Lacazette to Arsenal transfer at risk from Chelsea and Man Utd?

Arsenal fans may need to start worrying a little over the potential transfer to north London this summer of the Lyon and France international star Alexandre Lacazette, as it appears that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal back room team are not going to have things their own way after all.

Last week it was being reported that our good offer to the French club was the only one on the table, that was good enough for Lyon at least, and that the final decision on whether it would seal the deal was with the player himself. Now there is a report in The Mirror suggesting that there could be a rival bidder in the form of our Premier League rivals Manchester United.

According to the football press in France some representatives from Old Trafford have been in contact with the striker’s people and could be about to hijack the deal. The reason I include Chelsea in all this is that the reason for United’s sudden interest in our target could be the rumours going around that Chelsea may be about to beat United to the signing of Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid.

Can they all not just leave Arsenal alone and let Wenger get the players we need?



    1. If you pay too much attention to the rumours and speculations at this time, then you are like the biblical wave of the sea that is being tossed here and there by the wind…

      Last week, it was widely reported and even on ‘’ that Morata is moving to Man U and he even wants James to join him.Today comes with the report that ManU now wants Lacazette(although am seeing that just now)

      Of course it could be true, but it remains a rumour and should be treated as such,in fact only Athletico and Arsenal have registered genuine interest in this player…

      I am not one to complain about fake rumours or lazy journalism as i believe a summer window is not complete without these speculations and i also enjoy dreaming,fantasizing and imagining different kinds of players linked to us daily… you will even be amused at some totally ridiculous rumours that we know is utter crap!

      So am not bothered about this at allif ManU get him fine, if we get him great, at the end he might even stay at Lyon…one things is certain though, we need a poacher!!!

    1. Cazzete pursuit means serious business as Our Great Leader Sir Arsene said that the best way to create an identity with the way we play football, to get players integrated into our culture, with our beliefs, our values that we felt it would be an interesting experiment to see players grow together with these qualities, and with a love for the club, It was an idealistic vision of the world of football. Supporting the club, the players, and the manager is the decent fans should be all about. Arsenal fans are brainwashed to be negative by biased media and many low IQ pundits who are showering the constant negativity surrounding our beloved classy team. You’re about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit. I’m not saying your stupid, I’m just saying you have little luck when it comes to thinking. There’s no them vs us you simpleton. You’re an arsenal fan (allegedly) and so am I. Shove your classification up your @rse pal or don’t address me. Not having you t!ts to talk to would be an improvement you pleb. Nice of you to think of yourselves as the entire blog though you melon, your ego’s might be big but sadly your intelligence doesn’t match. It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious owner even though we have a classy well know respected manager globally who will do anything to win. I don’t think you are an idiot. But then what’s MY opinion against thousands of others? Must be hard for you huh but that’s no excuse really for your total lack of intelligence in general aspects of the club. You all disgruntled fans and useless chicken to do anything moaners always seem to simply make things up and attribute them to other people, have a look at yourself mate cos that’s the behavior of a complete tw@ts. At least know the views of who you’re speaking to, that one should be fairly obvious even to a complete melt. We’re all true fans proud to be a Gooner and always will be. No need to backtrack? I’m not in the slightest, you’re making up various assertions though. No way that I can backtrack on something I’ve never said, but good effort there, pal. Got to love the nay sayers daily attempts to undercut everything and anything associated to Arsenal so Wenger and Co can take a hammering for it. I’ll say what I have said before – those who so clearly get upset by what a Frenchman they have never met does (and who truly has no real impact on your life), must be very weak individuals. Really don’t get this whole “if you aren’t as upset by football as I am than you’re not as much of a fan” narrative. No ambition as you the ignorant plastic fan said eh? I think our football is still pretty good to watch and has the potential to be vintage. How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open? I’d sl@p you but that will be animal abuse. Telling true fans to stop living in the past, all the while bringing the past to slate Wenger, bunch of hypocrites, very slow and with some caution people are seeing improvement and potential, we are getting better whether you like it or not. We are looking like clicking and its exciting for our fans who haven’t had this feeling for a while, i just struggle to understand why most you dont want us to do well individually and collectively, most of you are the most baffling people on here. You should be proud of Arsene as true fans. Wenger gets discussed quite literally EVERY day, yet you can’t manage to broaden the conversation to encompass all elements of Arsenal fc. That speaks volumes on you, not about anyone able to engage on a wider topic. You’re utterly fixated with Wenger and any discourse that doesn’t explicitly reference Wenger or hold him wholly responsible is met with a backlash of nonsense as seen above. Your input is pathetic. How about you stick to posters who speak your lingo, let others who discuss Arsenal deeper to have that conversation without your anemic commentary. If there had been time, we the true fans believed in him and confident he would have been as keen on our view of him as a mixture of French flair and passion and German calm and efficiency. It is like they don’t want anyone to enjoy the game since they can’t, very childish really. A reminder of the 2005/6 season, in which Wenger was criticized to the hilt for fielding an inexperienced back four in Arsenal’s Champions League campaign. They swept aside Real Madrid, Juventus and Villarreal, didn’t concede a single goal in the knock-out stages and lost only to Barcelona in the final. Arsene is a genius. There is an unwillingness – amongst all football fans, but particularly, it appears, among Arsenal fans – to acknowledge that your manager might just know a little bit more about your team than you. As bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, there is a reason Arsene Wenger is paid money to make these decisions. Of course, managers don’t always get it right, but in a profit-making, money-driven industry, the Premier League makes no allowances for consistently poor decision making. Wenger is a shrewd, unfaltering decision-maker. He has built a football club, not a football team, and in doing so he has given Arsenal a philosophy and an identity. This is a man who, prior to managing Arsenal, earned his living by analysing football teams and the type of tactics they employ. He is a true master of the game – wise, thoughtful, ruthless. There aren’t many of those left anymore. Arsenal fans, like all football fans, will always enjoy the peaks and suffer the troughs of their team’s fortunes. That is the nature of football. That is the beauty of football. Calling for Arsene’s head is nothing new, but the supporters need to grasp something that everyone associated with the club has understood for the past 21 years, Arsene Wenger is a genius, and he’s the only man capable of returning the Gunners to their former glory.

