Last night’s WengerOut Protests slammed on Twitter

I wonder why any real Arsenal supporters would want to disrupt the preparations for such an important North London Derby by projecting “Wenger Out” onto the facades of Highbury, The Emirates and Marble Arch last night. These images were posted on the ArsenalFanTV Twitter account, and they were duly slammed by the readers in the comments section.

WengerOut Highbury


No matter whether you think Wenger should be leaving this summer or not, it makes no sense to cause such conflict right now. Surely the players and manager should be left alone for now to try and play themselves out of trouble, and not be concerned about the infighting between the fans at a time like this….

WengerOut Emirates

The Emirates

Here is the last one from the Marble Arch. Anyone who wants to see the angry responses from Arsenal fans about this crazy stunt can visit this ArsenalFanTV twitter page, but I would like to assure the fans that very few supporters came out in favour of these antics. Please show your support for the team….

Here are some of the early responses…..
Paul Wragg‏
seriously???? its getting stupid. ahead of NLD as well. I think he should leave at the end of the season but use some common sense….

That’s bang out of order.

we are at very critical phase of season and need unity more than ever. For next 4 weeks let’s be 12th player on the field

Embarrassing, ridiculous…. words can hardly describe… ?

Remember when supporters supported the club through thick and thin? ?

So what do you think of these. Could they have been set up by ArsenalFanTv themselves?


  1. luvdaguns says:

    fans speaking out, fans who spend hard earned cash, speaking out about not being happy w the long term results from their investment, i never knew there were rules on how to speak out, this does nothing to how the squad will play or the redult, if wenger wants the fans to stop disrespecting him, then simply win,,,

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    So yet again, people who speak the real truth about our the club’s plight, should be silenced? They should be aggressively ridiculed for putting the club’s interests first?

    The fans are having to go to extreme lengths of protesting, because the situation has demanded it. The protesters are having to go to great lengths to get the truth out there. It’s such a shame that the real facts on so many situations in the world, seem to get buried in the media today, because there’s always an agenda. Just look at FOX news, or the BBC for example. No one really knows what’s going on, just what the media and governments want us to know.

    To put it simply, the protesters are speaking the truth. What they are doing is correct, because no one at Arsenal ever listens to the fans, and they are making our voices heard. The timing is spot on. What would be the point of protesting at the end of the season, when Wenger and the hierarchy are on holiday, there’s no games and no cameras around? The whole point of ANY protest is getting maximum exposure to get your message across.

    What people need reminding of, is that the protesting has been working, as change has already happened. Wenger’s first formation change in around a decade, only happened because of the intense scrutiny from the majority of Arsenal fans. There’s been talk of a director of football coming in as well. So clearly we should be thanking the protesters, not having a go at them.

    1. Rare Admirall says:

      I second that ThirdMan! People up on here need to remember that time is nigh for some serious change.I thought people have a right to speak their minds truthfully.This is the truth dear Gooners whether you want to believe it or not. Wenger’s got to give! And that unity of fans around the team,please give us a break will you! Wenger and the board brought this situation upon themselves.Let them reap the whirlwind, as they say.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      The formation change.

      I’d put that down to us being woeful defending of late, then looking at other managers getting joy defensively speaking. Arsene’s not an idiot, the two best defences in this league happen to be first and second place, and they use that formation. I also believed him when he said that it’s good for the players to get behind something different in training, I can see how that would help take your mind off something, and the players certainly had something they’d rather have forgotten. I know it was a long time before seeing anything of the sort, but he done the same when we moved to a four two three one, he was longer making the decision back then but in the end it had to be done. I also think he wanted to take Bellerin out of the firing line, also maybe on his mind would be some wiggle room from fans if it turned out ok, I think a mixture of things told him to try it.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        If the formation change was down to our woeful defending, then why did Wenger not change it years ago?

        1. bran99 says:

          Good point, we weren’t winning anything back then, why not change the formation to try new things? He kept failing season after season and now he’s the genius for putting 3 defenders instead of 4? Now he’s the master tactician? Hehehe protest until something is done, we tired of being taken for a ride every new and passing season

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I dont get any joy from seeing that but its the board and wengers fault

    Wenger has outstayed his welcome because of his stubborness and arrogance. Not getting the players we NEED
    Keeping average players

    The board only cares about MONEY
    If we get a trophy once in a while its just an extra but not a requirement

    Out of these teams ONLY ARSENAL has allowed a manager to stay for over a decade without a PL or CL trophy

    PL and CL last 13 years
    City PL 2
    United PL 5 and CL 1
    Chelsea PL 4 and CL 1
    Liverpool CL 1
    Even Leicester PL 1

  4. Ddog says:

    This is ridiculous now, how about some TheresaMayOut projections!

    1. stubill says:


      1. Ddog says:

        fine, whatever floats your boat, I just cant bare too see, in a world where there are so many important real issues, that certian people seem to only become active to protest or engage in this form of activism. I love footy, I love arsenal. I am passionate, but It will not override what is clearly more important in life. for all I know these folk (if they were arsenal fans) are active on political or social issues too. However I look around and i get the feeling that people are loosing it, but then maybe they never had it- choose pornhub, choose emojis, swipe right and jerk-off – the teenies so far!

