Lacazette will be immense for Arsenal next season (and on Thursday)

The Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette arrived at Arsenal with a massive reputation but after looking great for the first couple of months of the season, he seemed to get very unhappy about being substituted in nearly every single game. We all know Wenger did this to keep Giroud fresh so he could go to the World Cup with France but Laca was very frustrated and it made him lose his confidence.

But now he has Aubameyang as his rival and partner he seems to be enjoying life again and scoring goals for fun, which is why we bought him! Our captain Laurent Koscielny can see the improvement in the ex/Lyon man. “When you are a new player [like Alex] you need time,” said Koscielny. “Sometimes it’s a few weeks and sometimes it’s a few months but I think he’s more confident with the squad and in our dressing room.

“He’s speaking better English and I think he has more confidence during training sessions. He scores so many goals and as a striker they just need to score! Today he played well, he scored, but his movement and passing was very good. He needs to keep the joy of what he did today for the next few games.”

Let-s all hope that he keeps that joy for Thursday when we have the small matter of destroying Atletico Madrid. Instead of Aubameyang he will be playing with Welbeck, but both of them are in great form.

I-m feeling confident. Are you_



  1. Phil says:

    Lacazette is quality and we are beginning to see the player we all hoped he would be.He seems to love playing with Aubameyang and we must find a way to play them both as strikers next season.It would not suit either of them playing out wide and our new Manager must get the balance right for them to deliver.Both Ozil and Mikki are very clever footballers and Ramsey is showing really good form.We need natural width and pace up front and then more solidity at the back and we have the potential to be a very good side.Lacazette is key for this to happen.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      our attack and midfield would be very strong with Auba, Laca, Mikhi, Ozil and Ramsay….

      but will Kroneke and the board allow over 100m to be spend on a quality gk and centreback without selling any?

      1. Lexynal says:

        Now that AW is gone…let’s see how the moronic fans wish to change the board and the policy. They forgot that unfortunately. Welcome to the reality….the new manager will have #50M to spend the next summer. AW had been great managing lean purse to achieve great things. Not sure of any manager who managed to win the same number of trophies in the last 5 years when compared to AW. Everyone knows how muuch Spurs have spent in years and are yet to play in any final (talk-less) of a trophy in the last 10 years. I guess those moronic Arsenal fans admire that as well and they are more than welcome to jump ship. Anyways, AW is already great; he his been silently and openly admired by fellow managers and other football lovers world-wide. I am sure his statutes will welcome the moronic fans to Emirates all the time and they can choose to live with it or leave for it. Only One Arsene Wenger!

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          50m the new manager can only choose between a quality centreback or gk…..

          unless we sell Bellerin, Ramsay, Welbeck and Mustafic where we could get extra funds

          but if we do we would weaken other areas…..

          or the new manager can take a gamble with cheap signings….sometimes it work sometimes it fail

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Lexynal and John, hopefully the new manager can coach defence to firstly get the best out of the players Arsenal have.
            Steve Bould, given his playing CV, has been a major disappointment. His input appears negligible, so “money for nothing”, as per Dire Straights.

          2. Phil says:

            Lexynal-Do you not understand that we have lost approximately £50m per season for not being in the Champions League?We lose revenue when fans stay at home (Anti-Wenger Protest).So the Coffers aren’t as full as they could have been.And YOU blame MORONIC FANS.Was it them who bought coached and played these players?No Pal.It was your God WENGER.
            So Wenger attacks the fans as he has never blamed himself for anything that did not work out for him.Now you blame it on the fan base as well.Grow up idiot and realise that this Football Club is bigger than Wenger and WILL progress very nicely without him

          3. Kilted Gooner says:

            Lost revenue from empty seats?? you do realise those season tickets have already been bought?
            Surely no one believes this £50m rumour is anything more than media nonsense for hits?? you my friend are the moron!!! I suggest you read full articles and interviews rather than what the media spoon feeds you!

          4. Phil says:

            Kilted Gooner-we lose revenue just by the fact the seats are empty.These fans are not buying anything.It surely concerns Sponsors.It affects the revenue in more than you can imagine.If you had the intelligence to read correctly what I had written you will realise you now come across a a bit stupid.And you call me a moron?

