Late goals twist the knife in Arsenal´s EPL weekend

It was bad enough for Arsenal fans to take that we lost the north London derby to the spuds on Saturday, but then the football gods conspired to make sure that our loss was compounded by the results of our rivals to leave the Premier League table looking pretty bad from an Arsenal point of view.

And it could have been so much better for the Gunners if only football matches were just a little bit shorter. Harry Kane´s second goal was scored with less than three minutes on the clock. I am not saying that we would have scored but it would have been nice to get a bit longer to pick ourselves up and have a go.

It was even worse for Hull City who were seconds away from a famous and much needed win away to Man City when James Milner scored from a free kick in the dying seconds. Southampton did the same to QPR although there goal by Mane was the winner and put them three points clear of Arsenal.

And today, just when it looked like West Ham would do us a favour by beating Man United, Daley Blind scores an undeserved equalizer. It just shows you I suppose that it never rains but it pours.

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      1. we need to take care of our own problem of letting in late goals. we got better at corners; now lets do it for the late-goals. its mental laxity.

  1. United still look like all they have going for them at the moment is long ball to Fellaini.

    Spurs rely purely on Kane at the moment.

    Saints look like they are on there last steam…but how long does Koeman let that steam burn?

    Man City just look depleted and are given all close by to catch them.

    Liverpool a surge might be too little too late.

    Arsenal have players back so don’t have to rely on Sanchez as much.

    That’s the weekends summary.

    1. United – grinding points
      Saints – winning ugly
      Liverpool – grinding points
      City – out our league anyway

      Is our assessment, based on this weekend, that we don’t have to rely on Alexis as much? You sure about that?

  2. To be fair that defeat at White Hart Lane was coming, they dominated us there last season as well but we were lucky then to hold them off after Rosicky’s early strike. Then it was selfies all around and we all know what followed at Stamford Bridge…

    1. the only difference was last season was they started adebayor plus rosicky and koscielny’s heroics saved that match.

  3. The knife that got me was hearing a Spurs fan being interviewed by Robbie on ArsenalFanTV saying go back to Woolrich, North London is theirs.

    That went deep for him to even have the gall to say that about us…

    Not even beating Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool can make it up for me, the only way is to return the favor in our next meeting and I mean by total domination, nothing less…

  4. if we are good enough.。。we can win games convinvingly….home and away.。…

    time for a change。…..same shit every season…

  5. We lost but we will win the war for 4th place
    And finish ahead of Spurs
    I honestly believe we won’t drop lower and we will claw our way back to 4th.

    I hope Wenger gets a couple of decent players in summer so that we can Win 4th place easier next season


    1. “I hope Wenger gets a couple of decent players in summer so that we can Win 4th place easier next season”
      that statements so depressing i really have nothing to say

      1. Some element of truth to it though don’t you agree? Schneiderlin and Reus can come in, but are we going to be title challengers? seems we have more evolution to make than just a couple of new faces. Spurs and Liverpool don’t have near the pedigree of player we have but they are tactically superior.

        1. I think even if we Got Schneiderlin and Reus we would still need a World Class Striker, because Reus isn’t a striker per se. He can play both wings and attacking midfielder and cf so he would definitely be welcome. He is more like Sanchez than say Costa or Aguero

          But if we got those 3 players (Scneiderlin, Reus and top Striker) I believe we could challenge for 1st.

          1. WC strikers will do wonders for #points a team gets in the season. with RVP, i always thought he could turn a draw into a win; i definitely dont feel that w welbeck or giroud. w coq having plugged the DM problem for now, CF is the position we need to strengthen the most now (if we want to kick on above 4th place).

  6. We obviously haven’t got to grips with this alternative playing style, but the results this weekend were lucky for us after such a bad loss.

    IMO, as much as I like Giroud, he doesn’t work in the sit deep and counter style. Surely he’d be better for the possession based tiki taka version we play at home? Same with Ozil on the wing in the counter setup. We need to stop with the ego stroking and avoid playing players on reputation, it’s Ozil OR Cazorla. Against spurs Welbz should have been the ST, with pace on either wing.

    Hopefully we make the most of our good fortune and take stock after yday.

    1. Welbeck was the striker in the home again, it didn’t make any difference, we ended up scoring a lucky goal, which was then celebrated by Chamberlain as well. We cannot control the midfield in many of the games that is the problem including the wingers. You are only guaranteed that Sanchez and Coquelin will fight very hard to win the ball back EVERY game, you can’t say the same about other players.

      Welbeck and Ramsey gave the ball away too much yesterday, even the passes they did complete, were to players who had opposition right next to them when receiving the pass.

