Lallana – Arsenal won’t score on Monday!

Liverpool’s Adam Lallana is getting ready to visit the Emirates on Monday night, and he thinks that Arsenal are going to have a hard time getting a result. The Gunners destroyed his team 4-1 in this fixture last season, but he is feeling in a cocky mood this time around.

Don’t you love it when opposing players predict a win over the Arsenal so we can gloat after the game. Has no-one ever told him the saying that “Pride comes before a fall” because that is where he is heading!

The Reds have won both their Premier League games this season, both by 1-0 against Stoke and the mighty Bournemouth, and he thinks that they will maintain there clean sheet record on Monday night.

“The manager will set us up to get a result there,” Lallana told Sky Sports. “We’ve had two clean sheets in two games and we’ll be looking for a third on Monday night. We’re going there to try to get the win.”

“We’ll go to Arsenal with a gameplan to keep this run going,” he continued. “We’ve got a full week to prepare for Arsenal now. Hopefully we can go there and put on a good show.”

It’s nice to be young and full of confidence this early in the season, but Arsenal know more than anyone that it does not pay to be overconfident before a game (West Ham anyone) so you can’t knock him for that I suppose. One reason he is hopeful of scoring at least one goal is that Liverpool brought in Christian Benteke in the summer, and he broke the deadlock against Bournemouth. “It was a real poacher’s finish. It was a great ball in from Hendo and Benteke is a predator in the box,” he said.

“He’s a big presence up there. He’s great in the air and good with his feet. He brings team-mates into play.”

Okay I must admit that I hoped Arsenal would make a bid for the Belgian international, but we have Giroud so we will just have to get behind our Frenchman Olivier Giroud, and hope he helps to put Liverpool in their place on Monday…..

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  1. Gunner goals can come from anywhere, ok…maybe not everywhere but we have options.
    Benteke is a very good striker but we have faced him in the past.
    Our defence is solid plus I have faith in Cech.
    They will be better tan before, but we also have an attitude better tan before.

      1. yeah…damn corrector in Spanish…
        well speakin Spanish and livin in latin America the tan is sure

  2. Lallana don’t worry, a liverpool player will score an own goal but be certain we will beat liverpool

  3. Get back to your Nivea ads Adam. If we don’t score it won’t be down to him. He needs to concentrate on his own game because he has been a total waste of £25M to date.

  4. Ramsey on the wings is the way to repay him for breaking a Long time hoodoo against an archrival…….. The Ox registered the only goal in that game…….. And this is how he’s repaid….. As far as i’m concerned, OX is a natural winger and ramsey ain’t a winger…… He did well in that game and the game after…….not saying i hate ramsey……i hate the fact that wenger makes stupid choices sometimes that often prove fatal…..

    1. I’m not saying that Ramsey should be on the wings every week but whenever he plays there with Bellerin it usually works. I was watching MNF few days ago and they broke it down how it works and they made a few good points. However I agree Ox deserves to start hes been good for us so far annd he can have a breakout season this year

      1. You are right but you won’t get far on here – the “Ramsey isn’t a winger” mantra is trending big time. Completely ignores the fact Ramsey isn’t deployed as a winger – anyone with an ounce of football knowledge should be able to see that. His heat map against CP is conclusive proof of that – almost impossible to tell what his team sheet position was – the one thing he wasn’t asked to do is go down the touch-line in the opposition half. His average position on the pitch was a few yards behind Giroud!! The wrong question is being asked – should Wenger be stationing a natural winger out wide with instructions to provide and maintain width is more pertinent, something incidentally that Alexis doesn’t do on the other side so not quite sure why the obsessing about the right side. Something also that Wenger hasn’t done for a decade or more as well. The furore is probably more to do with Ox not playing rather than any tactical complaint – although many seem to automatically and simplistically equate pace out wide with goals and attacking threat. Most decent modern fullbacks can usher old-style wingers in to the corner flag with little or not bother – the better % threat is the overlapping FB. Bellerin/Ramsey or Debuchy/Ox depending on the game/form etc. Don’t see Bellerin/Ox happening any time soon as a starting set-up.

