Last-minute Arsenal rumours – Morata, Jorginho, Isco and Chilwell

Arsenal fans are well used to Arsene Wenger pulling a fast one on us during a transfer window. Usually the Frenchman keeps us hoping and says he is looking for players before not making any transfers and saying that he just couldn’t find any.

This time though, the boss has been saying that he is unlikely to anything more than the Elneny signing (unless there is an ‘exceptional’ opportunity, of course), but all of a sudden the last week of the window seems to have gone a bit mad, rumour-wise. According to The Mirror we could be about to finally sign the Spanish striker Alvaro Morata with a huge bid to Juventus. The report also claims that we have had an initial bid rejected by Napoli for their midfield star Jorginho but could return with another.

The Evening Standard is reporting that we may have already agreed a fee of around £23 million for the Dinamo Kev wide forward Yarmolenko and also that we might be back in for the Celta Vigo striker Nolito after Barcelona dropped out of talks.

There are other rumours that it might be the Real Madrid star Isco that Wenger is going to ,and we have apparently upped the offer for the young Leicester defender Ben Chilwell. Hopefully at least one of these rumours are true and they do seem to be focused on the attacking side of things, so has Wenger accepted that Arsenal need more firepower to win the title? Is Wenger lining up a secret surprise for Arsenal fans?

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  1. I don’t think AW will buy Nolito. he is 29 and AW has never extended a contract once a player crosses 30 unless in exceptional cases. He may go for either Isco or Morata, not both.

      1. Not worth that at all. Get Isco, he can rediscover his form. We need a better striker than Morata which am not sure is a much upgrade on what we have.

  2. forget rumours or you will end up in dassapointments as usual….though observing arsenes transfer trends I have realized he likes Jan transfers to summers..
    we can’t rule out a last min marque signing but let’s not focus on that coz we can’t be sure.

    1. Glad we are signing these two African players. France usually snap up all the African talent then the rest of us raid France. Going straight to the source is a good idea especially with a manager who can spot young potentially great players. Also I like how African players usually hold good physical attributes which this team needs, Fabregas played at 16/17 years of age so we may see Chukwueze and Nwakali sooner than we think, if they have the physical ability required well then you never know. Nwakali looks like very clever player to me, from what little Ive seen. I’m hoping he is going to play along the lines of a Vieira Diaby mixture, who knows, this could be the next big find Wenger has found for CM.

  3. The only other new faces that are set to arrive, are the two Nigerian wonderkids, I would be very surprised if Wenger signs anyone else in this window.

    But, if the rumours are true that, Real Madrid would accept £25 million for Isco ? ?
    Then surly, Wenger has to be the biggest muppet in the World, if he doesn’t snap him up! ???

    Come on Wenger, Surprise us … So we can all Chill-Well during the euro’s, knowing that we are the Champions of the Premier league!

    1. Isco is a like for like player when compared to Cazorla, if Wenger doesn’t go for him because he puts trust in the ever constantly injured Wilshere then I give up on anything he says regarding transfers. Only a delusional manager would pass the opportunity to sign a future world class player who will improve on the squad because Flamini and a barely fit midfielder are “enough”.

      1. Actually, Isco was Cazorla’s replacement at Malaga when the little Spaniard gone to Arsenal. His size and his character of play remind me of Jack Wilshere. If Jack could develop his potential he’ll look like Isco. He’s a b2b who like to thrive the box and score goals. And he’s scoring goals at Madrid even from the bench. Why Madrid want to sell him at the middle of their season? He’s not down to pecking order. This kind of transfer won’t happen at this period. I don’t think so.

  4. Chinese clubs buying deadwood at silly prices at moment … Should have flogged em Walcott and ox … Won’t last …could av Brought in isco and one of kids and would be upgrade at no cost … Elneny and a couple of teenagers is all we will get coz wenger continues to delude himself club and fans with my way or no way philosophy

  5. Arsenal will have at least
    10 players come in.
    1. Brilliant winger for Arsenal.
    Sanchez returns from injury 🙂
    2. Top class DM to Arsenal.
    Coquelin returns from injury 🙂
    3. England international joins Arsenal
    Wellbeck returns from injury.
    4. Arsenal legend rejoins Arsenal.
    Rosicky returns from injury.
    5. Local Arsenal favourite back with the club.
    Wilshere returns from injury.
    6. Spansh star on way to Arsenal.
    Cazorla returns from injury.
    7. French star defender added to squad.
    Debuchy stays till end of the season.
    8. Exciting attacker to Arsenal.
    Nigerian 17 yr old Nwakali signs.
    9. Brilliant French international to debut
    French U19 international Adelaide
    gets injury time sub versus Burnley.
    10. German star returns.
    German U15 international Serge Gnabry
    returns after loan spell at WBA where he
    impressed (at playing fifa15).
    10 additions no less.
    Wenger has indeed been very busy in January 🙂

      1. Puts some perspective on the whole thing, allot of talent sidelined. We will be strong again soon enough, lets hope it lasts.

  6. I pay no attention to these rumours at all.
    I thought a bit of this isco rumour that maybe he could be rosicky s not even cazorlas replacement.
    But this rumour has been going on for far too long.
    So it is very unlikely

  7. I wouldn’t mind signing Jorginho, he’s an under the radar player despite doing very well for Napoli and could easily turn out to be one of the top passing midfielders in a few years.

  8. Lol at these rumours! Only one that could have been half believable was the Jorginho rumour but now we’ve got Mo I can’t see us getting anyone else! All the other rumours are just lazy

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