Lacazette replacement targeted by Arsenal

There have been many mutterings about Alexandre Lacazette being eased out of Arsenal after the arrival of PE Aubameyang this January, as it appears that Arsene Wenger has decided that the Frenchman not adapted to life in the Premier League and has now failed to score in his last 12 games for the Gunners.

The latest Arsenal rumours are suggesting that the Gunners have now turned their attention to the man that replaced Lacazette’s goals at Lyon, Nabil Fekir. Being put into a more striking position this season has worked out perfectly for the local lad, having already scored an amazing 21 goals in all competitions for Lyon this season. The 24 year-old has netted 16 in just 22 League games and he is probably much more likely to be a success in England as he can play as an attacking midfielder or winger as well, rather than being an out-and-out front man like Lacazette.

The question must be asked why we would go back to Lyon for their next big thing after failing so spectacularly with Lacazette, but perhaps with his flexibility he would be great either alongside PEA or linking up with him as a provider.

But surely Arsenal have more pressing positions that need strengthening much more urgently like in the Defensive midfield and centre-back roles. Arsenal’s biggest problem this season is the failure to stop other teams from scoring rather than putting it in the back of the net themselves!

Sam P


    1. Yup, Lacazette scored plenty goals in France as well, like Fekir, before he came to Arsenal. We cannot rely on statistics alone and Arsenal need explosive winger, not another player that has similar style to Ozil’s and Mkhitaryan’s

      Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Wilshere, Ramsey and Fekir could dilly-dally with the ball in the center for the whole day, under Wenger’s tactics

  1. Why does the article assume that Fekir, an AM, will replace Lacazette who is a CF?

    Fekir can play on the right, he can play in the same team as Auba and Laca if form dictates a 1st teamer should be dropped, for example Ozil or Mkhi need to be benched due to poor form.

    Fekir, Mkhi, Auba

    Swap Mkhi for Ozil if Mkhi isn’t performing, can put Auba up front and Mkhi on the left with Ozil in ACM, can not play Fekir and have Ozil in AM instead…

    Form can allow for competition and it wouldn’t be so deep that Nelson is totally forced out, we would have to rely on him for things like the League Cup or early rounds of FA cup as well as injuries and a reminder to the star players that there is a hungry youth snapping at their heels for gametime.

    I hope AFC spends on defensive reinforcements, a DM and CBs at the very least while also keep an eye on Butland situation. I have enough faith in the quality of our current attack to mount a EPL challenge if we sorted the def to build solid attacks on along with better tactics and/or def tactic training.

    If we can sort the def out and get Fekir, which I doubt but maybe Raul can help prove my doubts wrong, then I would be very happy indeed.

  2. There is no way we are selling Lacazette.He scores goals in France and he will score goals here.What he had at Lyon was a team that played fast flowing attacking football with pace and with a system that was designed o get the best from the players strengths.He has come into a team that had a toxic dressing room (Sanchez) a defence that did everything but defend a system that strictly forbade any player from playing anything other than the Wenger Qiuckstep-Sideways Sideways Backwards Lets all start again.
    Fekir will improve the squad strength in depth and provide real competition for places and if we get him it will be a great addition to the squad.But to get the best from Laca (and Auba) we need to introduce a more direct system and stop all this possession at all costs that is so obviously predictable and easy to defend.
    A fast and direct winger will give us this.Lacazette is a very very good striker when given the chance.

  3. £52.5 million
    For a donkey.
    Just one more nail alongside many other nails in Wenger’s coffin.
    In fact, his coffin is more nails than wood.
    For pity’s sake how much longer is this going to be allowed to continue?
    I just hope Josh Kroenke’s three month analysis tells us he needs to go…

  4. Laca will come good in the end, we just need couple of cb and top dm , then a supper quick winger come goal scorer to keep up with abbs, laca can feed from the scraps. Also need a game changer if not going to plan, like the one wes just sold to Chelsea.

  5. It’s not the getting of Fekir that concerns me but the imbalance of the squad should he arrive without any other reinforcements. On paper it sounds like a great idea – Nabil had a great partnership with Lacazette whilst they both were at Lyon. Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan had a great partnership whilst they were at Dortmund but IMO at the moment our most pressing need is in defence and a goalie.

  6. Arsenal have failed to do everything this season from scoring to defending. Have been as bad I remember on both sides. Steve bould is doing buggerall coaching and all wenger does is chose stupid line ups and substitutes. We totally lost.

  7. Any player we get will be useless. It’s not the player at fault it’s wenger and his inability to set his team up to play to new signings strengths, or to existing.

  8. Calling a player who regularly scored 30+ goals in the french league and hasn’t even finished his first season, a donkey is unfair
    Fans said the same thing about Koscielny and Giroud when they came here. Koscielny got two red cards his first season and fans were moning. He became world class. Gitoud was called a donkey and scored 105 goals for us.

    Lacazette is better than Giroud. Give him a chance. The Premier league takes time to adapt too. He will improve over time and Aubameyang competition will be good.

  9. Innit you are exactly right. Sam P and Me would have sold Dennis Bergkamp; after all he didn’t score in his first 6 matches. We all know how he turned out.

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