Lacazette transfer demand to spark Arsenal bid?

Arsene Wenger has already had his fingers burned once as he targets new Arsenal signings this summer, and for all we know the Leicester City and England star Jamie Vardy is not the only player to snub a move from the Frenchman, so maybe our manager is being a bit more circumspect in his hunt for a new striker.

With ridiculous and over inflated transfer fees seemingly the norm these days when a Premier League club is interested, it would be handy if any prospective transfer targets were to let their wish to sign for Arsenal be known and according to The Mirror this is just what the Lyone and France international forward Alexandre Lacazette has done this week.

The source of the news for this report is the French paper L’Equipe and they reckon that the prolific front man has told his bosses at the French Ligue 1 club that he wants to leave and he does not want his transfer to be a long and drawn out process.

If this is true then it should have Wenger on high alert and hopefully the prof is already in contact with people from Olympique Lyonnais and representatives of the player. Is a transfer bid for Lacazette just around the corner from Arsenal?

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  1. I don’t even want to get my hopes up for nothing anymore! Watch him end up at Liverpool or something..
    In other news Welcome Rob Holding! I’d actually want to see him play a few games here and there to see what he is made of. Might as well throw him in the deep end instead of sending him on loan if he’s to be one of our first team defenders in a few years.

    1. Emanuele giulianelli is at it again…….. Few mins ago……. Posted:

      saying “Lacazette is still not his first choice & that Dick Law and co flew out to germany yesterday to carry out a deal…. Striker or defender?”…..he isn’t sure

      who is in for breath holding?

  2. Nothing will spark arsenal, wenger and gazidis. Jeez, we wont sign a WC striker, nor a WC RW, or a WC centre-back. The real question: if we dont sign WC players this summer, will the fans wake up? i mean ALL the fans… Because it seems like they can s..t on supporters heads now, because there will be 60,000 people coming to Emirates every matchday. We will sign, if fans riot. But same story goes on 10 years in a row.

    Can you belive it’s ARSENAL? One of the top10 football clubs in the world who cant sign players??? We’ve been fooled guys. They think fans are stupid. Utter joke…. this-is-a-JOKE…

    Maybe we sign another CM for 10M, dont mind we have like 10 of them…

  3. OT: Oh and to those who haven’t done so yet, please go on the AFC website and read the little article about the Holding signing. At the end they wrote ”We remain in the market, so stay close to for any further transfer news.” This may mean there is another imminent deal but i really won’t hold my breath.

    1. Or it might be a way to direct traffic to the side. Arsenal hires the best con artist in the hold from the board, manger and stuff, no need holding your breath mate. We don’t want to lose a Gunner.

    2. Emanuele giulianelli is at it again…….. Few mins ago……. Posted:

      saying “Lacazette is still not his first choice & that Dick Law and co flew out to germany yesterday to carry out a deal…. Striker or defender?”…..he isn’t sure

      who is in for breath holding?

  4. Lord, I hope this is true!

    I said this earlier, considering the crazy prices being quoted, the only way we are getting a striker this season is if one of these two things happen:

    1. The selling club is willing to let their striker go because they need funds to go in for a “better” option.
    2. The striker himself is desperate to leave to a “bigger club”, and pushes for a move.

    At this rate, we are never going to pay for a striker if we somehow perceive that we can’t get him for a bargain price in today’s crazy market. Especially now that Ivan Gazidis has taken some time out on ESPN to remind us about how financially poor we are in comparison to them other oil rich clubs plus how we are thinking about employing the very effective recruiting strategy of Leicester City. LOL.

  5. Welcome Rob, hope you turn out into a Adams or Sol and not scquilachi (sp) or one of those one for the future players who have been here for 10 years and still fighting for a place. No pressure!!!

    Now then, since Dortmund just signed Andre Schurrle from Wolfsburg, Auba any body?

    You heard it here first (according to 007, Arsenal given boost to land Dortmund hitman Auba as club has secured a replacement) or (Arsenal been helped to secure top striker by Wolfsburg as they hand Schurrle to Dortmund).

      1. Damn it!

        But but cant they convert him into a striker as we did V Persey or the failed experiment of Theo? Come on Dortmund now you are been greedy, Reus, Dembele, Goetze, Shurrle, Auba. Lighting fast attack with a swag.