          5. Lexynal says:

            @Phil I am glad someone else already saw you as the real Moron (thanks to Kilted Gooner). You are so myopic that you fail to see the real thing. Was it Wenger that failed to renew contracts for RVP, Alexis etc? Was it Wenger that negotiated even Auba for the entire Jan 2018 window? I am bemused that you, and other myopic fans, arent able to see that it is just about Wenger. It is about the Club, the Board and Wenger being aligned on certain policies that now need to change to reflect the realities in today’s football. The point i am making is AW’s departure hasn’t changed a thing a bit. Has the club policies changed? Will they buy a 89M midfielfer or a 75M defender? We are now buying players at 50M when other clubs have moved on to 80M plus. Phil, cant you just see simple logic? However, AW is to be credited (all day long) for having managed the club and achieved so many great things in the midst of all of that restrictive budgets, contracts and transfer policies of the club (not just AW). He won 3 FA cups and 2 Comm Shileds in the last 5 seasons and has already played in a cup final this season and still competing in the EL. Your darling Suprs (i know you admire them and I am shocked you havent still jumped over to them) havent even played in a final not to talk of winning a single trophy in the last decade; that is what Moronic fans like you celebrate. We know Mourinho, Ancelloti, Pep etc are great, but dont expect them to join your club at 50M budget transfer seal. We all know what Pep spent only on his defence line this outgoing season. AW has distinguished himself in the midst of heavy spenders and he stands out; those top managers secretly and openly admire him. AW is great, he will remain great. Like him or not you cant change his overwhelming records..and the whole football world is already celebrating him regardless of what the minority and moronic fans base think. Watch out for his statutes at the Emirates and you may choose to go blind to avoid sighting it. Only OneArsene Wenger all-day long!!!!

          6. Phil says:

            Lexynal-RVP AND SANCHEZ both left the club because we were not competitive under Wenger for the Premiere League and in Europe.Why did they leave if they thought differently?
            The Community Shield is and always will be a day out at Wembley and a final pre season friendly.If it was treated seriously by the club why isn’t it emblazoned all over the Stadium with the REAL TROPHIES we have won?
            In regards saying I am a spurs fan can I just let you know my first game was 1962 aged 6.I was a season ticket holder at 14 and I am now 62.You and numerous other posters that try to sound important are always suggesting supporters with different opinions to you should F*** Off to Spurs City Manure Chelsea.You are imbeciles Pal,I have seen Arsenal in EVERY CUP FINAL they have played since I was born in 1956.That includes the Fairs Cup Final in 1970 v Anderlect AWAY aged 13.And yet you feel I am a spurs fan?What an idiotic and childish comment that really makes you a very small person.
            Let’s just wait and see what the new Manager brings to the Club.Lets Be honest it just can’t be worst than what we have put up with these last few seasons.You mention the Cup Final Wins.Were you at Wembley for the games?I love Cup finals.Just think if we hadn’t lost to Watford at the Emirates in 2016 and away to Nottingham Forest Reserves/Youth Side this year we just could have won the FA CUP FIVE SEASONS ON THE TROT.Oh yes and who was the Manager in charge of Arsenal when we were HUMILIATED in both these games?Arsens Wenger.This season we have played 10 of the bottom 11 sides away from home and we have amassed the grand total of SIX POINTS in those games.What is the managers name who allowed this to happen after signing a Two year contract because he arse picked the owner into believing he was the man to take the club forward?Arsene Wenger.Which Manager has us now competing in the Second Tier of Domestic and European Football where we find ourselves fighting Burnley for SIXTH place in the Premiere League?Arsene Wenger.
            Grow up pal and realise this club was/is/and always will be bigger than Arsene Wenger.

          7. jon fox says:

            I can scarcely believe you are so short sighted as to not see that the already banked eason ticket money is just the start of the TRUE loss of money in the club, had it been allowed to continue. Do you not have the wit to see the damage this would cause to the clubs overall worth and fanbase world wide, when far fewer games would be televised? Sponsors hate empty stadiums as it harms their brand. Far less TV money and commercial money plus vastly reduced merchandise would follow for sure. THIS IS WHY a money wise billionaire finally acted to rid the club of the reason for these constant empty sets. Oh, PLEASE, try to use that brain of yours and think through this easy to see scenario!

