Lacazette pushing to start against Aston Villa but does he deserve it?

Alexandre Lacazette is pushing to earn a start for Arsenal against Aston Villa this evening.

After winning three consecutive league matches, including one against Tottenham, Arsenal has drawn their last two league games against Brighton and Crystal Palace.

Arsenal has been it’s usual up and down self this season and depending on your perspective, they are either on a good run of form right now or struggling to get a win once again.

The hero, if that is the right word, against Palace was Alexandre Lacazette because of his last-second equaliser against the Eagles and according to  Sky Sports, the Frenchman is pushing Mikel Arteta to hand him a first league start of the season.

No doubt this will split opinion among the fanbase with some calling for him to start while others will not forget that he has far more often let us down.

One good cameo appearance does not make a summer and personally, I would not select him, however, I do understand why there is a clamour for him to start, he is in decent form I suppose.

You have to feel sorry for the younger strikers like Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogun who must be thinking that they will never get a proper run in the team if players that have been underperforming for years keep getting second chances ahead of them.

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  1. “One good cameo appearance does not make a summer”
    You’re mad – he was our most reliable attacking player last year and he’s looked good in every opportunity this year. So it’s more than one cameo and more than a summer!
    Overall he’s been a disappointment because he didn’t score as many goals as we expected, and yes, he has off-days, but if you don’t think he’s our best CF by now, I don’t know what to tell you. Our other options are all worse – although Auba was good in the last game; I’d like them to play together!

    1. Don’t even mind this person, he is not an arsenal fan, how many goals did auba you are relying on scored? Any time laca is call upon, he change the game, his motivation, work rate, energy, encouragement etc always change the game. This young guys need leadership and that kind of leadership comes from laka not auba.

      1. He’s not an Arsenal fan !
        But he runs an Arsenal website 😂
        Does that make me not an Arsenal fan also because I agree with him ?

  2. Mores the case ,Martinelli deserves a start surely.
    Not sure what this kid as to do to get more minutes ,15 mins on Monday and he did more than saka did all game ,looks a threat every time he gets on the ball .
    Hopeful Odegaard d rips to the bench meaning ESR comes into the middle giving a start for Martinelli non the left and saka on the right if he’s fit .

      1. He started when the team was in a complete mess with half the team missing and was thrown in at the deep end .
        Completely different now that the whole team is fit .

    1. It’s a nice to have – we really need to win the game, so we need to play the ones most likely to make that happen. Do you *really* believe this is more likely with GM up front of Laca?

  3. One good cameo? He has been best player in every appearance he has made this season.
    And as for under performance, well lets start with Pepe, why jot challenge his pointless selection.
    And as for Martinelli, he has had more game time this season than Laccacette and had considerably less, ie zero, impact. So how is he more deserving?

  4. Sake lacazette martinelli
    Niles partey Smit
    Tomi gab white triany

    What we need is agression and I believe with this selection we can come ontop against Astonvilla

  5. the lesson to be learned from the fact that Laca injected some much-needed energy into our last rather lackluster affair isn’t that he should be starting in the next game, as we know exactly what he does and DOESN’T bring to the equation as a starter, it’s that we should use him in the same capacity, should it be required…so I agree in large part with author’s sentiments

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