Can Lacazette plea persuade Alexis Sanchez to stay at Arsenal?

I think it is going to take more than a few words from the Arsenal and France international striker to convince Alexis Sanchez to change his mind about a transfer away from north London, but the comments from Alexandre Lacazette this week about his Chilean teammate will certainly not hurt.

As reported by Metro, the summer signing from Lyon has been talking about life at his new club in the Premier League and he made a point of praising the attitude and effort that he sees from Alexis in training as well as out on the pitch. Although the two Gunners have only started two games together so far, they are already forging a good understanding and Lacazette is hoping it will continue for a long time in the future.

He said, ‘That’s also one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Arsenal – to play with players of [Alexis’] calibre.

‘Just seeing him in training, I like the way he plays and his mental attitude.

‘His approach makes me want to play alongside him – hopefully for many years.’

Now while these comments on their own may not have too much of an effect on Sanchez and his decisions, perhaps the growing relationship on the pitch might. If the two strikers can help to fire Arsenal into a title challenging position then it could well persuade Alexis to think again because trophy success is what he really wants, it seems to me.

Can they get the goals to win the title for Arsenal? And if so, could that make Alexis Sanchez decide to sign a new contract after all?



  1. I think Sanchez has made up his mind and it seems he wants to play for Pep. So no begging from Arsenal’s manager or players will make much of an impact. If I had to guess the only thing that could put some doubt in his mind is if we manage to finish the season above City. This could make him realize things at City are not so much better than things at Arsenal but if we finish below City and even more if City manages to win the PL I don’t expect Sanchez to change his mind.

  2. Lacazette on his own, no.
    Lacazette convinces AFC to sign Griezmann and talks Griezmann into coming and then I think Alexis would reconsider, as long as our EPL position is good as well.

    We need to show Alexis that we have ambition and one thing to do is get a replacement in for the 2, if Alexis sees AFC getting ahead in business and getting quality then he may change his mind.

    Might not but hey… we need to make positive moves.

  3. I don’t think Sanchez is committed plus he is a bit tubby nowadays. He can’t pass to save his life, gives the ball away and runs into dead ends. Reminds me of a Chilean Walcott.

    I personally prefer Welbeck and Iwobi behind Laca as they combine power, technique and flair. Plus very excited on Nelson coming through and also I think Ramsey could definitely score 20 plus EPL goals if he was pushed further forward.

    My point is – I don’t care for Sanchez. We have a wealth of talent and options. If he thinks he is too good for us then good riddance. Go and give the ball away somewhere else lard arse

    1. I wonder if you are fat! Sanchez certainly is not! Perhaps you are anorexic and consider anyone over 7 stone fat! Calling him tubby is about your mark, judging by your many other silly thoughts on this site. Remember calling Mustafi world class? I still can’t stop laughing!

  4. I think Sanchez knows that we cannot win the EPL with this team or with the mentality of the board/ owners/ management the guy is looking to win the CL never mind the EPL so no, no one can persuade him to stay unless we have big signings in January and not just one few world class signings and with a massive salary to catch up to what he lost and that,s never going to happen

    we have to look to the future without Sanchez and Ozil and without wining the EPL or CL for a long time to come

    but with all that gloom and doom we still have a great team to watch and to excite us, i’m sure like’ supporters of clubs like Aston Vila would love to be in our shoes

    1. Most of your post I found easy to agree with. But your final sentence is rather like saying someone who lives in a run down 1 bedroom flat would love to live in a two bedroom terrace house, while the rich and determined ex-neighbours live in a palace. We used to be the ones who lived in a palace, a decade plus ago. Now a two room terrace is about our lot. Thanks to KROENKE, GAZIDIS, WENGER!

  5. Both Sanchez and Ozil can go for free
    inJuly meaning they can negotiate
    huge retirement salary packages
    at their new clubs like Kolasinac.
    Ozil cost 42 mill and Sanchez 36 mill with
    a combined salary package of 63 mill.
    By May the club will have paid 141 mill for their services.
    Money bags Stan will not be pleased if Wenger
    allows the pair to slip away for free in July.
    The Jan window looks to be a key moment for
    Sanchez Ozil Wenger the team and the fans.
    But why would a club spend 50 mill on players they can get for free 5 months later?
    Even if a club is desperate to win a league why would they spend 50 mill
    on near 30 year old’s when they can get a much younger Le Mar for ten mill more?

    1. who would of guest City would make an offer of 60 million in the summer for Sanchez with only a year left on his contract, i’m guessing we could get an offer of around 30 million from City in January so he wont be persuaded by the likes of PSG with a signing on fee in the summer, but who knows what goes in the mind of Alexis or what kind of injuries some big clubs could have from now until January for them to make ridiculous offers to a world class player with no CL conflict of interest, lets say Real Madrid loses Ronaldo, Bale, Karim to long term injury you bet they will come ceiling with baring gifts for Sanchez’s services or even Barca with Messi or Suarez

    2. Much sensible thought in your post. Both Ozil and Sanchez, as you point out, are approaching 30 and there are far younger stellar performers with up to date good form(unlike our two) who will attract the really big payers clubs. If we get, in money or swaps, even 50 mill for the two together in Jan I will be amazed. Ozil’s value, especially, must be plummeting daily. Overall I would say Sanchez was just about good value for the money and wages we paid but OZIL was largely a waste of money , despite his undoubted huge talent , on the low percentage of occasions he could be arsed to show it.

  6. We had several windows to show him we mean business.
    We showed we don’t an balancing books is more important. Like we show every great player who comes here an ends up leaving

    Griezmann would be welcome anywhere .
    Why would he come to arsenal


  7. If we had signed more top players the last couple of summer windows there was a chance we could have convinced him. Even this summer if we had signed Lemar or Draxler and Seri or Goretzka and/or a top defensive midfielder

    Lemar or Draxler with Lacazette and Alexis would have been awesome. They also would have really pushed Ozil too

    All I can say is that if we lose Alexis and Ozil in the summer Lemar or Draxler won’t be enough. We will need another forward and CAM, which means £150 million to £200 million. I don’t see it happening, I’m afraid

  8. Sanchez is 28, he needs to make more money before the end of his career. Its not all about winning the league, because that is an excuse. If Arsenal offers him 400k/week that he is demanding, then he will sign a new contract. TRUST ME

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