Lacazette’s heated exchange with Unai Emery during Arsenal’s draw with Southampton

According to Football.London, the Arsenal star Alexandre Lacazette was involved in an angry encounter with manager Unai Emery during last weekend’s 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Lacazette proved to be the key man for the Gunners as he scored twice, including a last-minute equaliser to ensure the north London outfit shared the spoils.

Football.London suggest that the row with Emery took place in the early stages of the second-half whilst a Southampton player was down with an injury.

It’s also reiterated that this isn’t the first time that the Spaniard has clashed with one of his players. Summer signing Kieran Tierney reportedly told Emery to ‘calm down’ during Arsenal’s draw with Wolves earlier this month.

This is the last thing that Emery needs looming over his head, the pressure is mounting on his position after a poor run of results.

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We’ve failed to win any of our last five Premier League matches, this has seriously dented our hopes of challenging for a top four spot.

Has Emery lost the dressing room through lack of man-management skills?

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  1. Emery is imploding from all sides, it’s only a matter of when he is sacked. It’s bad things followed by bad things.
    Emery was a good gamble at the time he was signed, pragmatic coach with very good record in europa. It just wasn’t meant to work, all big clubs are faced with it and their reaction time dictate if the current season can be salvaged.

  2. Seriously, bring Pochettino in now to at least stable the ship until the end of the season. If it all works out well and he proves himself, keep him as manager! I’m sure it would be best for both sides?

    The squad need reinvigorating. They need a new energy and new ideas. Someone who is able to build on strength and character. Pochettino may just be the one this squad need?! The short term will do and look what Mourino is doing down the road already! It just proves that if you make change good things can happen!

    1. What is mourinho doing down the road? Some fans mehn? Didn’t emery started well? U easily forgot the 22 unbeaten run?

  3. I wouldn’t read too much into this, molehill – mountain comes to mind. D Simeone I can imagine having heated exchanges all the time, Fergie was at it too. Klopp does it too but the players don’t argue with him. Times are tough so you will see some of them getting a bit agitated, it’s only natural. If we knew exactly what was said then we’d know if there’s anything to it, just more wood for the already highly lit fire.

  4. Not sure if this rumor is true, but perhaps it’s based on Emery creating friction with players like he himself said.

    I don’t blame Laca or Auba if they don’t extend their contracts while Emery is at the helm. We’re regressing, he has no style, and he is drowning and over his head in the Premier League.

    It seems Raul and Edu are the ones keeping Emery at the club, and that raises an interesting question for me.

    Will Raul and Edu side with Emery and lose Auba, Laca, Torerria, and others?

    Emery is a dead man walking, and if Raul and Edu defend Emery rather than sack him, they are risking their positions at this club as well. Fans deserted Emery weeks ago, and it looks as if the players, one by one, are deserting him as well. They don’t seem to be playing for him; the spirit, the fight, the discipline and unity they constantly talk about is nowhere to be seen.

    Wait too long, and top 4 will be a distant memory in this season. I wonder if the club felt it was satisfactory if Emery won the Europa despite the table and lack of style? With Wenger it seemed “top 4” was mandatory or he would get the sack, while with Emery it has shifted to Europa title is the REAL aim now.

    1. Oh well said, my sober minded friend! Your “dead man walking” is so true. It is obvious, even to a corpse, that Emery is on the doorstep marked “exit” and since Josh will make the final decision which Daddy will rubber stamp, Raul and Edu are close to going through that same door, IF they stupidly try to keep Emery. Things will need to get far worse yet before they can get better. Merely pushing Emery out is ONLY the first necessary step. It will only be when Stan sees his investment plummeting in value that REAL action to cut out the many tumours around this club will finally happen. KROENKE senior is the biggest tumour of all though and to really be cured we need him to be cut out and replaced with someone who actually gives a damn about our club, not merely for its investment value, either.

      But if RAUL and co try keeping Emery , they will also be going through that exit door, soon after he has left. Many of us fans, including Sir Chips and his fellow dinosaurs are already losing faith in the regime above Emery and will want out soon. Our great ship is sinking with no one at the helm! Continued empty seats are our most potent weapon though some do not see that truth.

