Last-gasp winner puts Arsenal back in the mix

Arsenal managed to steal all three points today, with a questionable winner which will no doubt leave our opponents reeling.

There was little to talk about from the first-half of the match, with many passes being over hit, and both defences clearing up any attacking threats, and the second-half wasn’t much better.

We did manage to create more chances and push up the pitch onto the Clarets much more, but unfortunately could not get that breakthrough goal.

Wenger attempted to chance the destiny of the match away from a draw by bringing on Elneny and Oxlade-Chamberlain, with a disappointing Iwobi making way along with Granit Xhaka.

Burnley even threatened to bag a winner in the match also in the final 20 minutes of the match, but going into the final 10 minutes, the game was still stuck at 0-0.

Minute 85 we saw Theo Walcott place a tremendous effort from outside the box agonisingly close, but again, still no deadlock broken. We continued to fight hard in the final minutes of the game, but our opponents stood firm in defence, and the drab game looked as if it would end with the boring final score that matched the game, but we managed to score in the final seconds of injury time.

A 92nd minute corner gave us the chance to steal all three points, and that we did, although there will be talk of Laurent Koscielny’s final touch being with his hand… An Alexis Sanchez cross was whipped in, for Theo to knock toward the back-post, where Oxlade-Chamberlain and Laurent managed to scuffle the ball into the net, and with no time for Burnley to try and level proceedings.

Alex Iwobi and Mesut Ozil were noticeably below par today, although there was not a huge amount of space given to us from our opponents, but we can take credit in our attitude of continuing until the final whistle, and today it paid off.

As the commentator stated on Sky Sports, these late wins can be the true sign of champions, and with Manchester City having lost earlier on today, we have also closed the gap at the top to only two points.

Were we lucky today? Did we deserve the breakthrough? Can anyone deny we are truly Premier League contenders now?

Pat J

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  1. Crappy game and a lucky win. It would have been horrible to go into international break with points dropped.

      1. Life can be very funny sometimes, a lot of people were planning to come on here to say something totally different, but for that sweet last grasp winner, opinions changed.

        Not every time you win beautiful, sometimes you win ugly…. The 3 points is the most important thing on a day City lost.

    1. What do u mean? Burnley made it so difficult for us. They gave everything and to grind out a win in stoppage time is good for me. However, we need to shoot from a distance when teams sit and defend like Burnley did against us today. If we can’t get through them then shoot. Anything is possible, deflection, rebounds etc. Well done for the international break. #Wenger20

  2. We won ugly, plain and simple. I won’t call it lucky because we kept pushing hard all game and Burnley defended well and sat back. We battled until the end and scrapped 3 points so im happy. When other teams do it people say they fought hard and won ugly but when it’s Arsenal people say we got lucky -.-

  3. Positives: We won, and Mustafi was excellent.
    Besides for that… er… idk, lol.
    Also liked that we never gave up, but I don’t think Wenger will be very happy with the performance overall. I don’t think he even celebrated the goal either.

  4. Phew, now that was tough, wasn’t it?

    Were we lucky today? No we were not. Although, it was a game we could have easily lost as well. Burnley was simply fantastic.
    Did we deserve the breakthrough? Certainly. We had 67% possession and created most of the chances.
    Can anyone deny we are truly Premier League contenders now? I think after our 3-0 victory against Chelsea many thought we could go all the way. The clashes with City and Spurs will show if this team has any mettle.

    Congratulations @allgooners!

  5. Fuhh…another 3 creepy points…as long as we win,doesnt matter 1 or 2 or 3 goals,as long we got that 3 points.. COYG!!!

    1. What I care about is a win in difficult matches.
      Burnley have not been push overs at home this season.
      What ever type of win, I take it happily.

  6. LOL….What a goal…I’ll take it though. It ain’t the “Hand of God” But hey. beggars can’t be choosers…LOL

  7. Can’t believe that just happened.. Don’t think no one can.. Boys won it, like champions. I was almost certain it’s one of those matches when Burnley defender hit the crossbar. Strange seeing Arsenal grind out results like this and Southampton. I do like it though, loving the haters talk about referees doing us “favors”, haters keep em coming!

    Little disappointed to see the bench. Where did our forwards disappear?

    1. Both are injured right now. And yeah, we usually never get late winners, or penalties, yet we’ve been getting both so far this season. I’m not used to this… I’ll take the heart problems tho if it means 3 points, haha.