        2. Julius Ouko says:

          Wenger has been a failure to some time now so please stop defending him and calling fans moronic. Has it ever occurred to you that you might be the one who is a moron? All the big teams have gotten rid of managers when they have not delivered with Arsenal being the exception. Wenger has spent a lot of money in the last couple of years on average players because of poor planning . Even though he touts himself as an economist, his management of the acquisition and disposal of players has left a lot to be desired .
          A club of Arsenal’s stature should not be glorifying winning FA trophies like it is the ultimate prize. That is how far Arsenal has fallen and we no longer even play the attractive football that we were admired for.

          Fact is that Wenger should have left five years ago if the major shareholders were really interested in winning major trophies. Wenger was sacked only because the empty stadium was beginning to affect the bottom line of the owners and for that I thank the fans who opted to vote with their wallets.

        3. tony says:

          board is changed already.they sacked wenger

        4. jon fox says:

          You should hang your head in shame and sincerely apologise for calling our great fans morons. You are more of a moron by writing as you do. What are you, Arsene WENGERS BOYFRIEND OR SOMETHING?

          1. Alex Yong says:

            Stupid fans. Without AW, Arsenal will die a slow death.

      2. Kenyanfan says:

        Claudio Ranieri at the #Arsenal match against Stoke city. what was he doing? God forbid

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I’d say he’s a fan of Wenger and prob just wanted to show support, they’d be good buddies. Allot of managers admire Wenger. How false did Mourinho come across though, even speaking well about his non trophy years.

      3. Kilted Gooner says:

        £100m on a GK and CB? Who are you thinking of buying?

  2. Kinaro says:

    Lacazette will come good..Although to be honest, Auba is better at the moment as our number 9…let’s wait and see how our next coach utilises them both

    1. Sue says:

      Will come good???? He’s been brilliant! And him & Auba playing together is superb, pity they won’t be together on Thursday COYG

  3. John Wick says:

    Let’s hope that new manager isn’t Mikel Arteta as reported by sky sports news Gazidis is determined to bring him in for the life of me I don’t get this love affair with Arteta what exactly has he done to be a leading candidate for a massive club ? I personally would be extremely disheartened if we appoint him! For all the quality managers out there and ones we’ve missed out on Arteta could be the new man ? anyway let’s hope Lacazette can unlock that Atletico defence on Thursday COYG

    1. Anko says:

      Gazidis mentioning Arteta is the biggest B..l Sh.t of the whole season. They should not start serving us BS again after we have endured a long tough time with Wenger

      1. tas says:

        Apart from Auba and Laca its the arsenal way in recent years always appoint below expectations and suffer later on its like re discovering America every season, my gut feeling says don’t expect Arsenal to sign the top current crop of Managers, hope i,m wrong but don,t be surprised someone from the Indian league or some banker from the city 🙂 and we will all be saying i wished it was Arteta

        i keep saying to my self “be more positive” but we have had so many disappointments in the recent past that its hard to imagine Arsenal doing something special anymore

  4. Innit says:

    Arteta? WTF?
    Gazidas Out!

    Lacazette and Aubameyang were excellent signings. We are sorted on the striker position.

    1. John Wick says:

      I know apart from sit on the city bench trying his very best to zip that purple coat up as high as he can he’s done nothing to warrant the arsenal job.. Gazidis out!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Arteta is a yes man….

        he will work within the budget and instructions of Gazadis

        the new manager would only have to work on our defense

        but will Kroneke and the board approve huge funds for quality signings?

        1. John Wick says:

          With Gazidis saying we need to be bold in appointing a new manager what he meant was Arteta and if this is true arsenal FC will be even further behind next season does the madness ever stop!

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            don’t think we will be further behind…the foundation of the team is there

            for our attack a speedy winger like Sane or Martial would be good

            the main concern is the defense

            if we keep the core players

            add a quality gk, CB, DM and a RB

            4 signings and we can compete

            but are there funds available, Oblak alone would cost 80m ?

          2. John Wick says:

            Without a top coach it won’t matter what players come in tbh if it’s Arteta then I’d rather just stick with Wenger Arteta just doesn’t fit the bill in any capacity, I think the club want someone to come in to focus on promoting the youths rather than spend on top quality.. Kroenke has no interest in arsenal competing and he would never sanction the funds for a Jan Oblak the club would rather work with what they have already Cech, Ospina and Martinez even Macey! Us fans need to get Kroenke out of Arsenal because we are in danger of being a big club with a small mentality with no ambition.