      1. I agree with you Jon, and I would add one thing. If anyone defends Kronke and his abysmal ownership of our club, think about this. He’s put hundreds of millions into his Rams and their stadium, Yet couldn’t find any spare change to help with the Emirates build? Look at money he’s thrown at Rams roster and filling out their squad; yet can’t find 2 reliable CB’s anywhere in the world we can afford?

        I would go so far as to say that he would get a greater return for his investment with Arsenal than with the Rams.

        No one believes Stan when he opens his mouth, and unless Josh sacks Emery soon, no one will believe him either. His speech on “ambition and competitiveness” is quickly evaporating the longer he allows Emery to steer this club down the wrong path.

        If Raul truly believes in Emery turning things around, then he should be called into question. What rational person could have such irrational delusions about a man that has only taken this club in reverse the last 18 months.

  5. The players reactions at certain times during match shows that Emery has lost it in the dressing room..
    The players no longer have any zeal to fight.
    Even Lacazette looked somehow disappointed wen he got the Equalizer..his reaction was somewhat like he wished he hadn’t scored but didn’t have any choice.
    Almost as if they planned to lose so as to get Emery the sack.

    Too bad how things have gotten at our beloved club

  6. The board should show us where it had ever happened in the past in a similar situation, that the incumbent coach managed to turn it around and regainrd the confidence of the playets and fans.

    If it did, please remind us.

  7. I think Alexandre Lacazette should show full respect to his head coach Emery. And also honour him. But not be disrespecting him on any related football coaching matters. More so, to be disrespecting him publicly maybe with impunity to the onlookers of a large crowd of people at the Ems watching the near insult drama unleashed to his head coach Emery by Lacazette. If there be any football issue or issues arising that Lacazette wants to have a discussion on it with his head coach. I think the Arsenal London Colney training ground is available to Lacazette to have a discussion with his head coach but under respect shown towards him. Alternatively, Emery who must have an office at London Colney can also be seen there by Lacazette or any other Gunners for that matter to have a useful discussion with head coach Emery I would assume and conclude.

  8. It would be interesting to see if Lacs and Tierney are branded with the same iron as other players who have openly argued with UE.

    “Disgusting attitude” was one of the quotes used on here to describe Ozils reaction when he was hauled off the park, saying to UE “Your no coach”…funny how it has now become so apparent that Ozil knew exactly what he was talking about.

    No wonder our players walk off the pitch slowly,shaking their heads in bewiderment at what they are suppsed to be doing.

    UE’s mismanagement of our players is unbelievable and explains, as some of were saying ages ago, why Auba and Lacs have STILL not signed their new contracts.

    1. Aubameyang and Lacazette have not signed simply because they believe they will get more money as free agents. If Aubameyang cared anything about football he would not have joined a Europa League team from a champions league team.

      1. That might well be true QD…I seem to remember Arsene Wenger saying the same thing a few seasons ago regarding players andbeing free agents.

        As for joining a team that plays in a lower european cup tournament, perhaps they thought that playing in the most recognised premier league in the world might have had something to do with it – or, as they were both reported to have said, working alongside Arsene Wenger.

        Who knows QD, who knows?

  9. I sincerely don’t think many of us anticipated that Arsenal would be in this state after Arsene Wenger! There were a few voces of caution such as Ken1945 but I am sure he didn’t imagine it would be this bad. I recall on several occasions I argued on this site that sacking Wenger was no difficulty but getting a proper replacement was the major issue. I was thumbed down by many at the time! I was not surprised because very few people care to analyse issues but just move with the heat of the moment and just follow the popular opinion.How I wish they had been right and I was wrong! I must admit that what is happening to our team is far beneath what I anticipated. I could never have imagined that a man with a Ligue 1 title, a French treble and 3 Europa trophies to his name would run down our Club to this level! It is simply incredulous! Where did it all go wrong? What lessons should we learn from this? I believe one major lesson should be that we need to
    do due diligence before appointing the next head coach. It might be prudent to get an interim manager up to the end of the season and then assess our options. Once is an accident but a repeat would be a habit.

    1. “I sincerely don’t think many of us anticipated that Arsenal would be in this state after Arsene Wenger!”

      Not true. Many of us appreciated how much Wenger squeezed out of a team without deep investment. He was just in the re-build phase after the failure of the English core, but there was no money to compete with the bigger teams.

      Wenger was trying to get some huge names, but had no money to deliver.

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