    1. Schurlle is Mkhitaryan’s replacement. With him Tuchel is hoping to retain some measure of creativity and goal-threat from the wing that was lost with Mkhit’s exit.

      Nothing for us there. On to the next one…

  6. so Gazidis has flat out told us we’re not winning the title. Not that we didn’t know this. At this point I’d rather finish outside top 4 if it means Wenger will decide to leave. This can’t keep going on. Simple as that.

    1. I don’t think Wenger will leave even if we finish outside the top 4.
      If Wenger leaves Kroenke will have to spend a lot of money on footballing knowledge, as Wenger covers too many footballing and non-footballing jobs . We know Kroenke wants to get the most reward for as little as possible invested, and Wenger leaving could mean the end of that, so he will want him to stay as long as possible. Mark my words.

  7. Welcome Rob. The club seems to be very excited to have him in the squad.
    I guess that is our CB issues solved to a reasonable extent with; Koss, Gabriel, Chambers, Mertesacker, Rob Holding.

    I am very hopeful. Now Arsene just go out there and get yourself a solid goalscorer.

    I am really impressed by how Dortmund has conducted their business. I feared very much for them. But now they have replaced Mkhitaryan/Gundogan with Goetze/Schurlle.
    Not bad at all, considering they still have the same Reus, Auba and Tuchel whom Mkhitaryan credits with his own -and the team’s- incredible transformation last term.

  8. Welcome Rob Holders! Shame to Ivan Gazigdas, what progress you talk? You think we take progress one more place, 2 to 1 in Premium League?!

    What you smoke up there?!?! Stop purchasing Arsenal Shares Arsene! Purchase TOP STRIKER!!!

  9. This is our sort of striker, gives us something different to what we have and would fit in nicely with the other French lads.

    I would hope AW can see this and goes for it.

    But my feeling is our business is already done and these will be no striker.

  10. Lacazette is one of our few options out there so I will be happy if this happens
    If I were Wenger I would also get Mahrez
    Lacazette and Mahrez would be £70-80 million well spent and better value for money than £80 mil for Higuain
    Both are 25 years old with time to get even better, Mahrez has PL experience. Lacazette has scored more than 20 goals in a season and hopefully both players would make an immediate impact.

    So I ask Wenger, just spend big (apprx another £100mil) and get Lacazette, Mahrez and a good CB

  11. But aren’t we a little bit stocked in the striker department? How do we intend to keep Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Sanogo and Akpom happy? I think we’re ready to compete!

    1. I’m guessing your being sarcastic but if not which of these would get into MAn UTD

      1. are u kidding me?

        Giroud > ibra
        Welbeck > aguero
        Walcott > costa
        Sanogo > kane
        Akpom > sturridge

        and above all asano >> MSN + BBC

    2. Welbeck is injured until next year (probably)
      Sanogo should be sold. He isn’t good enough. If he isn’t he will go on loan
      Akpom can be sent on loan
      Walcott makes ridiculous money (£140,000 per week) and should be SOLD (but why would he leave such a high paying job). If he stays can be back up Winger and 3rd striker
      Giroud hopefully will be our Supersub

      Ideally, I believe we should SELL Walcott (if possible) and Sanogo
      Send Akpom on loan

  12. As a thing season in season out
    Before season tickets we can buy anyone, Arsenal to spend big

    After tickets sold we don’t need to spen this club is good enough

    Who is stupid the club or the fans ?

    1. I agree
      It happens every year
      We have a huge war chest
      We can pay over £200,000 per week
      We believe in quality over quantity

      But after tickets are bought, nothing comes out of the promises and big talk

      Last season after we got Cech early we waited and waited like dummies for a huge signing like striker/dm and nothing (other than Adelaide)

  13. Damn
    Mktharyan scored his first goal for United
    I wanted him to come to Arsenal

    At least United are down 1-3

  14. Wenger on High Alert My AXX more like his hands have tightened around the Cheque Book.
    Why Can’t people get it into their heads Wenger will not be signing a Quality Striker.
    this is all a merry Dance that he brings the Fans on every Transfer Window.
    Sorry but that is the sad truth.

  15. According to, L’Equipe have an accuracy rating of 14% for arsenal rumours. This compares to 10% for metro. As this rumour originated from L’Equipe I suppose we have a one in seven chance of it being accurate.

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