Lacazette pens an emotional message to former teammate Aubameyang

Alexandre Lacazette had a very close relationship with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Arsenal.

Both players were the club’s main strikers between 2018 and the last transfer window when Auba left for Barcelona.

The Frenchman will be out of contract at the end of this season and he could also leave the club.

However, he has sent a message to his former strike partner and claims he enjoyed his time at Arsenal because the Gabon star was a teammate.

He wrote on Instagram: “Thanks for the last 4 years , my experience in arsenal would have been different without you.

Wish you good luck in your next chapter !

See you soon ”

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It is always sad to see a teammate and friend leave, but Auba was becoming a problem for the club.

The striker is undeniably talented, but we couldn’t continue to contain his excesses at the Emirates.

The squad needs players that are more disciplined than he is now, and we can get that from some of our transfer targets.

In the summer, Lacazette will likely leave and they could be reunited if he also joins Barca.

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  1. the pic says it all, the training sessions were never taken seriously as it seems from the picture, it was more of fun due to the Wenger culture.The result we finished 8th twice and the manager gets the blame by some with nothing for the players, match officials, VAR, etc. Good to see Mikel stamping his authority and changing the culture something experienced managers failed to do ,Emery here, Van Gaal, Mou, Ole at Utd.Those who don’t like it are free to leave and hopefully they take with them their disgraceful fans

    1. LC , Even though on MA, I do , but broadly speaking only, agree with your general stance, It is an uneducated statement to judge training sessions by a single picture.

      ALL clubs everywhere depend on a harmonious and enjoyable, though disciplined, structure to their training sessions. What you see is merely two friends laughing while training.

      Show me a single club anywhere where training is done with NO LAUGHING AT ALL and I will show you an unhappy and unsuccessful club.
      That comment lets you down LC and you will be wise to really think about not saying that sort of thing judgemental thing again.

      1. What a ridiculous statement. Does that mean that the pictures we’ve seen of Arteta laughing with Aubameyang and Lacazette portray a club messing around and having no discipline?
        The only thing that makes any sense with your post LC, is the fact that we certainly have finished 8th two years running, hopefully that will soon change.

  2. At least Auba should hold his head high for making effort to leave a club he felt did not want him. Let others who knew in their hearts that they are not wanted follow suit and reject being forced on the team by a coach. Players give their all where their contributions are appreciated by the club and especially, fans.

  3. Let’s see how Auba perform for Barcelona and how MA motivate our players to achieve top 4.

    MA has been around for ages but we are still out of top 4.

  4. Auba’s form nose dived after he got a new contract that came with a huge pay rise. His performance dipped drastically after that, and the disciplinary issues became more prominent. I don’t think the manager had any other choice but to let him go. His interview in Barcelona summed up his attitude, he never admitted he was wrong, he passed the blame to a manager who is trying to build a new culture in the club. I wish him the best in Barcelona but if his attitude does not change, he will not make any success out of it.

    1. Just read that Barca beat Atletico Madrid 4-2.
      Not sure if Aubameyang was playing, but a good start anyway.

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