Arsenal challenge to Everton striker transfer slightly odd? Or VERY?

So with Arsenal fans expecting, or at the very least hoping for, big things from Arsene Wenger and the board during the summer transfer window, not many of us would have put the name of M’Baye Niang on the Frenchman’s transfer wish list.

According to a report from a local paper in the Watford area where the 22-year old striker spent the second half of last season, however, the Gunners have come in with a late challenge to our Premier League rivals Everton. Apparently Ronald Koeman was hoping to sign Niang to boost his striking options at Goodison Park but this all seems a bit odd to me.

The Hornets had the option to sign the young French forward from AC Milan on a permanent basis but they didn’t and it is hardly surprising when you recall how little impact he had for them. Niang has never been exactly prolific, with eight goals his top tally for a season, with Milan a couple of years ago but he does have potential.

Is that enough for Wenger to bring him to north London? To be honest I am a little surprised to hear that Everton are interested, never mind Arsenal. Is this one that we can chalk off to the overactive rumour mill?



  1. M’Baye Niang? This is the kind of signing we make us challengers? You kidding us. As I said it before, and it hurts Pro Wengers. Next season we will not even qualify for Europa League. Let’s keep the dictator on board until we are the biggest laughing stock in europe. NO DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL? well top clubs have one and they deal with signings so the Manager focus on the season ahead and preaseason. by the way, Takuma Assano is flying back to london according to Japanese media on 26th June to get pre season starting. anyone remember him? he’s our Top ST signing last summer ( sent to Germany 2nd tier with Stuttgart ). seems Campbell is moving back to Villareal and Sanogo got a buy back clause.

    1. Hehehe that’s Wenger for you, every position is his in the Arsenal management. All the activities about buying zette or Mbappe was just smoke screen for Niang, or is it the other way around.. don’t know.. time will tell

      1. Assano’s stats are not that hopeful no: apps 21(5) 4 goals, 4 assist. Better we keep Perez and play him: 9(12) 7 goals, 2 assists.

  2. Everton no longer have any interest in Niang. Following background checks they have decided he is not the sort of personality Everton want in their club. This was stated in local (Merseyside) news a couple of days ago. No story here.

  3. Niang is not good enough for us
    Stats are not very impressive at all
    A very big risk for £18 million

    Also he has several run ins with the law
    Two driving without a license and Several car crashes and received an 18 month suspended jail sentence
    We don’t need that here

  4. Ronaldo scored so many goals with assists from Ozil. A master stroke would be for Arsenal to go after and sign him. Not as far fetched as it would seem. Ronaldo has a few years left.

    1. There is only one club in England he will join. Unlike Fabregas this lad is smart enough to mean it when he says it. His commercial success has everything to do with playing for Man U and Real M. The same steps that Beckham took, he even might move to USA one day, but I think he’ll angle for a better pay day from Real.

      1. True, fabregas said kill me if I join Chelsea, and yes he came back and joined Chelsea.. Ronaldo means business and we are not a match

  5. there is a very good player up for grabs and nobody at Arsenal bothers ( crap Scouts Team ) Ever Banega , Anyone? Ex Sevilla? he’s brilliant and wants out but Inter wants 12 million euros for him but Wenger always said there is nobody better than the current bunch. this guy is kinda Santi mould and also he is tackler Argentinian international. Anyone like him?

    1. too late now 29 later this month plus time to adapt to pl pace. would have loved him in his youth though, tough skillful midfielder.

      1. To Late? he got 3 more years to offer. How old is Santi? come on be objective nor subjective. this guy is a pass master and next to Xhaka we will have free flow goals with pace up front. i have followed Spanish Liga ( i am Spanish by the way ) all European leagues for 35 years and Banega is very good. Lucas bigilia would have been an Arsenal player too but Arsene considered him not good enough. Are you kidding me?

  6. Wenger just doesn’t want Everton to sign a striker. Last year Lucas and this year Niang

    1. Then he should hijack their deal for Sandro Ramirez. £5 mils for a striker who scored 16 goals in 30 appearances last season is a steal. 150 mins per goal for a 21 year old is a steal.

  7. Mbaye Niang said no to Watford not they didn’t buy him. Not saying that he is good enough for us yet but get your facts right please

  8. if we are really in business to sign a second striker or young promising player why not buy sandro ramirez instead of 25 years old niang. sandro is 22 this year, more promising and with a ridiculously low release clause. even if he flops he will be sold for more than 5m in the future.

  9. Utd is going for madrid trio morata, rodriguez and ronaldo

    And we are going for niang to strengthen our yearly flops

    1. Yeah and we are going for Mbappe Lacazette and Lemar. Or Turan Marhez and Mbappe, depending on what paper you read, ..btw, what paper do you read?

      Must be an unknown paper in Watford.

  10. I thought he was something special before he came to Watford.Before that I had never watched him but how Wenger followed him made me think he was something special.He’s just not good at all.He’s just an okay player.However we have many players with the same okay quality in our squad.The main thing that affects is poor mentality and poor managerial skills.It’s really never been about the players even if many of them are average.

  11. He’ll be just another Sanogo, Gervinho and Chamakh…………………..possibly all of them rolled into one.

    If We’re not gonna buy anyone decent then just keep our money and lets us have just one thing to legitimately moan about.

    Niang my arse !

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