    1. @northbankgooner
      In all fairness to Burnley, what other choice have they but to park the bus. Dyche is well aware that his men would get “shredded” in an open game against us. You work with what you got…

      1. He’s called Ginger Mourinho for a reason. He likes his teams to park the bus, and he builds his teams like that on purpose. Bournemouth can afford average creative players. Dyche has created this culture, and likes these kind of players.

  8. Wow we were crap. Have to say this is our year. Got a lucky win against soton, rode our luck against psg, Leicester should have beaten us and now this.

    Performance wise we have benough pathetic. United,, Liverpool, spurs, city any day better than us.

    1. Lmao, yeah cause it’s not like any of the teams you mentioned also haven’t grinded out wins this season… (basically all United’s wins were ugly, Spurs scraped 2 wins as well this season, Liverpool just did it yesterday….)

    2. Well Wayne, we are above Man U and Liverpool, by goal difference. We made City look stupid without our main squad In the summer and I for one am confident that we can beat them when we play them in the league. As for Spurs, they may look good but they haven’t played us yet. Lets wait till we play them and City before jackin them off and over praising them shall we.

  9. Burnley were indeed stubborn in defense! But I’ll take the 1-0 win our persistence paid off and we never stopped pressuring them! Coyg!

  10. Draw would’ve been fair result.

    First I thought it was offside and Handball. But now I don’t think it is either. It hits Koscielny’s feet, head and hand, he doesn’t know anything about it.

    Ozil was the poorest player today offensively.

    1. I’m asking myself if the referee would’ve awarded a penalty if the same thing had happened in our area (obviously without going in the back of the net), and I don’t think he would of, and indeed it shouldn’t be (although they have be awarded), so by the same logic, I think it was a goal.

  11. We have been the benefactors of some decisions from the officials this year. Couple penalty kicks, and then today’s goal that I’m not sure how they didn’t call offside. Unless they judged that LK6 kicked the ball into himself (which wouldn’t be possible considering how the ox and koscielny we laughing and disputing which one of them scored) then he clearly had to be in an offside position when it hit him and went into the goal. Oh well, we need the 3 points.

    Today was a day where not being able to rotate within the front 6 hurt us a bit. 3 games in 7 days with the same lineup, I’m not sure anybody had the requisite sharpness to break down the 6 that Burnely had in the box at all times. Big 3 points. Hope that no one gets injured over the break, and let’s hope that Giroud and Perez recover.

    1 nil to the Arsenal.

    1. Th14(2015)? You are thinking like Theo of 2015.
      Do you know football?
      Am sure you were waiting for the result to go the other way so that you can come here and rant.
      Look Arsenal fans are enjoying the win irrespective of you feeling.
      Go lecture the referee but you’ll never be at the centre of a pitch even for a fun.

      1. Incorrect my friend. The neighbors heard me celebrating these 3 points. Arguably the biggest 3 points of the season, so we’ll take em how we can get em.

        In seasons past these decisions have gone against us — offside calls, penalty kicks, etc — so i’m glad to see that this season they’re going for us. That doesn’t mean that I’m wrong in acknowledging that they’re going for us, however. Definitely doesn’t mean that I’m upset about the W in any way.

        Not sure how you turned my comment into a negative…..but okay.

  12. Burnley was defending as if their lives depend on it, despite playing in their home. Arsenal deserved to win this. But it’s going to be difficult if other teams decide to use the same tactic against us. Even the mighty Barcelona can lose against a super defensive team like Burnley. This is why we need substitutes that can offer us different attacking methods, like Giroud, especially when our opponent just sit back and play ugly.

  13. who took the three points? playing that ugly game against eleven burnley defenders. at least for once luck was on our side. well done – goner for ever

  14. we cheated in all honesty.
    3 games this season weve cheated including this.
    Leicester southampton and now this.
    I am okay with lucky wins but totally not okay with cheating to win

    1. i’d have more sympathy if they weren’t boring bus parkers. It’s a choice too. Bournemouth can play good football and survive relegation, minute Swansea got promoted they played attractive passing football, and they’re now a regular in this league. Get what you deserve for playing 11 men behind the ball for majority of the game, and you make your own luck. And how was Fonte yanking on Giroud’s shirt not a pen in Soton game? And in Leicester game, oh boy, how many times have we been denied penalties. Sometimes they go your way other times they don’t. Would you be more happy if our players went up to ref and said it was handball, don’t allow the goal? Confused as to what you want exactly? Not every game can be clean and pretty.

    2. Ramerta, are you suggesting that kos deliberately kicked the ball against his arms and in to the net? If he has such skill then he would have put the ball straight in the net.