    2. After reading an article in which Ramsey explains the reason why he is played in his new position, it bothers me even more.

      It is not about OX’s or Theo’s limitation. It is that Wenger WANTS to play with 4 central midfielders- it is the tactics Wenger feels most comfortable with using at the moment. Whether this will last for only a few games I can’t say. However this approach seems to me like over-complication of things. Kind of reminds me of how Pep’s Barca suffered when it was playing with a fourth CM in Fabregas. In that season, Barca had higher percentage of wins (like we have had in recent months) but in all, many were left wondering if the club would have had a better season had they kept things simple.

  5. and u LALLANA………..i will make ready ur cutlery set consisting of 16 forks and 5 knives…….so u’d eat ur Bullsh*t for every goal Arsenal scores!

  6. Ok Lallana!! we’ll see about that. all I know is if we play anywhere near 90% of our potential then your team is already (ADMIN – NO swearing)

  7. At Least ye down-thumbers should be bold enough to come out and say …. “I THUMBED YOU DOWN” …..stop playing oysters L()L

  8. seriously! What time is the meeting with pool?……… Noon?……. Ah Wenger hates Noon games………….. Plus we playing at the Emirates right?…….. Oh damn!

  9. Liverpool really shouldn’t be getting cocky considering they were lucky to beat Stoke after a pretty lacklustre performance, and against Bournemouth there goal was 100% offside and shouldn’t have stood and Bournemouth’s disallowed goal was harsh.

    I know we haven’t looked great so far but either have Liverpool, they can say they’ve won 2 and kept 2 clean sheets but in reality they haven’t looked convincing and in reality should have lost against Bournemouth. So to conclude, shut up Lallana and maybe try and do something productive on the pitch for once.

  10. This window just confirms mourinhos tag of expert in failure …. Don’t know why fans give him the time of day dishonest egotistical arrogant and … Worst of all… A decade of second string results …. 45 m would buy drexler and krychowiak both would make us better so don’t know what the idiot grenouille is talking about

  11. So basically the scouser’s game plan is to park the bus!
    No doubt it will be set on bricks, as the scouse c##ts can’t resist the temptation of robbing the wheels off of it,
    Even if it is their own Bus ?

  12. Pedro to Chelsea.
    Otamendi to Man City.
    Mane to United.
    “Cohesion” still two weeks into Arsenal medical.

  13. Please do not put Ramsey on the right. He did well but why not put natural winger on the right like Walcott or Oxlade.

    We need to play our BEST players in their best positions.

    Gk: Cech
    Defense: Debuchy/Bellerin, Kos, Mert, Monreal
    DM: Flamini (just kidding) Coquelin
    B2B: Cazorla/Ramsey
    CAM: Ozil
    RW: Walcott/Oxlade
    LW: Alexis
    CF: Giroud/Walcott

  14. Here’s a crazy thought. What if Wenger ultimately buys Higuain? Everyone knows they won’t pay 67 million on him, hence no team will be in for him. But at the transfer ending, Wenger might bargain to a bit and try to buy him. If and a BIG IF all top strikers are out of our hands, then this could be possible.

    On Topic, Monday night will be perfect to test Walcott. We know that they will not park the bus like West Ham or Crystal Palace, they will allow some space in their defence. So who knows either Walcott can run into or atleast stretch their defence, providing or creating some space for our wingers Alexis, and Ox. Just like Chelsea game?

    1. One thing I haven’t heard about is who our back-up to Alexis is? We talk about strikers and Dms, but Alexis has taken a large role for this team and no one else can fill his shoes. If he is out for any amount of time, we could be royally ((*%&.

  15. Shut up Adam banana, Bournemouth should’ve beaten your lot at anfield but they had a perfectly good goal disallowed. Then Liverpool scored a goal which was clearly offside according to the new rules. Lucky

  16. I understand Wenger in availability, but he can surely find someone to be # 2 in south america.
    LOTS of strikers and DMs.
    sure, they might not have the names yet, but they can calmly sit an wait for their chances, we would be secure to have back ups, they wouldnt cost too much neither demand high wages….

