Lacazette talking to Atletico Madrid? Isn’t that illegal?

Atletico Madrid talking directly to Lacazette is an insult!

Hi once again. The news circulating this morning is that our striker, Lacazette has been approached by Atletico Madrid over sealing a deal from Arsenal next summer. I don’t know if I am wrong or right, but don’t you think meeting with our player over transfer dealings, while the said player is still playing for us, is against one of the rules of football? Lacazette is still under contract with Arsenal with over a year left and the right thing they should have done is to meet with Arsenal first before talking up Lacazette, right?

It is true that Lacazette this season has not lit the league with goals; and it will only be natural if he were to think his future in football lies away from Arsenal, especially as he has not really enjoyed his football under Arteta, but he is still under contract with a big club and he must be professional about his transfer dealings with either Arsenal or another club. Agreeing to meet with Atletico Madrid while still an Arsenal player is wrong. Both Atletico and Lacazette have not done right.

Football is an unpredictable game; a player who has been in goal scoring form for 10 games, may end up not scoring goals for the next 20 games; and Lacazette knows this, so why would he allow his lack of goals cause him to take wrong steps? Thank Goodness he has started scoring goals gradually and he is beginning to regain his confidence back! With the rate at which he is going, he may still end up scoring more goals before this season runs out and that should earn him some credit with the Arsenal board and Arteta.

I don’t know what steps Arsenal may take regarding this meeting between Lacazette and Atletico Madrid but I expect Arsenal to have a word with both Lacazette and Atletico, telling both of them how they feel about the meeting. After doing that, maybe Arsenal should caution Lacazette, make him agree to not having secret or unauthorized meetings with clubs and their representatives and also make him agree to always put in his best whenever he is called upon to play for Arsenal.

We don’t need all these distractions at this period of the season where we should be working hard towards having a good end of the season gift which is Champions League qualification. We need all our players to be focused and any transfer issue should not be allowed close to the players for now. We are Arsenal and we proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Well he was meant to sign for Atlético before coming to us,I don’t know how true it is but Laca has apparently been in contact with Griezman about his property in Madrid, you can’t blame Laca,by reading comments on social media many fans would sell him and reinvest the money in the squad,anyway players,agents talking with other clubs happens more than we think, clubs need to know players feeling before even thinking of making a bid even MA has admitted already working on transfers for next season!

  2. Don’t believe everything you read or hear!Said by my Father to me in 1952 and still holds good today.

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