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t like seeing it right before the last ever derby at that ground, but it looks difficult to choose when and where. If they do it afterwards it will also be slammed unless we lose the points, and if we put a run in until end of season well then it would seem there is no right time or place until the season is over. I’m in two minds on this one. People told them to cop on and not to do it in games when the team are still fighting to rescue something, I wouldn’t say they’ve listened but when can they do it were it’ll be deemed respectful. I think with some fans there is no way of doing this respectfully, and lets be honest here, respect is the least of their worries.

    The two minds I spoke about. I am liking the effort being put in at the moment, they’ve changed tactics and dropped certain players. We’ve looked a bit better defensively over the last three games. The players look happier, they look like they’re coming together a bit more. So I can see where the opposers are coming from. We have a small chance as it is and they might see this as hurting us unnecessarily further. Twitter is usually very anti Arsene, so if you’re right and most people slammed it, I don’t think it’s the so called AKB’s. It’s a massive game for allot of people, it’s difficult enough having Tott above us and playing better, like I said, it’s a massive game.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    We will have a new manager next season

    But now we need to ensure that our team will be directly under the payroll of our 3 billionaire owners

  7. Red Dawn says:

    The fans pay their money and have the RIGHT to complain if they wish to.
    Those who don’t like it can go take a long walk off a tall building for all I care…
    Tomorrow the NLD is absolutely meaningless – it has no value for Arsenal whatsoever other than putting us closer to fifth place rather than sixth place.
    The bigger picture is the long term prospects of Arsenal and seeing them progress and improve. There has been no progression under him – players have regressed into a bunch of disinterested, unmotivated journeymen who talk more than they deliver on the field.
    If he signs another thoroughly undeserved contract it is the end of Arsenal – it is the absolute worst case scenario to keep him there. Financial resources will be wasted like he wasted them on Xhaka and Mustafi and the same mistakes will be made because in HIS mind he is still a top tactician when the evidence clearly shows he is not.
    The sooner he is gone the better – just like all dictators he is clinging on…

    1. Franklyn says:

      4th is the new 1st. We come 4th and he would talk himself into a 4 years contract.

  8. shambala says:

    Arsenal fans have been suffering for a long time & are rightfully voicing their discontent with the way things are going at the club. It’s unforgivable that a Arsenal hasn’t won the Premier league & Champions League during the past 13 years & keep faith with the same manager ? Club should show ambition. There are too many below average players at club & can’t expect Sanchez & Ozil to do wonders with such a porous backline & disjointed midfield marshalled by below average players as Coquelin ,Ramsey & El neny . The keeping of these players is the manager’ s problem.

  9. ArseOverTit says:

    We speak up because if we leave it until the end of s the season (“so to help the team”) Wenger will sign a contract closed season when there is no pressure that can be put on him.

    It’s only because of the protests and fan discontent that he hasn’t already signed the contract thus far. So while you sit on the sidelines judging those who choose to act you may one day have those people to thank for helping save AFC football club from many more years of mediocrity.

    Kroenke next!

    1. mannix says:

      I salute you Sir, those who calls for fans to cease fire and go behind the team till the end of the season are not arsenal fans but Invester who enjoys fat dividend. They want to buy time for their usual deceptive way of promise us we will spend €300m this season, we will sign big names only to see 5 younster and two mediocre players from france. Wenger out then Kroenke next is a mission no one should abandone. Whether we win tomorrow or not doesn’t make the different, whether we qualify Champions league next season won’t change the fact that we will not go beyond our tradition elimination stage of 16. We have no pride left to defend and we have nothing else to lose even if we suffered relegation now. We don’t deserve to win anything that will add profits to this stakeholders. Boycott is the best way to chase away scumbag and hyenas from Emirates.

  10. bjc4691 says:

    Arsenal fan since 1970 and I support this and all the other protests 100%. Our club has been taken over by a cult dedicated to one man. He must go before the decline becomes irreversible. Peaceful protest from fans is the only way. Keep it up lads!

  11. ArseOverTit says:

    If you think speaking up against the regime at our club is a worthy cause and you want Wenger out. Please go here and contribute to the cause by paying whatever you can:

    I have seen many a poster on here say I would love to be able to do something to get Wenger out but I’m a thousand miles away and can do nothing..

    Well apart from ceasing to buy any AFC merchandise you NOW can directly help what happens next by aiding those who are protesting against Wengers prolonged stay enabling us to carry out highly visible protests like the light projections and airplane flyovers. These acts are increasing the media attention to our cause and therefore put pressure on the board to act and to let Wenger know that he is better off leaving than staying.

    So how’s your chance guys! Put your money where your mouths are;) and help end this farce.

