Last year’s Swansea defeat actually helped Arsenal!

I can remember clearly the utter devastation all Arsenal fans felt after losing at home to Swansea towards the end of last season when we were in our last chance saloon of staying in the title race. The lack of conviction from our players was abysmal especially as Swansea put out a weakened side as they tried to save players for a crucial match the following weekend.

Arsene Wenger is now saying that that awful defeat has actually helped because the players knew they had to sort out their problems and bounce back and improve. “We have shown mental strength,” Wenger said. “That’s the only thing we could do.

“We had to respond. The vibes are positive. We have reduced distance with the top teams.

“We have to continue to get to the top level. We have to create a positive environment and to do that we have to perform. The rest we have to ignore. Let’s focus on the way we perform and the way we play.

“You focus on what is important and what can help you. The way the team plays and what is important and accept the assessment of people around you.

“Fans are part of you and have the right to be happy, not to be happy. My job is to focus on trying to make them happy.

“I believe our fans are behind us. It is strange because in 2016 how many games have we lost away from home? One at Man United. When you listen to people you’d never believe it.”

Wenger may think the fans are behind the team now but the anger after that awful defeat prompted the WengerOut backlash and a small minority tried to organize protests against Le Prof.That may be forgotten now but could that all come back if somehow the Gunners managed to lose toSwansea again today?


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  1. Olivier's toe says:

    Trust Wenger to look at it positively, but there was something seriously wrong that night.

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