Lacazette opens up about Arteta and what he has done for Arsenal

Alexandre Lacazette has lavished praise on Mikel Arteta as the Spaniard continues to lead Arsenal towards a return to the top four.

The Gunners have become the odds-on favourites to end this season in the last Champions League place, and it is a significant improvement from last season when they finished the campaign outside all the European spots.

The Gunners made Arteta their manager at the end of 2019 when Unai Emery was fired by the club, but not everyone associated with the club was positive about his appointment.

This is because he had no prior experience in senior management and Arsenal needed a strong managerial hand to lead them at the time.

He has proven his doubters wrong and has now become one of the finest managers in England, and Lacazette says he deserves credit for the progress the club has made under him.

He tells Mundo Deportivo: “We are focused on being in the top four.

“We want to get the team into the Champions League next season. We work for it all week, and at the moment, it’s working.

“We want to continue like this, working hard every day to play well at the weekend.

“Arteta is the leader, the boss, even the boss of the club. Since he arrived, a lot of things have changed, including everyone’s mentality… It’s all about him.”

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Most of us didn’t think Arteta was still the right man for the job when we started this season poorly. There were even calls for him to leave.

However, apart from Piers Morgan, it is hard to find an Arsenal supporter who doesn’t believe the Spaniard is doing a great job now. We can only hope his team keeps getting better.

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  1. “…hard to find an Arsenal supporter who doesnt believe the Spaniard is doing a great job now.”
    Oh really MARTIN? I could name a number of regulars onhere who don’t think he is. I won’t name them though, as we all know who they are.

  2. “Mikel Arteta looks and sounds the part. He is doing all the right things. I like his style, I like him personally

    And given that he has no experience as a Manager he has been impressive. I have confidence that if he is given money he can get Arsenal competing. But will he be given the money? Can he keep a player like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?”

    Piers Morgan in a Talksport interview in July 2020

    All fans can change their minds very easily, it doesn’t make them wrong or right, it is just their opinion at a particular time

    1. FF, MAINLY A SENSIBLE POST BUT I do not accept that fans who are wise “can change their minds VERY EASILY”!


      I only ever change my mind, with reluctance and only having first thought long and hard at the increasing body of evidence which points me in a new direction from what I had previously. THAT is mature IMO.

      I leave that to children and adults who are still “children!”

  3. Read a report that made me sick, wherein Tite is lined up as a prospect to replace Mikel. When we have the Teta why do we need Tite? Hope the board just gives Mikel what he wants and extend his contract irrespective of our final league position, we need Mikel more than what he needs Arsenal. Have not seen such a transformation of Arsenal on the pitch in over a decade and a half. Every player praises him, except a few arm chair legends out here.

    1. LC I also read this but I dismiss it as paper tittle tattle. All my mature instints tell me without a shadpow of any doubt whatsoever that our club will definitely stick with MA for many years to come, possible a great many more than some of us can even imagine.

      Forget “Tite” , it is simply loose talk(not a silly pun on your name btw).

  4. So what could’ve made auba not buying into arteta’s idea while the rest have been praising him and confident he will lead them to glory days?What is going on exactly?

  5. I neither believed in Arteta nor doubted him when he was given the opportunity to coach AFC but was concerned with the stinginess of the club management. To be frank with you, Mikel has done a great job with the boys and they are really playing entertaining football as it was in those days of the INVINCIBLES. All thanks to Mikel Arteta and his coaching crew.

  6. Tears in my eyes whenever JA fans praise MA because I remember how toxic his name was to some fans months ago, many articles written to discredit him and many wanted him gone. Glad he is winning many fans over, I pray he soars higher and higher and one day wins the EPL and UCL we had been craving for. For the Tite news, I personally don’t read any meaning into it..

  7. I remember Arteta say that he would love to have Wenger at the Arsenal..obviously not as a manager…I also know Mr Wenger wouldn’t want to come back to Arsenal but maybe there is a position in the Arsenal board for Tite to work with Edu..they both did work together before

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