          3. John Ibrahim says:

            Wenger is already gone….

            its obvious there is no money for more quality signings…..

            sometimes it work with youth and sometimes it doesn’t……

            Usmanov has already said many times….to support the manager financially

            top managers Allegri, Ancelloti, Pep, are not going to join and work with limited budget

          4. “its obvious there is no money for more quality signings”.
            Yet we spent £60M on Aubameyang in January and £52M for Lacazette in the previous window. Please stop making up things John Ibrahim, money is there and Kroenke has been spending heavily for the past 3 seasons. We have acquired £35M Mustafi, £35M Xhaka, with big money contracts for the likes of Kolasinac, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Auba. So please, just stop. Money WAS/IS there but the old fool was wasting it. Great he got SACKED.

          5. John Ibrahim says:

            Can you please confirm if there is money available ?

            and who approve/deals with the money Gazadis/Kronenke or the manager?

            it appears that you are just following the media and do not know how a corporate entity is being run

            This is not Fifa 18 or championship manager

          6. Can YOU confirm there is no money available? I’ve just told you we bought Aubameyang less than 3 months ago for £60M. So where do you come off saying it is OBVIOUS the club has no money? How exactly did you arrive at the conclusion we have no money 2 months after breaking our previous transfer record twice in a row? How does Ozil signing a £350K a week contract translate into it being “obvious” the club has no money? Are you suggesting the club is doing business on credit and paying wages and transfer fees in arears? Who approves deals? Lol! Kroenke owns nearly 70% of the club and has a seat on the board, why don’t you take a wild guess on who approves £60M transfers? Man do you even read what you write John?

          7. Kenyanfan says:

            how exactly did Wenger waste money? its better you blame his tactics but dune, don’t even GI close to putting your petty blame on Wenger for funds wasting because he utilized it well and he is the only manager who has managed to remain in top flight with limited funds

          8. tas says:

            just so you ll know if you look at arsenal annual accounts in October you will see total income and total outgoings and there is around 120+ Million adrift in favor of profits, we are about to renegotiate our stadium name and kit sponsors which can bring in further 40 Million extra a year, yes we have the money but its most probably invested is shares or something it wont be showing money in the bank but its easily accessible

          9. tas says:

            One of Wangers wastefulness comes from us not buying the top players at the right price three years ago when we needed players which in today’s market those top players have all doubled in price, instead we bought average players or non at all which cost us top four and no CL place and pending on how we preformed in group stage and final 16 your looking at at least 30 to 40 Million lost

          10. John says:

            There is a reason why Guardiola and Wenger both want Arteta on their technical team…………I think he is highly rated ………….I think he is going to be the next Arsenal coach……….and I believe Cech will be our next goalkeeping coach……….and Mertesacker we know will with in the youth side

  5. inkfight! says:

    Lacazette has top call movement and he’s a good finisher too. Pretty decent with the ball at his feet.

    However, maybe he’s still adjusting, doesn’t seem to want to be physical enough on many, many occasions.

    He also seems more effective when he’s playing with another striker (or maybe it’s just Aubameyang?).

    1. inkfight! says:

      Damn autocorrect!

      OT – appointing Arteta after all the emotion / nostalgia and excitement of Wenger stepping aside would be the most Arsenal thing ever! He could be our Moyes 😛

      1. John Wick says:

        At least Moyes is an actual manager with experience Arteta is nothing more than a number 2 maybe Gazidis needs told he isn’t even a manager.. Arteta wouldn’t make it past Christmas! This Arsenal board and owner need to clear off they couldn’t organise a raffle

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          some people are even calling for Henry to become manager and Henry himself wants to become manager even though he has limited experience

          least Viera rule himself out

          1. John Wick says:

            Let’s hope Arteta rules himself out too ?

