Last night was a positive result for Arsenal, let’s celebrate it

Let’s celebrate a good Arsenal win after such a long drought.

There was definitely some negatives to take from last nights win over West Ham but what did anyone expect? When any club goes on a long winless streak and let’s be honest, with some awful performances. It was never going to happen that the first win after such a run was going to be perfect.

The win last night was purely about getting three points on the board, stopping the rot and to begin the rebuilding of confidence. All three objectives were achieved.

On top of that, we saw the emergence of Nicholas Pepe as a top-quality player, something we have all been waiting for.

David Luiz was dropped, finally and young Gabriel Martinelli laid down a marker and not just to future opponents but also to Alexandre Lacazette.

Those three points are also invaluable, just yesterday I wrote an article about what could happen if we did not beat West Ham. We were talking relegation such was the mental and emotional turmoil us fans were in. That feeling has now been abated.

Some will say it was only West Ham, they are right, the very same West Ham that went to Stamford Bridge and defeated Chelsea.

This was a good result, yes, the performance has to be analysed and I will be putting up articles about that but for now, let’s enjoy the moment because they have been too rare this season for Arsenal football club.


  1. Great to get 3 points but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
    West Ham would have been slaughtered by any other team last night and we played 10 good minutes and 80 minutes of dross.
    Pepé came good at last and Martinelli is a star in the making. If Xhaka plays in the next few games he will be totally found out!

    1. Chelsea couldn’t beat em.It was a long awaited win with a great recovery in the second half. They upped the tempo going forward and when Martinelli got the chance he took it.After that the old confidence long since trained out of them by a desperate Emery,came flooding back,the second goal was a long awaited open play stunner from Pepe who is now flourishing.Then an assist to Aubamyang finished them off.
      Good players don’t turn bad overnight,they just have bad runs now and again.So let’s enjoy this win and start moving forward again.

      1. And bad players don’t turn good overnight. We upped the tempo for 10 minutes, the rest of the game was played at a snails pace with more reverse moves than an Italian tank.

    2. Good win for confidence rediscovery.


      I read somewhere that Ljumberg can only be acting manager for a period not more than 12 weeks (3 months,) because he hasn’t obtained his coaching badge.

      Is this true ?
      I just want to know the truth.

    1. The win is good obviously but look at the league positions. Arsenal are 24 points behind Liverpool with less than half of the season gone.
      Are we supposed to be overjoyed because we beat a team struggling with such low confidence? When Arsenal went ahead West Ham became a shambles, absolutely terrible.
      It is essential to avoid getting carried away; more significant challenges are ahead.

  2. Yes, we are very happy getting 3 points. But unfortunately stil the team doesn’t provide a professional game. It’s very boring to watch them as if they do not do any home work. By making so many simple mistakes it will make us regret on Sunday game with City. City will take all advantage and will not forgive us for any mistake.

  3. Enjoy it till Man City visit us

    We will see whether Ljungberg is a high risk taker or not at that match, from his line-up and formation

    I hope he keeps Aubameyang/ Pepe/ Martinelli and bench Lacazette again

    1. Starting with Martinelli and Benching Lacazette is not good idea against Man City and Pep Gardullia Arsenal must take against manchester club at least three points to have hope for top four

  4. I loved seeing Freddie and the players embracing each other at the end of the game, what a lovely moment with all the smiles and hugs.

    It was great seeing how much it meant to them, and how much love they have for Freddie. The team shape was a huge improvement, and Martinelli is a killer, his movement is so good and he rarely overdoes things. I don’t know if they’re considering it but I would love for the confidence to grow in this side and for us to steadily improve under Freddie. I know it’s only one game but we can all hope can’t we.

  5. One of the most important things I saw last night, that has been lacking all season, was the way the players reacted with each other after the final whistle.

    So many times we have seen a “couldn’t care less” attitude”, or a “don’t blame me” shrug of the shoulders”.

    Also, look how the players celebrated with each other, freddie and per, a totally different scenario between coach and players.
    How many times has it been said that UE had lost the players?

    Of course, the three points were invaluable, but the “teamwork” looks as if it is back and that is what we needed after the awful splits witnessed before.

      1. Everyone needs a good hug now and again Sue and your so right…not once during the time he was here, did I see him interact in a positive way.
        Remember how he stood away from the players, sulking it seemed, after the europa final loss?
        Imagine klopp, pep or poch acting like that – no man-management skills whatsoever.

        Still, good luck to him in the future, the job and players were just to big for him.

  6. I have rarely seen a player of Martnelli’s age with such an all round appreciation of the game.Not only is he skilful ,full of energy and pace but he has an awareness of space and is an excellent finisher.I know it’s early days for him but it looks like we have unearthed a real gem.His goal last night was the catalyst for a return in confidence which has been lacking for most of the season.Let’s hope the players take this new found confidence into the match with Man City who have their own defensive issues.

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