Latest Aaron Ramsey gossip – Man United keen? Agent says no? Wenger chimes in….

I am very sure that the Arsenal transfer rumours regarding Aaron Ramsey’s next club will go on right until the end of the summer and they are showing no signs of letting up during the boring interlull, despite no one saying anything of substance. Arsene Wenger was even asked for his opinion on the Ramsey contract and he replied that he has no idea, but for the record this is his words: “We tried that before and it still can happen,” Wenger told reporters.

“I don’t really know what is happening at Arsenal. Sure, Aaron Ramsey is in a strong position now and he will use this position.

“But I don’t know how far Arsenal will go in terms of giving him a huge contract. These things were once my responsibility but not anymore. I am happy about that.”

So he is glad he is out of it all. At least he doesn’t have to lie about not knowing anything nowadays!

According to the Mirror, Man United made an offer for Ramsey this summer and will go all out to try and get him again. They reported: But long-time admirer Mourinho will urge United to go in hard for the 56-cap Welsh star who has played 316 games for Arsenal.

Question-marks surround the long-term futures of midfielders Juan Mata and Ander Herrera – and Mourinho believes Ramsey would be a perfect addition to his squad adding goals and creativity.

They give us absolutely no indication where they got their information, and I find it very hard to believe. And obviously any approach from United to Ramsey would be illegal before next June, so Ramsey’s agent could only say publicly: “There can’t be any interest in him [from United] at the moment because of the regulations. Might be different at the end of the season. Who knows?”

So he hasn’t told us anything either, although it is not strictly true that they can’t show any interest. They could, as any club in the world could, but only if they approach Arsenal about a January sale. So, all in all, we are no closer to knowing anything at all about Ramsey’s situation!



  1. I believe Ramsey will end up at another big club because of his style of play,I know we all think Ramsey is average but to be honest if not because of his contract issues I will have love for Ramsey to stay because in my own humble opinion I still believe in Ramsey than ozil,he may not be world class but neither is ozil anymore,to be honest am going to miss him,we don’t have many big game players anymore like Ramsey

    1. I would also like Ramsey to stay

      But if he has to leave, it would be better if he goes to a club outside EPL in January, because Arsenal can use the money to get another player

    2. I believe we should be looking for better than Ramsey, AND Ozil, not one or the other. Arsenal have made a complete hash of yet another contract situation, and are set to lose out on a huge transfer fee.

      He’s not good enough for any of the top clubs in my opinion, and if he does end up at one of them, it’ll mainly be because of a small transfer in January, or fee at all in the summer. I can only see him making into the Utd starting XI, but that’s because they’ve been so poor of late. If they were at their normal level, they wouldn’t look twice at him.

      Ramsey isn’t a rubbish player, but he’s not deserving of a huge pay raise. We made that mistake with Ozil, so hopefully the board are FINALLY starting to learn from their mistakes.

      1. Agree totally. Ramsey is too selfish and too riddled with faults. Ozil is just bone idle. NEITHER ARE NOW RIGHT FOR US. I am confident neither will still beher next season, not merely Ramsey, which now seems a given, but also lazy Ozil. Emery will find a way to move him on , despite that ludicrous salary

      2. Agree. neither Ramsey or Ozil really do it for us anymore. Ramsey is much more capable of coming up with big moments, but still doesn’t warrant the amount of cash he wants. Ozil becomes is quickly becoming deadwood. Harsh? Maybe, but I haven’t rated him in a while and his reputation and wages is the only reason he is undroppable. Far more talented players on the market.

      3. Still can not believe we allowed another saga like this after we suffered through a season of it with Sanchez and Ozil. Am I alone in thinking this is beyond poor management? This shows me a very slow organizational learning curve.

        Ramsey should be a none story this season. He has not raised his game (like Iwobi for instance). He has not established himself as a starter. He is not a breath of fresh air like torreira. He has not shown a greater contribution than before like Xhaka (who seems to benefit enormously from Torreira playing next to him). Ramsey is the same old Ramsey we have seen all too often. Many faults, uninspiring, occasional moments of skill sprinkled lightly over an otherwise all too often lethargic and indifferent performances.

        1. Total agreement. But your profile name only applies to certain players , sadly not the ones you rightly mention, who can’t or won’t change. I am now in a hurry to get bone idle OZIL and selfish Ramsey out of our club. THEY ARE BOTH HOLDING BACK THE OTHERWISE POSITIVE CHANGE WE VITALLY NEED.

      1. Lol, I’m inclined to agree with you as he tends to overplay and that ruins most of our counters. The obvious exception was his goal against Fulham which seemed to go against the norm for him.

    1. Ramsey says it was Arsenal that withdrew the contract offer. My suspicion is that Ramsey had strings attached, like he must play the number 10 role. But he says he will be nice enough to stay until the Summer, when he can line his pockets with the transfer money the new club saves. If I was Emery, I would not have him back. I would send him off to play with the kiddies. He can only be a distraction from now on. as for Ozil, I can only repeat what I have said before. When Emery gets the defense Fixed, and we find a proper right winger, Ozil will earn his money in spades.

      1. Ramsey is no where near that number 10 role – he cant touch Ozil or Miki in that role. He’s a box to box Tony Kroos type of player.

  2. Ramsey could have signed months ago, plenty of money offered by the club. Could it be guarantees were the reason? I don’t know myself, only think it was more than just money.

    In my opinion we’re better off giving AMN and Smith-Rowe a chance in midfield than keeping Ramsey.

    Ramsey is great off the bench or rotation for around £110k a week. However not a key player that will bring us titles or be a leader for the club.

    Looking at what he’s done last 10 years I think we’re better off giving young players a chance.

