Lacazette to Lyon (Really?) and Alvaro Morata to……

So things seem to be starting to take shape with just one week left until Arsenal’s transfer window opens, but I admit I am very surprised to hear from the Athletic that Alexandre Lacazette has agreed to rejoin his old club Lyon.

I thought earlier in the season that the French club would be his most likely destination, but when Laca made his recent interview saying that he wanted to play in the Champions League I kind of ruled them out, considering Lyon finished up 8th in Ligue 1.

All i can assume now is that the expected offers from bigger clubs didn’t materialise, or Lyon came up with a very big package to tempt him to return, although I doubt his wages will be anywhere near what he was earning at Arsenal.

So, after that surprise, let’s move on to Alvaro Morata, who has been mooted as a possible replacement for Laca at the Emirates.

I would personally be just as surprised if this one happened, considering his age and current wages, but he is definitely looking at his options.

“I have quite a few options.” Morata was quoted as saying in the Standard. “It’s not up to me, I can’t do anything about it,”

“My wife and children will follow me wherever I need to go. I do have preferences and options, but I want to go where the club love me the most and value me.”

Surely that last statement would rule him out of coming to Arsenal, going by the comments from fans on here!

Or do JA Fans really rate him highly?

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  1. Lacazette said he would “like” to play CL again. It was never an expectation and maybe Lyon will get top 3 next season with him. Decent player decent guy. Good luck to him.. After Pepe 72m Auba 60m Laca 50m surely we have learned our lesson about splurging huge amounts on transfer fees and salaries on players who run down their contracts and leave for free. Morata Dybala. Depay 🙂 🙂 🙂 Apparently we are getting Jesus as long as City let’s us have him for under 45m and I’m ok with that. We only needed to win one more game to get CL so a 10 goal striker is way more than enough and Jesus fits the bill nicely. Speaking of massive transfer bungles Man U are set to lose 90m Pogba for free for the “second” time. We are bad but that is ludicrous to the max.

    1. You need to stop winning on every post about Auba £60m Laca £50m Pepe £72m. That these big transfers didn’t work doesn’t mean every big transfer will not work out. Moreover, didn’t Aubameyang score 14 goals from his deadline day signing till the end of that season? Didn’t he score 22 EPL goals to win the golden boot the very next season? Didn’t he miss out on the golden boot the following season by just a single goal? So which part of the auba £60m didn’t work out? And has Pepe been given a fair chance?

      1. talks about getting Jesus for 45 mil who as 13 months remaining on his contract but keeps repeating how Auba was a bad buy for 60 million .

      2. Auba was good. No doubt about that. Unfortunate though that his last few months were a write off. Flying to see family in Barcelona when the reality was Auba was touting for a move and the lateness etc all combined to make me go off him completely. Highly unprofessional.
        Pepe obviously hasn’t impressed Arteta sufficiently. His price tag was ludicrous.
        Transfers don’t always work out. Lukaku to Chelsea. As mentioned before Pogba has left ManU on a free twice! It’s not just Arsenal that this happens to. It’s all weighted in favour of the player

    2. Fair fan who would you sign? Also a 10 goal striker is all we need? We are back in Europe so playing Thursday Sunday and all other teams around us will also improve not just us

  2. If their is any truth at all that we’re considering Morata then someone from the scouting/ purchasing dept needs firing.Immediately.For gross incompetence.End of.Another Chimach.Remember him? No more Chelsea rejects either.Thankyou.

  3. Admin Pat,
    Thanks for the info concerning the negative run-away attitude of our former Arsenal Captain Auba.
    I am hereby, encouraging all professional players give their ultimate sacrifice and leadership qualities to their clubs. The serving clubs are giving them good and positive human posture and hence changing their lives for better.

  4. 71 goals in 206 appearances .. for a striker.. An utter waste of money if you aske me..

    1. Yes Mark, a tremendous sigh of relief and a saving of 180K GBP/week. Its over, finally! Good luck to him, just that he was not good enough for the EPL and for us. No doubt he tried, but results matter, not the effort. May he re ignite his career elsewhere. Good bye and Good luck player!

  5. Could not care less where Laca goes but only that he does go.
    He was a very poor buy, way overpriced and under talented at the level we needed. He is IMO way over the hill and will not last long in any decent league as the pace is too much for him.
    Morata is a silly rumour only and we surely all realise he will NOT be coming here, thank goodness too.

  6. You are assuming wrong about might surprise you but he has agreed to take a large pay cut(millions) to join Lyon.

    1. Then what is wrong with my post? ! I said he would not last long in a decent league. France is a poor league and he was a dismal non scorer in the top league that matters, ie the PREM! I did NOT say he could not get a contract in a poor French league which is about his standard and he has just signed, so has not lasted long . Nor will he!

      1. I was talking about the writer? in his article,he wrote that the reason Laca has agreed to join Lyon was because he didn’t receive any big offers,when in fact he wasn’t motivated exclusively by money.
        I don’t know why you thought I was talking about you Jon?

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