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Dein the man who hired Wenger

    Gazadis the man who fired Wenger

    Hopefully, Dein and Wenger can work together and build up another club again……

  7. Lexynal says:

    Now that AW is gone…let’s see how the moronic fans wish to change the board and the policy. They forgot that unfortunately. Welcome to the reality….the new manager will have #50M to spend the next summer. AW had been great managing lean purse to achieve great things. Not sure of any manager who managed to win the same number of trophies in the last 5 years when compared to AW. Everyone knows how muuch Spurs have spent in years and are yet to play in any final (talk-less) of a trophy in the last 10 years. I guess those moronic Arsenal fans admire that as well and they are more than welcome to jump ship. Anyways, AW is already great; he his been silently and openly admired by fellow managers and other football lovers world-wide. I am sure his statutes will welcome the moronic fans to Emirates all the time and they can choose to live with it or leave for it. Only One Arsene Wenger!

    1. John Wick says:

      Like it or not Wenger is a pensioner and can’t go on forever but some people just can’t grasp that fact isn’t 22 years enough ? You probably weren’t even born then hence the fact you want a man who’s pushing 70 to still manage the club! Some of us are bored seeing the same man and the same things for over two decades! Nothing lasts forever not even Wenger in case you hadn’t noticed the man is human not a robot.. most people are already in retirement at his age! But of course we’re all morons because our club is going backwards every season and we would like a change.. people like you would rather finish 10th than upset Mr Wenger news for you fella Mr Wenger doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks his ego and bank account is far more important let me tell you.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        its discrimination for someone to say you are 60 or 68 and you should retire….its one choice to choose their age of retirement……some can even retire at 40yo

        Wenger should at least be given a chance to see out his contract….

        our attack is now awesome….at least 2 to 3 signings on the defense we could compete for top 3…

        1. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

          That’s Wenger’s legacy. Now fans don’t say we are 3 signings away from being 1st. They say we are 3 signings away from being 3rd

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            first is tough considering City’s billionaire squad and team work….they will be adding more superstars…..

            unless they self destruct its still tough even if we sign 4 quality signings….

          2. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

            City won’t win the league every year from now until eternity. This is just the mediocre attitude and excuses that engulf this club.

        2. John says:

          He’s gone…….get over it dude……..he was average as a coach based on the resources he had…….but he was a good planner……..a very good manager………he was what Arsenal needed………he was worth what they paid him………I’m gratefully indebted for his contribution to not only Arsenal but football in general……….but I’m also grateful that someone finally told him…….what he told some of his former players……….no it is time…… is time to retire……….and he finally listened to himself……..the newer hungrier……dynamic……and younger coaches just got better………I’m sure some of them studied what Wenger did……..and want to be like him or better………

  8. wenger says:

    Outside of Laca and Pierre, I think one of our best finishers is Xhaka and Monreal. Everytime Xhaka takes a shot you know its going to be on target and he really picks his targets. Monreal is one of our best scoring LB, he just gets his movements right

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I agree. Thank goodness for Monreal’s positioning and finishing ability and hopefully Xhaka will now (as shown against West Ham) take more shots on goal from outside the penalty area. He would have scored except for a very good save from Hart.
      Regarding Lacazette, it should be remembered that he has just returned from knee surgery, and we don’t know how long he had been playing inconvenienced by the injury.
      Our attack looks promising for the remainder of this season and next. With regards to the addition of a winger, how much will Wilfred Zaha from Crystal Palace cost, given he’s only 25?

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Zaha is a good addition however hes always injured….

        Martial would be a good option too. He will have no issues linking with Auba and Laca

  9. Simon Williams says:

    I wonder if Jack will wait for new manager or leave?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Its likely he will stay but we do not know whats going on behind the scenes…the same with Ramsay and Monreal

  10. Emmanuel says:

    Arsenal board should give us something to smile about at least for once. Why are they thinking about restricted budget to scare away managers who would want to deliver?

  11. Kedar91 says:

    Lacazette should be on fire against Madrid…. We need to emd the tie in 1st leg itself because our home form is outstanding….
    Just saw the highlights of old match against Barcelona where we beat them at Emirates 2-1
    What team we had…. RVP, Nasri, Arshavin, Fabregas, Wlshere….

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Laca maybe on fire…..but we need the creative midfielders to create scoring chance for him…

      Mikhi is out….Hopefully either Wilshere and/or Ozil will be available….

      Ramsay may not be able to do it alone….

