Last international roundup of Arsenal players with Jesus, Kiwior, Tomi, Saliba et al in action

Today’s international round up

We’ve finally reached the end of the last international break of the season, a break that saw a lot of quality from our Arsenal players and lots of action for their countries. Here’s a round up of all the action from the last game of the international break.

Takehiro Tomiyasu and Japan faced off against Syria and walked way 5-0 winners after another dominant performance from the Japanese side. Tomiyasu started the game at CB and played almost 80 minutes before being taken off. Tomiyasu had an outstanding performance when he was on the pitch and was clinical throughout the game, completing 95% of his passes (57/60) and kept the backline looking solid.

William Saliba and France faced off against Greece and walked away sharing the points 2-2. Saliba started at CB and played a full 90 minutes for his country. Having an almost perfect game in defence, completing 99% of his passes (66/67), which is incredible defending from our French international. Being a key part of the defensive set up and was one of the best players on the pitch. France have already secured qualification for the 2024 Euros.

Kai Havertz and Germany faced off against Austria in an international friendly and lost 2-0. Havertz started the game in the left of midfield and played for 77 minutes before being taken off. Having a very good game in the midfield and stayed solid, pushing the ball forward when possible and winning it back if needed. Completing 79% of his passes (31/39) and looking comfortable through the middle.

Jakub Kiwior and Poland faced off against Latvia in another international friendly and walked away 2-0 winners. Kiwior started and played a full 90 minutes for his country, again another stand out performance from the Arsenal defender, hardly stepping a foot wrong throughout the game and although he Is the youngest of their defenders, he showed real leadership, commanding his backline into shape and making some vital tackles.

The three Gabriel’s started for Brazil in a firey match up with Argentina and walked away 1-0 losers. A game that was filled with action and drama on and off the pitch, with Brazilian police fighting with Argentinean fans and stopped the match for a while and players tried to help things die down. Gabriel Magalhaes started the game and had a decent game in defence before being taken off at the 77th minute mark.

Gabriel Martinelli started and had an okay game on the left wing, unfortunately not seeing a lot of ball when on the pitch and looked unable to create anything. Gabriel Jesus started and played a full 90 minutes, he too didn’t see much of the ball throughout the game and Argentina were very rough and physical with him throughout the whole 90 minutes. Brazil walking away defeated at home for the first time in years.

That’s the end of the last international break of the year, we can now finally switch our focus back to club football.

What’s your thoughts on the international break Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I thank DAISY for this important and welcome update on how our players played and FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY from my perspective, how they have, APPARENTLY, all escaped injury.

    I suggest that as Jesus played the whole game, before a long and tiring flight home, any chances of him starting at BRENTFORD MUST BE CLOSE TO ZERO.

    As a probable second half sub, is about the only chance we will have to see him play. Still, better than nothing I suppose!

  2. Not much thought i’ve got concerning the international break, i’m just glad it’s all over. Next, we head into the season proper COYG!!!


      Internationals BORE ME STIFF.

      ALL I care about is that any of our players who turn out avoid injuries. Two weeks without PROPER football, gives THIS Prem addict withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Harvetz, Harvertz, Harvertz! Still scratching my head and wondering what those who run our club were thinking to appropriate a massive 65million quid for this guy? Even his national team coach doesn’t seem to know what to do with him!
    OT: I was salivating watching Youssef Fofana playing for France against Greece. Ideal replacement for Partey, if you ask me. That goal he scored!

  4. I’m not sure which game you actually watched Daisy but both Martinelli and Jesus had excellent games. Martinelli was a menace to the Argies on the left and could have had a couple of goals, while Jesus had one decent chance and didn’t stop running for the full 96 minutes. I can’t honestly see either of them starting against Brentford though, after being clobbered for the entire game, (neither looked injured at all) and of course after that long flight home.

  5. It’s encouraging that our international players have given good accounts of themselves- Kiwior too who has limited opportunities domestically

  6. Saliba’s defensive performance judged on completing passes? hmmm dunno about that

    France conceded 2 goals against lowly Greece and ended up with just a draw. You have to wonder how the Greek goals happened before deciding if Saliba had a good match in the eyes of the French coach.

    Since France already qualified they were prob in an experimental line up.

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