Last chance saloon for Emery – Arsenal simply must beat Wolves

No more places to hide. Arsenal must win on Wednesday! by Konstantin

All hail Burnley. Pathetic that this is what it has come down to, but here we are again hoping that others will do our job. It’s back in our hands now, but does that make you any more confident?

We have a cowardly manager whose rotation policy has backfired multiple times at points where we could’ve taken a huge grasp on the top 4. We got away with it so far, but how many more chances are there left?

We travel to Molineux on Wednesday and it’ll be another nail-biting affair. I want no squad experiments. Drop Mustafi, in fact we should drop him off the team bus. Elneny and Guendouzi can join him.

I want Xhaka and Torreira in midfield with Ozil in front of them. The front two pick themselves. Put Ainsley back in on the right, Kola on the left and a back 3 of Koscielny, Monreal and Sokratis. This should be good enough and if it isn’t then we don’t deserve the top 4.

We play our next 2 games before Chelsea and if we win, they will face United absolutely needing a win. United play City same time as us and this is our last chance.

I believe that of we win the next 3, Burnley will not matter. It’s just that I have no confidence we can pull 2 away wins in a row, especially against Woolves and Leicester but who knows, we won the last 2 away 1:0.

I just want Wednesday over with. This is too much for me, but I just don’t want another season of Europa league. We have a golden chance through the league. Let’s be bold and take it…

Konstantin Mitov


  1. Pretty good line up there Konstantin. However I would start Iwobi instead of Kolasinac who was awful last time out.

    1. Kolasinac didn’t have a great game on Sunday, I was so fed up with the sideways/backwards passing… it was so bloody frustrating!!! But then Iwobi came on – just hope tomorrow if he’s in front of goal, he passes to someone who will score!!

  2. Wolves fan interjecting here; you get what you deserve in this league, not what you want I’m afraid, although Arsenal were lucky to scrape a draw at the Emirates – from memory, Arsenal looked completely befuddled. Wolves are only 1 player way from challenging the best in Europe IMHO. Looking forward to a packed Molineux tomorrow, and may the best team win.

  3. Its been really painful watching our matches and I can’t believe Emery still decides to use the three back system.If he’s so confident about the formation why does he revert to a four back when we are in search of a goal?How many times has he reverted to a back three while using a back four in search of a goal or as a tactical change?We played our best football under him using a back three and yet he for some reason tries to go with a back three when clearly our players are not suited to this system.He should revert back to the 4-2-3-1 which saw Arsenal play more penetrative football instead of this system which focuses on using mainly Kolasinac and AMN as those who produce width.Play 4-2-3-1 with an attack involving Iwobi,Ozil,Aubameyang and Lacazette. and then leave the rest to the team to do their job.We can’t afford to go to Wolves with this system because they play it better than us and will be happy with this formation.We need more attackers in the lineup to cause trouble to the opposition.Our defending isn’t good enough and we lack control in midfield but we still decide to go with a three back which is baffling.Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and includes all ou attackers in the lineup.Before I’m also called out on Iwobi I’ve said several times here that he’s average but must start as he is the only player who takes on his man really well.He will do many wrong things but is likely to supply one important through ball which is gonna be a clear cut chance for someone to score’as seen from anytime he starts a match and not as a substitute.Ozil should also start despite not being that good this season because we have no quality in his position.

  4. I’m sure Emery knows what’s at stake. The big question is whether the Arsenal players will turn up appreciating the importance of winning the remaining games? Will they be prepared to get down, put in the effort required, give their best for the badge or stay in their comfort zone, happy to collect their wages?
    Time will tell. All I expect as an Arsenal supporter is that they give their best and leave everything on the field on match day.

    1. No he didn’t because if he did he would have taken Everton and Crystal Palace so serious. You never want to point out the flaws in his decision making going into a match. Keg has a perfect summation for his indecisiveness. I support him 100% but he is the sole reason we will not finish above Spurs and if we don’t qualify for cl it’s on him.

  5. A win at Wolves will be a big ask. Man U twice but also Chelsea failed to get a result at Wolves.

    This Arsenal team is unpredictable and so is Emery’s team selection. I fear this game in a big way.

    I don’t see us getting a result.

  6. No Ozil.He’s gone already.Let him pack his bags.China or Turkey are welcoming him with open arms.The only places welcoming him.The rest are not interested.How come?Despite being a ” world class player”(joke)?

    1. Agree. Ozil against Wolves is suicide. But we have very few attacking mids available at the moment and may have no other choice. It’s either Ozil or Miki. Pick your poison… :/

          1. If you ask me,I’ll try Lacazette as a number 10,he’s good in every department-shooting,free kicks,dribbling,passing,fast,tricky and very solid on his feet,cannot be easily bullied.He’s dropping deep to the middle anyway to take the ball,let him stay there and distribute.A lot more efficient and smart than Ozil.

            1. I like your idea Laca is a good dribble and can not be easily bullied plus he has a great Shooting accuarcy which will help shooting from out the box

  7. Our form in the league has been shocking over our last 3 games against Everton, Watford, and Palace. I can only see us losing at Wolves given that form, and their form against top sides. Maybe a score draw at best, and pray other results go our way?

      1. I really hope you’re right. Probably win at Wolves, and then lose at Leicester knowing Arsenal. Haha!

  8. We suck ouslrselves why would we always wait for others to do us a favour while it was in our own hands !? We had 2 great chances to cement 3rd place and leave Spurs and United to compet for 4th but instead we blow up . So Pethatic
    No more Elneni
    No more Mustafi
    And no more Jenkinson till the end of the season they pack their shit and leave

    1. Good sides usually win when needed. What does that make us? It has been the same for a number of years now and is the reason we are in the Europa League after 20 odd years at the top table. Our problem is our owner who runs the club as a business, sod the loyal supporters, and I just can’t see that changing anytime soon.

  9. Leno



  10. We know it’s that SCROOGE KROENKE AND THE IDIOT FORMER DON’T KNOW WHAT HE WAS can’t bear too say his name not a anger in a million years you have to give UE a chance he has given All The Supporters Some Hope not like the idiot before its like taking over a bunch of raw recruits in the Army no discipline no tactics basically no defence no money the Guy is trying is best without doubt

  11. Calling our manager a coward is totally out of order and saying that Kolasinac should start is down right stupid. Kola cannot defend and when he does get forward, bottles it and passes backwards so many times. Mustafi must be and will surely be replaced with Sokratis.

    1. Declan, I wholeheartedly agree. One wonders what Konstantin has ever achieved in sport, his career or life to disparage Unai Emery by calling him a coward.
      Totally uncalled for.

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