      1. i kind of realice that, that why i said “a # 2″…within time those south americans grow…a win-win IMO

  17. Arsenal 4th place mentality fans. Man city, utd, Chelsea and Liverpool are wasting their money by spending. Spending doesn’t guarentee success. We will continue to believe in wenger until he resigns. We won’t blame wenger even if he doesn’t spend becoz he has earned the right to do what he wants. Giroud and coquelin will win I suck and Epl trophy. Now see who has lack of ambition.

  18. Do fans here really believe we will challenge for big trophies with giroud as our main striker? Also with no dm cover and top cb.

    1. Giroud Sanchez Ramsey
      Walcott Podolski all scored
      goals in recent years.
      Giroud has been our most
      consistent scorer but the
      support cast is just as critical.
      Defense midfield and attackers
      all contribute to the team success.

  19. 1-0 for arsenal
    arsenal surely will win. liverpool is just the same. buying firmino benteke milner, but ended score with lucky speculation shot from coutinho

  20. REVEALED! Lineup for Monday versus Liverpool

    Sanchez Ozil Ramsey
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Bench: Walcott, OX, Debuchy, Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Arteta

  21. Wow! Chelsea got Pedro

    Pedro, Hazard, Fabregas, Costa. Not a bad attack with Remy, Falcao, Cuadrado, Willian on the bench.

    Big Signings so far
    Chelsea: Pedro, Rahman, Falcao
    United: Schweinseiger, Schneiderlin, Depay, Darmian
    City: Sterling, Delph
    Liverpool: Benteke, Firminho, Clyne, Milner, Ings
    Arsenal: Cech
    Spuds: Alderwiereld, Njie

    We need to catch up a bit

    I expect United to get a Top striker like Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Muller, Lewandowski, Cavani

  22. Common wenger hurry up and sign benzema and krychowiak I will give until the end of the season vote to stay as our manager otherwise leave now

  23. Like all your many lists Fred – impressive on paper only. Fabregas and Costa have been AWOL for 6 months now – all the adulation is now based on their performances up to Xmas last year – until they show something again please delete from your scary lists. And please never put Cuadrado on one of your scary lists again until he has either successully completed 6 passes in the PL or beaten a single player one-on-one or played more than 10 minutes in match. You put Falcao back on the list when he scores a goal for Chelski. Clyne and Darmian are the only ones who have impressed in any way so far – but I am happy with Bellerin/Debuchy.

  24. We never looked liked scoring in a million years in recent home games against Swansea, Sunderland, Chelsea and West Ham, and with Liverpool’s two clean sheets already, I’d say Lallana has a good point.

    I personally feel we’ll beat Liverpool, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger gets schooled tactically again. We all know it’ll happen lots this season, I just didn’t think it would be Bilic to school Wenger first.

  25. so ramsey’s heat map shows he drifts into the MF to play?……… Then it’s a hell lot of jam-packed midfield ….. Plus why should bellerin play as RB and LB at the same time?

      1. Because that is what many modern FBs do – provide the width. It is not like it is against his job description or something anymore than AR is expected to help out at RB when play is going the other way.

    1. Not very often I agree with you, but on this I do.
      We play far too narrow, everything going down the middle, trying to pass our way through a very congested middle, with the result, a breakdown of the attack and the risk of getting caught on the counter. I’ve noticed even Monreal starts off on the flank, passes to a player inside him, then takes off into the middle for a return pass, if even our left back does this what chance have we got.
      If it means benching Ramsey, then so be it, we need players to stay wide when required, not naturally drift into the centre because that’s where they’d rather be.
      Walcott or Ox on the right, and Sachez on the left, get some width into our game, at least until level with the penalty area, than come inside if there’s room, draw their defence out of the middle to creat some space.

      1. I agree in general about width – but it is not exactly a new phenomena at Arsenal under Wenger. You have to go back a long way to find players who habitually hugged the touch-line. Overmars and Ljungberg made their way infield a lot of the time once they passed the halfway line. Pires came inside nearly all the time.

        Btw: Both CP goals came from wide crosses. Community Shield goal from Ox was from out wide cutting in – it is not totally absent from our game.

  26. Adam Lallana is a clown and will do what he’s done since moving to Liverpool on Monday…. nothing.

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