    Sell him for money in January to get a winger or defender, or banish to U-21 if he wants to leave on free. I’m glad club pulled back contract and won’t overpay for average homegrown players.

  3. If we can be doing moderately fine after wenger, I think we can do astonishingly well without Ramsey anytime anyday, Good player not great player

    1. That sums it up nicely.The reason we only done moderately well under Wenger was because of his blind loyalty to players such as Ramsey.If he was fit he played irrespective of form.Under Emery this will not be allowed to happen.

    2. You perfectly summed it up, This is how you know if a player is really important for a club or not
      You check the club’s stats when he plays and when he doesn’t
      If you check Ramsey’s own, you’ll realise that arsenal won’t miss him when(not if, cos I really hope he leaves) he finally leaves. Believe me, arsenal will never win the league with Ramsey as our 10 as he’s not creative enough or as an 8 cos his defensive abilities will be called into question

  4. Sorry to be off topic but just seen a lovely headline on the BBC.
    “WSL leaders Arsenal thrash Chelsea to maintain 100% winning start”.
    Chelsea 0 Arsenal 5.

      1. Not seen it yet but will take a look. Great skill from the women. I prefer the term ladies but they are now Arsenal Women. Must be just me……?

            1. Best part was the Chelsea manageress whinging after the game ” We could have got something out of it, they scored five lucky goals” Hilarious, the ladies version of 5-0 at the lane. What do you think of Kim Little Sue? Best ladies footballer since Kelly Smith.

  5. Ramsey has had an offer on the table for many months but chose to use his position to stall for a better one. Unfortunately for him Wenger left and presumably Emery decided to retract the offer.

    Since then Ramsey has let it be known that he thought a deal was agreed then withdrawn implying that Arsenal were to blame. He gets no sympathy from me because he held the club to ransom and it backfired on him. I say sell him in January and if he refuses to go bench him for the rest for the season which would send a signal to others in the future.

      1. I second that Andrew, however I don’t think he’ll leave in January, he’ll hang around as long as he can owing to the fact him and his agent are seeking the maximum payment for his services. Truth is it’s always been about money.

        1. Just a thought, Ramsey so far this season, 9 games 1 goal, not a lot different from his career average of 1 in 10. So all you guys that want him to stay you can expect 2 more goals this season. Wonderful for an attacking midfielder, lol.

    1. I wonder if it was Emery who withdrew the offer or Sanllehi.

      The offer appeared to be on the table for a while after Emery arrived but got pulled shortly after Gazidis left and Sanllehi stepped up.

      I wonder if Emery was given choices, something like “You have X amount for wages, if we sign Ramsey then you will have no more until we sell” and Emery chose not to?

      Or did Sanllehi see that Ramsey offer was more than he was worth and pulled it? Not like he is our biggest shirt seller to have some kinda say like Ozil and the number of shirts he sells, is he really going to earn Arsenal more than we pay him on that deal which was pulled? I’m not saying Ozil is or isn’t worth his wage, just pointing out how he is our biggest shirt seller and that helps in bringing in big sponsorships worth £60 million a year…

  6. All seems a bit odd from the comments coming from Ramsry but I think his agent has a lot to answer for.

  7. I can see Ramsey going to man Utd if the money is right, just like the little Chilean lady who is rotting up there.

    Manu are lacing in midfield so I can Ramsey fitting in there.

    Think Ramsey is suffering as his was loyal to Wenger and the fans seem to hold that against him.

    Still a decent enough player to be around the starting 11, not sure we have pace for mikki, Ramsey and Ozil in the same midfield especially with Rowe-s itch and amn developing well as long term replacement.

    If he goes I would rather sell him abroad.

  8. Interesting that nobody picked up on the line when Wenger said: These things were once my responsibility but not anymore. He said it after talking about how much money to offer players. It could be the guy asking the questions being a bit cute, after the offer talk he could’ve asked him what would you choose to do in Emery’s shoes. Or it might be that Wenger gave Ozil that ridiculous salary. So much for the Ramsey pet theory, Wenger could’ve offered him something close to Ozil’s salary but he didn’t. He haggled and that is why it was not resolved. He must have offered Ramsey less than the recent offer which came back off the table. Under Wenger Ramsey was a utility player, some fans seem to forget this part too easily. Only Cazorla injury gave him his first team chance. Before that we had some decent ballers but injury prone.

    1. You saying Cazorla and how Ramsey was a utility player… Just to add a bit more to this…

      “Mesut Ozil created more goals than any other Premier League player in 2015/16 – but despite finishing top of the assists table, he just missed the chance to set a new record.”

      Cazorla injury from hell date was Oct 2016? As in the 16/17 season?

      The 15/16 CM was Cazorla, Coquelin and Ozil (ACM). Ramsey was not a guaranteed starter. As you said, he was a utility player.

      Coquelin and Cazorla together was a pair of midget giants XD
      For me, Cazorla is the only modern Arsenal player I would list alongside the invincibles, he is my modern legend.

  9. To sum up then the article tells us nothing at all that we did not already know. Just poses a question to which neither he not anyone knows the answer. What a daft non article! What was the point of writing it, if not, in truth to just fill a thread when he had nothing new to say? If any article has no purpose, no insight, no answers, why write one?

    1. To sum up then the post tells us nothing at all that we did not already know. Just states an opinion about it being a waste of time even though we all come here to waste a bit of time.
      What a daft post! What was the point of writing it, if not, in truth just to waste some time with nothing new to say? If a post has no purpose, no insight, no answers, why write one?


  10. As I type my reply to your message, there are twenty four (24) comments on this article of which you authored three (3). That’s quite a number from you for a supposed ‘non-article’

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