Late goals prove Arsenal HAVE got Champion credentials

It take an awful lot to win the Premier League title, as we Arsenal fans know all too well after failing to do so for the last 12 years. Quality and consistency are two of the main factors, of course, but involved with those are all sorts of other factors such as how many of the top players a team has to cope without due to injury and other issues and for how long.

If Arsenal are to win it this year them we need something to stop the momentum and consistency of Chelsea, who rode their luck once again to beat Hull City yesterday to stay eight points ahead of Arsenal, although we are now the closest team to the current leaders in the EPL table.

We will soon get a chance to put a dent in their progress ourselves but before that we have to make sure of all three points at home to Watford on Tuesday and I would not be surprised if it took another late goal from the Gunners to do it, as they have become something of a specialty for us this season.

The Panenka penalty from Alexis Sanchez was the latest, in both meanings of the word, coming in the 98th minute with just about the last kick of the game and earning an absolutely vital win, but there have been plenty more and a lot of them have been huge, like Giroud’s 86th minute winner against West Brom, his 92nd minute leveller at Bournemouth or the 89th minute one against Man United at Old Trafford.

One reason that Arsenal are getting late goals is the way that our games tend to pan out, with the opposition tiring towards the end after working hard to close us down without the ball, but that does not tell the whole story by any means.

What I think these late goals are showing is a great determination and the desire to succeed as well as the refusal to lie down and take defeat. This is the sign of a champion and I feel that it shows that the Gunners this season do have the mentality as well as the ability to go all the way.

The question now is whether Chelsea’s momentum and the injury situations of both clubs give the players a chance to prove it.



  1. Budd says:

    Chelsea won all games against bottom tier teams. This is what will make a team champion. If you win 26 games (not including top 6) you will earn 78 points, this is 3 points shy of last years champions. So basically you will have to earn 3 points out of 12 games to be in the game. So far they are on track. It is pretty obvious that Conte took a very pragmatic approach : win and focus all games against lower teams and try to get the best out of the other games. It is very hard to believe they will slip important points even if they lose all games against top 4 teams (which they didn’t so far, beating City, Spuds even Utd).
    I have said every season: want the title? Beat everything under top 4. It is pragmatic, I know but who says winning must always be beautiful?

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I would say it’s the opposite. The fact Arsenal HAVE to score so many late goals proves how much we struggle to comfortably win games. I’ve lost count how many times this season, and previous seasons, Arsenal have looked so desperate, and panicky, in the latter stages of matches. Whilst other teams like Chelsea this season, just brush teams aside without too much drama. That’s why I feel Chelsea, or maybe even Spurs may win the title this season, because they’re the only two teams that look really solid from front to back.

    I suppose it doesn’t matter HOW you win games, just as long as you win, but we don’t win enough, so it is an issue. I feel the main problem is that we start games so badly. No tempo, no pressing, no desire. Arsenal only ever seem to spring into life once they’re a goal or two down. Against the lesser teams you can get away with it, as we’ve seen recently against Preston and Bournemouth, but you’ll rarely win against the big teams starting the way we do, hence our terrible record this season, and in previous seasons against the big boys.

    Burnley have an horrific record away from home this season, and we shouldn’t have needed a 98th minute penalty to beat them. Classic Arsenal I suppose, and more worrying signs, than signs that we’re looking like champions.

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