Lack of complaint from Bundesliga stars shows how spoilt Premier League stars are

The Bundesliga was restarted at the weekend amidst the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.

There had been several setbacks like an entire team needing to be quarantined because a few players tested positive to the coronavirus, yet the authorities didn’t stop their go ahead and the players obliged.

Over here in the Premier League, the players are still complaining of being used to improve the mood of the nation and that their welfare isn’t being taken into consideration.

This is the same group of players who came together to agree not to take pay cuts to their mammoth salaries.

What this just showed to me is that the Premier League has the most spoilt and greedy players in the world.

The authorities even give these players better treatment and assurances that some frontline staff and citizens who work at essential service companies, yet they don’t want to return to the field to fulfil their duties as footballers.

I can understand why someone would be afraid to play at this time, but if you are not considerate enough to take a pay cut to help your team why do you expect them to care so much for your safety, while you’re still being paid by them to sit at home and do nothing?

An article from Ime


  1. Sue says:

    South Korean football team apologises for using ‘sex dolls’ to fill stands 😄

    Fair play to the Bundesliga teams and everyone involved… I enjoyed watching…👍

    1. Darthballz says:

      They did look a little surprised

      1. Sue says:

        The team or the dolls?! 🤣

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