      1. Kedar91 says:

        Is it confirm news that Mihkhi is out???

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          likely based on media photos….

          a big risk if he plays….

          Besides he may not be match fit and hard to weave any of his Mikhi magic

  12. Ackshay says:

    I am beginning to like lacazette upfront and aubameyang as a left forward like walcott(auba is like walcott but multiple times better) used to do on the right playing closer to the striker. Auba gets more space to run on the left than in the middle especially against park the bus teams and he seems to systematically search for lacazette when he has the ball like ozil and alexis used to do. Lacazette upfront with aubameyang, ozil, mkhitaryan behind is a world class attacking force, i would say better than liverpool or man city front 4.
    Now we need a coach like jardim, allegri or tuchel to discipline that defense/central midfield who can be much much better. If they can sometimes look good with dontgiveashit about defence wenger they have the potential to be very good under a coach that actually coaches them to defend.
    Ramsey and xhaka are not compatible, we either play ramsey with a kante like player behind to cover our defence or we play xhaka and a matic type player and we play more direct. Wenger weakness has been that he’s unable to decide, let’s hope the new manager can.

  13. McLovin says:

    De Vrij (free)
    Meyer (free)
    Butland (relegation clause?)
    Fabinho £40 millions

    Now that’s not so expensive..

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      McLovin, four good quality available players, only issue as always is wages.
      Hopefully Mislatat is already on the ball.

  14. Tat says:

    Good news!!
    According to some newspaper, new manager gonna be given 50m to build a team. Better than nothing

    1. John0711 says:

      No where’s near enough with the amount of money the club is making, If artery comes in and 50m get ready for more empty seats

      1. Lexynal says:

        And that’s is what you all have been yarning for. You think AW departure without policy change is the answer. Welcome to reality.

  15. Nayr says:

    All depends on the new manager.

    you might even find people like lacazette sold or people like welbeck playing every game.

    a new manager will have the players he prefers.

    the only player who is safe in that attack is AUBAMEYANG.
    a class apart

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Selling Lacazette would verge on insanity given how long Arsenal have been without potent strikers.
      Given the players Arsenal have sold in the last 12 months with the resultant drop in the wages bill, a £50 million transfer budget would be a joke!

  16. Lexynal says:

    Welcome to the reality. If we had many managers who worked within tight budgets and “the so-called Wengers’ average players” – then show me the list of 5 of them who achieved trophies upon trophies. We know Semone is great…Poch is super, Kulman is extra -ordinary , B.Roger is good, Moyes, Big Sam, Alan Padew , Howe….list is endless….they have been great (according to you fans)….but let’s see the list of the trophies they have all warn (and pls include how many in how many years). And lets see who have simply been extra-ordinary between them (even when combined) and AW. Only one AW! Live with it or leave … can’t change his records, sorry!

  17. Ingleby says:

    Has anyone calculated Arsenal net spend this last 2 seasons? Incuding plus and minus on incoming/outgoing players wages? I didnt think the deficit was very high?

    1. tas says:

      i had a quick looked at it in October end of year accounts from what i saw we are around 120m pre-tax profit and soon we have new and much better sponsorship coming on the kits and stadium name which could be around another extra 40m a year plus, but i’m sure some people just look at whats in the bank as cash without looking at investments side of Arsenals profits

      1. tas says:

        even do we released some players recently i think our wage bill will be higher this tax year what with Ozil’s 350k a week ( 10 million a year rise ) our new signings and one or two re-signings if they stay like Ramsey will all push up the salary outgoings

  18. Break-on-through says:

    I wouldn’t believe the Arteta rumour, we offered him a coaching role and he turned us down for a club he never played for. Gazidas is not stupid, one of Gazidas problems is he actually takes on board what the fans say. I don’t believe the 50m budget either, the money that’s in the prem these days sure the 20th team has that or more to work with. People need to stop believing everything they read. Arsene spent a fair bit on strikers and some others yeah fair enough, but he had that because of his frugality over the years and we were due a big outlay. But the outlay was within our means even before we bring frugality into it. Between the television money, gate receipts here and in Europe, sponsorship money, merchandise worldwide, cash reserve, and then player sales …we should be fine.

  19. Sergio says:

    Has Koscielny been given the captaincy then?

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