      Sing with me now, ONE ARSENE WENGER.

        1. The useless fan strikes again. There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that. I was hoping for a battle of wits but it would be wrong to attack someone who’s totally unarmed. Must be hard for you huh but that’s no excuse really for your total lack of intelligence in general aspects of the club.


          1. Try argue some actual points instead of hating on everyone who doesn’t agree with you. If you feel they are coaxing you into it by calling names first well then just try being the grown up one.

      1. No one ever said Wenger ain’t a genius.It’s just that somehow he’s lost that kind of strong character and winners mentality.That’s what has made Arsenal trophyless in terms of major trophies.He needs to check that.Also you were a bit harsh on other fans.I urge you to see the reason behind Arsenal’s failure.As Wenger himself said:”The manager is the most important person in the club.If not then why do you sack him if things are not going well”He said this when he was with Alex Ferguson in an interview around 2008.Remember when Arsenal did the unbeaten and won the title?Most of the praise if not all went to him.Some people here cannot even mention the players in that squad but they still give praise to the manager.Today if things aren’t going well I think he shoukd take the blame.His constant attitude of unwillingness to change is what will be his downfall.Arsene Wenger must go if he doesn’t change.

      2. JembutArsene, you keep repeating yourself in every comment on every article you comment on. Telling people what decent fans should be doing. Every fan has a right to thier opinion just you have a right to yours. I think your as deluded as the manager himself but you don’t hear me complaining about you. Please mate stop with the 1000 word essay comments keep it short, sharp and shiny.

  1. No rival team will let you land a top talented player without a fight or even forcing price gazumping whether they need that player or not, besides it looks good to your supporters, we do it all the time without buying anyone WC 🙁

    1. We have pretended to buy this guy Lacazette for the past three seasons and nothing come of it, yes of course Lyon president will say what he did to stir up price hype, i just hope we land him this time you know what they say “third time lucky” mind you how many times we was linked with Julian Draxler

    2. “No rival team will let you land a top talented player without a fight” not true, Arsenal never pose any fight for any talented player, when other teams join in, that’s when the clueless one just backs off to go to a free market to get his yearly top top top talents.

      when we wanna buy someone, we delay till someone with serious face and money comes and hijack, when someone buys someone, it’s so hard for us to enter into the bidding war coz our valuations are always the lowest, players feel degraded and go the ones that want them the most.. and it’s every season, this is not the first

      1. bran99 i hear what your saying and mostly agree but we still make an offer weather we are the first and lowest but offer is an offer next club has to better which usually isn’t hard to do ( if the player is willing )

        1. a player feels wanted and valued by a team that works hard to buy him, Arsene says he wants Higuain, his price is 28m but he bids 25m, tag of war starts and his price goes up a bit. then other team like Juve bids and buys him. in that scenario, did Higuain feel wanted and valued by Arsenal or Juve? if Wenger thinks the prices are over the top, then all the players will be expensive to him coz this in not 2001, he needs to splash 2017 cash, go with time.. that’s why most players are the freebies and Welbeck types of players

          1. Higuain was actually bought by Napoli for 28million not Juventus. Juventus bought him from Napoli for an obscene amount of money.