      1. What does a home game with different tactics have to do with yday? And to suggest Alexis and coquelin re the only one capable of tackling is absurd, Ramsey is a monster with his defensive contribution and Santi’s interception rate is sky hgh.

        let’s not get it twisted here, of Chelsea’s midfield only Matic is a defensive contributor with some effort from Willian/Oscar. But by no means are they more contributory than our midfield. The issue was tactical, our superior ball playing midfield went out and submitted possession to bentaleb and mason which was lunacy. In 60 mins of the game we registered 1 shot.

        Nothing to do with defensive contributions from midfielders at all.

  7. going into WHL we were 4-0 in last 4 matches, winning by a total of 12-0, we moved in the FA as well, not to mention we won in the Ethiad. Now we loose 2-1 and you think the world collapsed. we are 3 pts behind 3rd place, we are playing in the FA and UCL, something no other team in the Prem can claim, we also are holders of the FA cup, can we not slit our wrists? If you only watch to see us win, sorry to tell you, you will be dissapointed..

      1. My expectation of Arsenal is that we
        Win the FA Cup once every 3 years
        Win the Premiership once every 4 years
        The Champions League semi once every 3 years.
        Win the Champions League once every 6 years.
        Is that too much to ask?

        1. statistics not on your side, up to you what is your expectation, but UCL every 6 yrs? how about ever? spend like munich, barca, real, chelsea, then you have a chance to win… FA is a big scale tournement, stats not on your side to win a 32 team field every 3 yrs, league every 4, i can go w that, even top 2 every 4 yrs.

    1. They didn’t even play for most of the game that is the frustrating thing especially after some great performances in recent matches, how can you just come into a derby like this and not be interested in playing, instead sitting back for most of the game. Only Coquelin, Monreal and Ospina played a good match.

  8. Well, we’re up again for a 4th place battle and it’s going to be a very interesting one this time with Southampton, Spurs, Liverpool and to a lesser extent West Ham.

  9. Chelsea is decent but not great.
    City have a stella top dozen players.
    Man Ut spent trillions. Arsenal spent big
    as did Spurs and Liverpool yet all the “top”
    teams keep turning in shite performances.
    Fans have the right to say WTF!!!

  10. That was just luck. The whole 120 minutes neither seemed bothered to win it, then the penalty shoot out everyone started crying and celebrated with each kick depending on which team they were from.

  11. I hate to admit this, but I agree with Piers Morgan’s assertion that Wenger has passed his sell by date and offers nothing more to Arsenal FC. He should now be asked to step down during the summer and let Klopp take over. I’m still feeling ill from yesterday especially after going a goal in front even though we weren’t playing great! What a mess!

    1. Yesterday was down to players not the manager. That starting lineup should’ve been good enough to win the game, but most were playing too casually.

      1. Well said. As much as I questioned why was wenger starting Welbeck over Walcott. Our players just wasn’t up for the fight nor challenge. Spuds wanted the win and they got it!

        Mertresacker on arsenal website: “Obviously we’re not satisfied with that result,” he told Arsenal Player. “We weren’t active enough.
        “Just at the end we started to play our game, but it took us too long. We didn’t defend badly but we couldn’t take advantage of any counter-attacks.

        Well why is it just at the end we started to play? You were the captain mate, you should of told our boys to wake up and take charge.

  12. Depends how yoy look at it really. If we’d been told that both man city and man u would only get a point each at the start of the weekend that would not have sounded too bad. The fact is our destiny is in our players hands and we need to keep playing well, consistency is key as wenger said prior to the NLD, yesterday we were simply appaling enough said. Let’s hope this gives them a wake up call that’s needed ahead of Leicester.

  13. Expressed weeks ago tha Ramsey was a liability and deserved to be dropped. He has not performed this season at all, and will not improve until he feels he needs to fight for his position.

    Santi should be playing the box to box role for us, and mesut or Tomas should be in front of him as the ACM. Wenger’s favoritism of Ramsey is actually stunting his growth.

    Sit him and stop jeopardizing the the success of the team for one player who had one (one) stellar season.

    1. I could not agree with you more. As big of a Ramsey fan as I am, he has just not been doing the little things this year as well as he did last year. Rosicky should have replaced Ramsey and Walcott should’ve replaced Giroud. They were the right subs but for the wrong player.

    2. ronny, i think ur right: only viable solution is to have santi play b2b and ozil at cam. thats the only configuration that allows ozil/caz to play together. sanchez at LW, walcott at RW and sh*trod at striker.

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