporting our players but I don’t expect much more from Laca than what I’ve seen in recent weeks. I’ll put more faith in that little boy Marinelli, hoping he starts.

  9. With auba being helped to get goals to maintain his value…watch all of auba goals and watch all players open up space for him to score…fixed or assisted play….the only player who is closed down day in day out and has to score real goals is laca…laca is the only player who is closed by seconds with two players when he gets the ball…that means marked player…then edu brings in matinelli who has to be given goals too…then pepe also needed goals to maintain his value…ozil also has to be maintainened cause of market value….all this facts since non above match lacazette in all round football…then laca has been told to play zero football when on the pitch…otherwise if he shows so much skills…from auba to ozil..even pepe will have zero market value. So dont wait for laca to do anything but sit and watch untill helped players get market out…or laca moves to where skills and goals can be allowed…just watch and see how arsenal is so fixed up on everything to favour auba and ozil…game is so off day in day out…everything has to slow down and that means laca has to shut off too untill it’s all decided or corrected. Their is no goal laca scores without lock down..but any other player of arsenal it’s open space and goal in. But just and see how poor is a fixed club now..

  10. I think a front 3 of Pepe, Lacca and Martinelli have bags and bags of potential, it is not a problem for Arsenal. The midfield is our problem, the pair of Ozil and Xhaka have to repay the faith in them.

  11. Laca is a class player and surely he will start scoring again. We should back him and not criticise as every striker goes through a lean patch. Even when he does not score he either assists or gives a very high work rate to draw defenders towards him. Only the goals are missing and they will come soon.

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