  2. Wenger and AFC need no help in messing up or missing out on a deal. They have proved themselves quite proficient in that over the years.

    “The ones that got away” a book by A.Wenger
    Available in both paper and hardback.

    1. You’re utterly fixated with Wenger and any discourse that doesn’t explicitly reference. All these rumours have to start somewhere. My question is in order for a rumour to be a legitimate rumour does said rumour have to have been started by a fit and proper person such as a newspaper reporter or agent or blog writer, or can any old Tom, Dick or Harry start one?
      If anyone can start one I might think of a good one and join in the fun.

      Sing with me now, ONE ARSENE WENGER.

      1. Sing with me now

        Ole the okey cokey
        Ole the okey cokey
        Ole the okey cokey infinitum

        1. @ Tas
          It’s not Budd, He didn’t mention pigeons playing chess ?? Anyways, Budd’s to proud to change his name, or his Wenger lookalike uncle profile picture lol ??

          1. Best guess its either nygunner…he was very pro wenger but has gone missing of late plus he uses a few american terms eh dude or…..
            With all the copy and pasting best guess its admin stirring debate and more clicks plus admin is letting the dude get away with nasty insults without caution.
            Close ….????

        2. damn now I get the picture, Budd is gone and now this new guy is terrorizing us, hahaha! yes, she is Budd, or may be a He

          1. There’s no them vs us you simpleton. You’re an arsenal fan (allegedly) and so am I. Shove your classification up your @rse pal or don’t address me. Not having you t!ts to talk to would be an improvement you pleb. Nice of you to think of yourselves as the entire blog though you melon, your ego’s might be big but sadly your intelligence doesn’t match. Supporting the club, the players, and the manager is the decent fans should be all about.

            Sing with me now, ONE ARSENE WENGER.

  3. Lacazette will be a waste of money.He’s far better than Welbeck and Giroud but if we’re gonna spend £60 on a striker it shouldn’t be him.How many people have even watched him play.People are just following stats and those same people will come and stay stats can be misleading.Arsene had better use this money for a better striker.I’d have even preferred Lukaku over Lacazette.If Arsene also has any unknown player up his sleeve like the Eduardo one he should sign him.He shouldn’t waste his money on Lacazette.Besides for our style of play he doesn’t suit it.

    1. If he is “far better” than Giroud isn’t that a good thing.

      Giroud has scored 98 goals in 5 seasons and twice 16 goal PL seasons. Now, if Lacazette is “far better” then what does that mean? 25 pl goals? 30 pl goals?

      By saying “far better than Giroud” you have inadvertently made him World Class

    2. Lukaku is another Ba, Benteke. only works well when playing for teams like Everton, but you are right he’s waaaaayyy better than our current top top strikers

      1. I’d also like to see Giroud in Everton or Aston Villa and playing well and racking up goals.How do you know Lukaku won’t do well in Arsenal.Benteke was a clinical player but I don’t really think he had world class potential.Lukaku just needs a top team which will give him chances and believe me he’s gonna punish teams.

  4. A phantom Mbappe wannabe is liking Arsenal players on Instagram,with Jeff being the latest victim. That’s the third one this week… Forking Stalker ????

    1. He might be hinting or he might be messing with the fans as everyone knows Arsenal supporters are gullible

  5. “Can they all not just leave Arsenal alone and let Wenger get the players we need?”

    OMG!!! Why don’t we ask them to just roll-over and let us win some major trophies too?

    This is supposed to be a top-level competitive professional sport, not a nursery school!!!

    If the club and manager fail to buy the players we need, despite the enormous resources they have to assist them, then it’s the fault of the club and manager. Nobody else!

  6. Lacazette should realize that Arsene will give him the main role and not bring in another more expensive striker, I think utd will purchase/have two or three expensive CFs.

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