      Are you suggesting that arsenal bribed the ref?

      Arsenal have not cheated, kos kicked the ball, it accidentally hit his arm and went in the net. The ref could have disallowed the goal but did not.

    3. Admin pardon me.
      @Ramterta maybe you are a ram.
      Am sure you don’t know the meaning of cheating and also the rules of the game.
      This site is for Arsenal fans dude.
      Go jump into shark infested water because we would wins more and more until we are on top in May.

  15. I think Burnley played great, they actually stuck to their game plan, and interrupted ours.

    Some things of note

    Our wide players must learn to stay wide so that the game does not become congested

    Our right and left backs must drive to the goal line and cross to the top of the 18 yard box

    Ozil as the number 10 must get in the box more as one of tallest attacking player on the field.

    We knew how Burnley would have played and they knew how we would played therefore we need other attacking options on the bench. its important we develop other strategies to deal with teams that park the bus. therre are only 5-7 teams that will play us open and those are the top teams in the league. So we need to develop strategies for the othe 12 teams

  16. Burnley played well. They know that if they played an open attacking game they would lose against us. They parked the bus at times, which is to be expected and they should not be critised for this, they have no other option. However they did attack us at times and had the best chance in the first half. They had 10 shots against our 18, which hardly suggests they parked the bus for the whole game, it was only in the last 10 minutes that they sat back completely and tried to keep what they had, a draw would be a very good result for burnley.

    I think we deserved the win because we kept attacking right till the end of the game. But we did not play well and were also lucky, the goal could easily have been disallowed for handball.

  17. It was a legitimate goal. If that had been a defender preventing a goal it would not be a penalty. The ball was too quick and the man too close for it to be a hand ball, it goes both ways. The ref seen it clearly and he made the correct decision.

  18. This is how champions play…drawing matches you would have lost and winning matches you would have drawn(and winning matches you should be winning also)
    Arsenal did the Later tonight.

  19. we won the game when they could never come back even if we were reduced to 7 men.

    my arsenal; my 3 points

  20. Great three points. Commentator said at the final whistle – that this is the type of win you associate with Champions!!!!!. I think I’ll sign out til later and come back, too many whiners on at the minute who were expecting to spread **** all over the Arsenal.

    Well done lads, three games in eight days, we dug deep in a difficult away game. These are the type of games that performance means nothing, result means everything, delighted to say the least.

  21. Think AW may take Iwobi out of starting line-up for a couple of weeks. Would like to see Perez if fit, another player with a lot of energy chasing defenders down. Also thought we missed Aaron Ramsey’s energy/creativity. Get well soon.

  22. A win is a win
    Champions have a bad game and pull out a win
    We won at the end of the day
    I am delighted

    I feel sorry for Burnley as they played hard and deserved 1 point

    Anyway, let’s be happy
    Our winning continues
    But lets concentrate on Swansea now

    COYG 🙂

  23. Its was a luck win for sure. Wenger as an experienced coach should have known that Burnley play defensive football throughout. What was the purposed of having 4 players on the bench who will not help in changing the game? Surely he could have brought in a reserve winger or striker instead of Gabriel!

  24. Beautiful football is super but winning is better. TW A-S are playing very well but now it’s panic time with our stars going away. A-S is the problem but if he’s back late play LP who I think can do the job. Why did AW not bring him on today? Has he just paid money out to shut us all up

  25. The last time both ManU and Chelsea won the Premiership – they won several games ugly; many of them by just 1 goal. I remember a few matches Chelsea one in the last minute of the games and they went away celebrated champions at the end of the season. Last season, Arsenal would have lost the games against PSG, Leicester, Soton and perhaps would have drawn against Burnley. Didn’t i here repeatedly that in order to become Champions, Arsenal needed to win ugly and grind out results sometime. Didnt we just do that today? C’omon Arsenal fans!

  26. wow! today was breath-taking…. we played very well but Burnley as well defended very well n it’s good we got the much needed 3points, thatz the stuff champions are made of, grind out the result by whatever means possible.
    we always criticize Costa but what he did to Gabriel somehow got Chelsea saying they beat us twice even in their worst form.
    point is, after a week no1 talks about the means, it the end that matters n it always justify the means.
    SAF’s United did these always n we used to call em cheats but today he has those trophies and medals

  27. plus I feel it was ball to hand as Koscielny’s hand was in front of his face n d ball would have hit his face if his hands were not there.
    we were also denied 2 penalties so maybe it’s to balance it out.
    or maybe Mustafi got the refree aroused 😉

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