  12. tweety says:

    who is to blame? the board and mr stubbrn himself. the players seems that they do not want to play for their manager, they are feed up as are the supporters. the players are professionals so they should concentrate only about getting the result against the spuds and next sunday against man u. its been going too long now. gooner = forever

  13. Red Dawn says:

    Katie Hopkins gets slammed on twitter.
    Five twitters is hardly being slammed…

  14. ArseOverTit says:

    If you think speaking up against the regime at our club is a worthy cause and you want Wenger out. Please go here and contribute to the cause by paying whatever you can:


    I have seen many a poster on here say I would love to be able to do something to get Wenger out but I’m a thousand miles away and can do nothing..

    Well apart from ceasing to buy any AFC merchandise you NOW can directly help what happens next by aiding those who are protesting against Wengers prolonged stay enabling us to carry out highly visible protests like the light projections and airplane flyovers. These acts are increasing the media attention to our cause and therefore put pressure on the board to act and to let Wenger know that he is better off leaving than staying.

    So how’s your chance guys! Put your money where your mouths are;) and help end this farce.

  15. ArseOverTit says:

    The projection of ‘Wenger Out’ (White type on red square)
    Is at Highbury East stand and not the Emirates as stated.

  16. mannix says:

    I back the protest and who cares about the so-called important NLD of the season? Did Bayern game wasn’t that important to win by everything we’ve got? Does this game more important than the past we plays this season and other 15 season ago? Does winning trophy ring any bell in your head or what you see is how you will lose high profit in dividend if this scumbag go! We fans want trophies, prides unlike some of you defending your shares stakes. Imagine having player like Alexis for few season only to see him playing for our rival after 2 season, destroy us and cling title while idiots still try to defend this talented loser. We don’t have any pride on us anymore. We have nothing to lose coz even those 20 yrs of playing uefa we never reach final more than once.
    For you invester playing Champions league at any level is great achievement and profit for us fans only worried what Barcelona or Bayern will gonna do to us. From one the most feared team reduced to be underdogs when playing against big name. Do you want till we are relegated for you to realize Wenger’s is not good for us? Giving Wenger even 6 montg contract is an insult to all true Arsenal fans. If you don’t listen to the voice of those who paid the most expensive season ticket you scumbag charged then we have the right to even calls for total boycott on merchandise and season tickets. Don’t underestimate the will of the masses or you won’t be able to pay the prize when people can’t take anymore. To avoid catastrophe in Emirates Wenger and Kroenke should pack and go.

  17. Yossarian says:

    The only reason people think the “Wenger out” protests are out-of-order is because he was a breath of fresh air when he first arrived, carried himself with dignity and intelligence, and saw Arsenal continuously finish in the top-four despite the huge financial pressures of building a new stadium like the Emirates. And fair play, those were great achievements that even the fiercest “Wenger out” campaigners fully appreciate that. However times have changed, and if we want the club to change for the better (IE. Become genuine contenders for the things we want to win) then the harsh protests are essential. Sad but true.

  18. Ddog says:

    More projection ideas: Syriaforpeace, PalestineIsraelpeace, SaveOurJobs, FairFee’s, SaveOurNHS. NoToNukes…..Hold on how could I forget, there are more pressing issues at hand. please sign up here at http:/ and please donate to our campaign to try and remove Arsene wenger from his position at arsenal football club…Migration crisis? Evironemental collapse? threat of nuclear war? don’t be silly, this is where your money is needed

    This is insane. I’m wenger out but come on, this is kind of mad. Is it even arsenal fans who projected this? serious question

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Why don’t you do something about those causes or at least donate to them then if they are important to you..because of course they are important.

      Football in general is a game to control the masses like many other distractions to keep our eyes and minds from the real stuff that matters BUT if you love and have supported a club for all your life like I have and the cause is important to me why wouldn’t I do something.

      I guess I could sit on the side and criticise like you.

      1. Ddog says:

        Fair response. I have to add that I am quite active on the poltical front actually whilst i dont donate to causes directly (23, student, broke) I am engaged and active

        I wanted to make a point, thats all

        after reading your response i feel somewhat more empathetic. Football seems to me to be an extension of capitalist values in they’re most cut throat and boorish form. Fans have lost a connection they once had. Just as people have less control over the globalised world we inhabit. why? becuase even politics (supposedly of ‘the people’) has lost its ability to govern over it. I look a teams like St pauli with the fan cooperatives. They aint the best, but you can be damn sure the fans are some of the most united and loyal and happy about, maybe there’s something in that model we can learn from.

  19. GrahamB says:

    Projections were done by spud fans, isn’t that bloody obvious!
    This site has been uterly stunk out with spuds recently as was seen a few articles back. No Arsenal fan would do a stunt like this just before the NLD let alone any other time.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Are you really that naive?

  20. gmv8 says:

    To be fair I could never understand why fans supported Kroenke and a ‘self sustaining model’, if we were enacting a self sustaining model, then why do we need Kroenke in the first place? The shares could’ve been widely scattered amongst loyal supporters to ensure no one had overall control. Kroenke is having his cake and eating it. Not only has he doubled his money on his shares, but he’s also taking £4m a year out of the club, where does that come in the self sustaining model?

    The FA should grow a pair, and do something about rogue owners which is becoming an ever growing problem, Leyton Orient being the latest. Germany have a good model where 51% of the shares are owned by fans.

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